Month: April 2010

Becoming Whole Before Twin Flame Reunion

Becoming “Whole” Before “Two” Becomes “One” It is said that one does not meet their Twin Soul or Twin Flame until they have learned many lessons of love, loss and forgiveness through close Soul Mate relationships, that the heart is

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Your Soul’s Plan: Find Out Why You Planned Your Life Experiences Before You Were Born

Join Colin Martin and Gabriella Hartwell as we interview Robert Schwartz, author of the book, Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life you Planned Before You Were Born. We are going to continue our discussion on soul

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Monogamy and Open Relationships: Releasing Expectations

Have you desired to share your love on a deeper level within a relationship and extend that love to others as well? Has this desire created a concern regarding the possibility of creating an open relationship? What is an open

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Dating in Today’s World ~ The Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker

Join us as we interview Marla Martenson, Author of Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate is Waiting, and now her new book, The Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker which just came out in early April. This is a funny book

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Jesus Religion ~ Releasing Fear to enter into Truth and Love (Blog Talk Radio Show)

We will be interviewing Louis Charles, Author of the book, Jesus Religion. In his book, he reveals the insanity that has been created by Christian theology. Having formerly suffered from fear caused by Christianity, he shares the path, as well

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