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Made in Heaven (A Story of Twin Flame Reunion)

What is a twin flame? A twin flame is the highest form of love, where you share love with someone who resonates on the same vibration as your soul, you think alike, feel alike, desire similar things, almost as if

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Becoming Whole Before Twin Flame Reunion

Becoming “Whole” Before “Two” Becomes “One” It is said that one does not meet their Twin Soul or Twin Flame until they have learned many lessons of love, loss and forgiveness through close Soul Mate relationships, that the heart is

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Sexuality, Spirituality and Relationships (Radio Show)

Join Colin and Gabriella as we chat with Brian Piergrossi, Life Coach and Author of The Big Glow, in the area of intimacy and tantric sex within soul mate relationships. Sensuality is such a part of our true essence and

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Being Happy Requires Self Awareness, Releasing Assumptions, and not Taking Things Personally

I have many people ask me what is the problem within their relationship with their partner. First, I have to say that there is never a “problem” but rather things to work on or let go of. Don Miguel Ruiz

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Passion Expressed

I want to kiss you, I want to lick you, I want to suck you, I want to take you inside, I want to love you, I want to fuck you, I want to attack you, I want to feel

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Be You to Full

It is so refreshing to the soul falling asleep in the arms of one that you love every night, rolling over in the middle of the night to connect to the warmth of his essence, and waking up to capture

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He’s Just Not That Into You

I don’t promote the dating scene when you are attempting to be with your soul mate, because I feel that the way that you find your soul mate is through letting go of the searching energy. However, dating is part

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Love is an Inspiration

I absolutely love what I do. Rumi once wrote, “Let what you love be what you do. There are many ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” I am in love with love and the expression of it. It is

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