Soul Mate Partings and Reunions (Blog Talk)

Have you already met your soul mate and physically parted from each other? Have you not met your soul mate yet but feel that you are ready and wondering where this soul is? In this show, we will discuss how soul mate soul contracts are made before physical incarnation and how these contracts transition to the journey on Earth.

2 Comments on “Soul Mate Partings and Reunions (Blog Talk)

  1. Thank you for your soothing words about soulmate partings. If it is meant for me to reconnect with my soulmate, I know it’s in God’s timing, not my own.

  2. Kathy,

    You are so welcome! If you and your soul mate have planned to connect physically again in this lifetime, then you absolutely will. DO know that you are always connected though even if you aren’t there with each other physically. Enjoy the moments right now, enjoy life nowhere (now here), let go of the focus of when, how and if your reunion will be. Watch how amazing life can be in the meantime…please feel free to join my free newsletter and get a free PDF of my book.

    Much love and light!