For my Twin Flame: Right Here, Right Now

I’ve lost myself in these pages, soul mates swimming in waves of connection and physical intimacy
Or a map of the steps and path of souls merging together for a humanitarian mission in the world raising the collective consciousness back to love
Yet you may argue that perhaps I have found myself, as I have within you
A part of me hesitates with reading these sentences that keep me in the place of wanting you and being with you in the “future”
Because isn’t our truth that we are together now?
I am reading these books with such urgency, that I find, I need to finish so that I can be with you, and yet if it merely takes me to stop reading, then I don’t want to read anymore

I hear your voice as your soul whispers to me consistently that you are with me every day, all the time
And you always call me to you, to connect with you, to be with you right now
I wonder my love, is my talk taking me away from you?
Is my reading keeping me away from you?
Is my mind and my thoughts in a time that it is not right now when all that is is right now?

I could lose myself and find myself in the haven of your arms
As you are the facilitator of our love which exists and persists throughout time and distance or any barrier that attempts to block it
With merely a touch, you bring me back to us as the human limitations leave my understanding
You are a healer as your essence strengthens my spirit and I am reborn into who I have always been yet this lucid illusion held me captive for so long

Is the recognition of our connection in everything that comes to me drawing me closer to you or pulling me away?
Is my awakeness assisting me on the path towards the deeper intimacy that we are made for or does it keep me focused on the next step and the next step instead of breathing in the beauty right here, right now, in this moment?
Ultimately, my love it is this moment that will bring me to the moment that I stand before you in awe of the synchronicity of the perfection in which you are standing before me
I give thanks and fall down on my knees in the utmost gratitude for the intensity and light of our union as the love I hold for you deep within the core of my spiritual being overcomes my senses
I am lost and I am found within your eyes as you are truly the form, spiritually human, that reveals me back to me and hence you back to you
We are two beings merged as one as it has always been this way

I know this and I feel this
These words on these pages keep reminding me to not turn my back on my soul mate for whatever reason, but am I turning to the side not directly looking at you by reading these words?
These words tell me that it takes some time before the physical manifestation of our full life together becomes manifest before us into our experience of this lifetime, but yet isn’t time merely an illusion? Aren’t you with me right now?
These words whisper to me that I won’t have any trouble with patience in the time before we are physically able to embrace one another for I can communicate with you on higher levels…and yes, we have many wonderful conversations and expressions of our love right now…ah, but I long to truly embrace you…perhaps this is the ego that attempts to persuade me that you are not real as I hear your voice telling me that you love me
I feel your love, my love, in the tone of your voice, the words that you choose, and the compassion within the passion within your caress
This no doubt is real as I am experiencing you right here, right now

Yes, I reside to be a friend to patience and make love to the emotion as it seeps into my being for I know that it is this moment that will bring me to the moment that I stand before you
As we silently say so much to each other by connecting the light within our eyes, since they are truly the windows to the soul, they know what our voices fail to be able to express
In those moments of true understanding and recognition, we will be home though we are home now, right here, right now
I can’t get out of the habit of saying that for it is what I know
You are with me right here, right now ~ I only have merely to embrace the physical vehicle you are inhabiting, my love
Then we can fly on the wings of our love to create and share more of our love with the world
This is our mission, our passion, our connection, our intention, our creation…

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