Month: May 2008

The Moment of NOW

I call you, dream master I welcome you, dearest angels to meet me in the night, when my breathing has become true to run with me through the visions of all that is, where the past and future merge with

Letting Go

It was a dark night when pain lurked beneath the essence of me Hidden and hovering so closely edged in the corners of memory It was so easy to push the images inside and throw some smiles on top Happiness

Live in the NOW, Let Go, and Move On

Life can sometimes send us challenges, people in our lives can challenge us. Through that challenge, we are offered a chance to find a deeper love within ourselves for that person and most importantly, for ourselves. I do believe that

Stay True to Yourself: Unconditional Love Starts with You

I have had a recent unexpected situation that has challenged my beliefs, my capacity to love unconditionally, and my tolerance level for what I will accept. I was given some information about someone that I love which has hurt me

Let your Inner Voice Guide you

There is an inner voice within you that will guide you if you allow yourself to be quiet enough to hear it, and then if you release all the fears from outside that may have seeped within you, you will