Month: May 2009

Dancing in Love

It is within your eyes that I lose myself to find myself being, naturally as the woman I am, the spirit I am, the essence of me It is within your arms that home is experienced, home is remembered and

Jealousy is a Means of Deepening Unconditional Love

You don’t need anyone to feel loved, nor do you need anyone to do or say anything specific for you to feel loved…your love comes from within you, your happiness comes from within you. If you ever feel that you

Mature Introspective Exchanges

Today, I find myself walking to my car at the Los Angeles passport agency, and upon arrival at my car, I notice a written note on my driver’s side window. I take it off and read it. “WORLD PEACE comes

We are Communicating Always, in All Ways

The silhouette of your form slowly inching its way to my body has me transfixed here in the bed, as I watch the memory of you taking physical shape before my eyes. Your sincere, loving smile emerges and your eyes