Mature Introspective Exchanges

Today, I find myself walking to my car at the Los Angeles passport agency, and upon arrival at my car, I notice a written note on my driver’s side window. I take it off and read it. “WORLD PEACE comes from doubling the U.S. Defense Budget and Threatening foreign Governments with the use of force. Can’t you see that? !”

So, I take a moment to comprehend what message I was supposed to receive from this note, and why someone would have been inspired to write this and place it on my window. What comes to my awareness is that I have a bumper sticker on my car that reads:


Then a lightbulb goes on. This note must have been in response to this particular bumper sticker. Do I agree with what was written in this note? Absolutely not. I feel that truly, our world will know peace and fully be able to experience it when our love is stronger than the love of anything else that we create in our world. Fear, as what would be created by any type of threats especially with force, would only create more fear and emotions that would cause anything but peace. Fear would in turn cause those to take action to lessen their fear, which would create more violence and uneasiness…my belief is that ultimately we want to rid our world of such emotions and behaviors instead of feeding them more of the same.

So in answer to this person’s expression, no “I can’t see that,” and I never will see it that way. However, I respect the expression and in the way that it was implemented, for I can use my imagination as to the many words that could have been written on this note card. Instead of trying to persuade me or to offer words of rude intrusion, it was done with respect. I feel that it was a mature indirect exchange…it made me think, strengthen my belief in the power of love to heal and release any other emotion.

Now if this person had put an email address or some way of exchanging further thoughts and expressions, it would have proved very interesting….however, perhaps all that was needed was this little harmless exchange. It’s all good. 😉


2 comments on “Mature Introspective Exchanges
  1. Lindsey says:

    Great story! I got the feeling the person actually agreed with you and was joking/being sarcastic in that note. They saw someone (you) with similar beliefs and thought you might appreciate mocking the contradictory violent/fearful attempts at world peace right now. In either case, it’s cool how it got you thinking more about what you believe!

  2. Gabriella says:

    Ah, see, this is why I love getting responses, because being an introspective soul myself, I enjoy it when someone offers me a different layer of perspective to an experience. Thank you for showing me how it may have been…sure…the exclamation mark on the note was a bit dark which made me think the person was passionate about what he was expressing in the note. And he may have been, but perhaps it was to add to the power of the message within the bumper sticker…I guess we can deduce what we will since we can’t directly get his thoughts 😉

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