Only One Twin Flame

Q Is it possible to have two twin flames?

A There is only one twin flame. However your twin flame can come through in another physical relationship you have on Earth. Your twin flame embodies an essence, and this essence is in alignment with your own. Someone may come into your life that embodies a similar frequency so that you can have a physical relationship and receive the opportunities to grow within unconditional love for it is through relationships that this is possible.

Why would you not come in physical contact with your twin? Here are some reasons:
1. Your twin has not been physically incarnated on Earth
2. Your twin is choosing not to release the ego and enter into love with you (this is never personal)
3. Your twin was in physical embodiment but has passed into spirit

Another situation may be that you were physically with your twin and then you parted to continue your growth in love so to be ready to enter into relationship with each other. You both need to choose to come back together, as there is always free choice.

Twin Flame Blessing

If I cannot be with you physically, whether I am not able to choose it, or I am not in physical body, then I bless your experience and growth in love. These experiences and relationships that you enter into benefit both of us. You and I are never separated so when you are growing, releasing, healing, and feeling, I am doing the same with you. We are getting ever closer to reuniting and being together in the physical realm. Therefore, know that when you love another, you love me.

Another thing that may occur is a walk in or a soul exchange if your twin is not currently in the physical. The person you are with or that may come into your life may actually have the soul of your twin. The soul that was in this body exchanged places with your twin, back into spirit. You will know this for it will be communicated to you, and it may be through dreams, a thought, or an inner knowing within you. (this will be explained further in my second book).

Why do twins not come together in a lifetime? It is the intention of both souls that bring them together in a lifetime. You have had many incarnations with your twin and these were not always romantic. Many times you were friends, relatives, lovers but did not always stay beside each other throughout the lifetime. You come together in partnership and stay together when you have mastered the way of love, truly embodying true love, emanating from within you. You will have a mission to undertake together for the intention is not only to share in love with each other but to extend that love to the world.

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  1. Well, I THOUGHT I met a possible twin flame, however very confused. You mentioned sometimes these flames are not romantic, etc. but can they also just be a member of soul family, and not specifically a twin? I ask, because when I met this particular person, the more I knew, the more similarities were found, the more intense things got. There was synchronicity involved. The more I seemed to open up, the more it creating what I thought was similar to a kundilini rising, or very intense spiritual feelings. It felt as if we were very close friends, and when our connection was good, my whole body would shake, breathlessness, etc. Every word exchanged would be intense. Intense spiritual vibrations were involved. So, from reading elsewhere, there is also something called a spirit family..and to differentiate from twin flame, and soul family..there are people out there in your “family”, but not another part of your actual energy? I’m wondering perhaps this person could be on same vibration, but NOT a twin flame? That this connection could possibly create a similar intense feeling as twin? If that makes sense? Just trying to sort it all out, pretty sure he’s a not a twin flame. Also thinking, if he’s not a twin, I’m in trouble if I there is such a twin, due to the intensity from this one possible deep connection. Hope this makes sense!

  2. We have many deep and powerful connections with others that are not our twin flames. We have those that are in our soul family, who are soul mates and there are many levels of soul mates, some you feel a stronger bond with than others. As you elevate your consciousness, these interactions can become more and more intense. First, I want to talk about your twin not being a romantic relationship in a lifetime. This is a choice that you and your twin can choose before physical incarnation, and there has been many physical experiences, of how to relate to each other in each lifetime to serve the soul intention and purpose for growth. You have been lovers, friends, siblings, parents, etc to each other. It is when you have both elevated higher on the ladder of growth in unconditional love that you then choose to come together in a love union where you create together and share this love with others, to help to raise others within love consciousness. If you have intense emotions and interactions with someone, a soul mate, please understand that this is not a reflection of how it will be with your twin unless you allow it to be. For we always create our experiences by our thoughts and feelings that we bring to them. Yes, your relationship with your twin will be intense but the intensity and the challenges are there for the opportunity for both of you to grow, heal, elevate and love deeper. Your twin is the mirror of you, reflecting you back to you so you may see your own beauty and honor it, as well as releasing that which you no longer resonate with, anything you may consider to be a weakness or that keeps you from being in love.

    When people ask me how they will know who their twin is, I always answer, you just know…it is not something that can be clarified to you, though the universe can absolutely give you signs upon signs (which it does) to help you to know who your twin is, to recognize and remember. The truth is that we already know, as we planned our connection on Earth before incarnation, so it is really just a remembering of that knowing within you. Can you see that you already answered this question for yourself? You know that this person is not your twin, but it sounds like it was a deep, powerful soul mate relationship, and what have you received from it? I am sure there is so much…enjoy what it has given you…and take the awesomeness of it with you for your next relationship.

  3. I have lost someone who I loved very deeply and who loved me unconditionally. I was to busy to realize how much I loved him till I lost him. I would give everything I have to be able to hold him again. I know I will see him again when God calls my name, but I would like to know if after this earth life we will love everyone equally or him and I will always love each other more than anyone else. Please help because I am falling apart

  4. Aneta,

    I understand how powerful it can be to lose someone in the physical whom you love so deeply. Remember that when you love and you are connected to another soul in such a strong capacity, that you are never separated from them. The soul energy is still with you and is still always sending you love, surrounding you with such. This connection you have deepens as you continue your life here on earth, just in a different way, as you love him while he is in spirit and he loves you while you are a spirit in a physical vehicle. When you transition out of your body and your spirit joins to meet his spirit, the love you share is special between the both of you but that love will have deepened and it will also extend to others around you. Love, in the eyes of spirit, is all encompassing, which can be different than we look at love through the eyes of our human body and mind. Love does not exclude anyone, for it includes everyone. The connection you share with this man will deepen, but that love will also extend to other souls that you also love very dearly. I am always available for coaching if you desire more support and encouragement.

  5. Gabriella,
    Thank you for your replay I Know I will see him again but a want to know that what we had here on earth won’t change, I know the love in haven is much deeper but this means that everyone will love each ather the same. He was the person I would give my life for and I was hoping that up there I always will be the one he will choose over everyone. I know that is selfish but I miss him so much and Good didn’t gave us enough time to grow old together. If I could bring him back I would give everything I have and live on the street just to be able to hold him again. This is not far. He passed away and I didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye. I don’t know what to do with myself. I am falling apart and I know I have to be strung for my kids, but I just can’t keep it together. I don’t know what to do.

  6. Aneta,

    If you have a special bond and connection with a soul on the physical Earth, then that connection will continue in “heaven,” and it will only increase. The thing to remember here is that when you look from eyes of spirit, you see your love and love in general on a different level, which is not exclusive but inclusive. That’s all I want to bring to your awareness however this deeper love does not take away the bond/connection you have with this other soul. Another thing to remember is that when someone transitions from their physical body, they are still with us. Specifically, with twin flames, they are never separated, even when they are physically not by each others side, be it through transition from the physical body or just not directly with each other. Keep this for comfort. If you desire to have coaching sessions with me, we can share about this in more detail with encouragement and support. Much love to you.

  7. I have been a happily married women for the past 13 years and have 3 beautiful children with my husband. All seemed fine and well until I started my new job 7 months ago. About 2 months into my job, I met my team’s new supervisor. It turns out that we share the most intense spiritual and mental connection that I have ever felt before. This was very confusing to me…because I am happy and content with my life and family. Something unexplainable happens when we look into each other’s eyes…it’s like time and space have no meaning. There is also a strong psyhic connection… we can read each other’s thoughts, finish each other’s sentences. We can pick up on each other’s moods and know the right thing to say to each other. Also, our sense of humor is very unique and different from other people…and we laugh at things that others scratch their heads about. I am so confused about this feeling that I have.

    I miss him desperately when he doesn’t come in to work and when he is there…I can feel his presence before I know that he’s entered the room. Some people have told me that sometimes I look like I’m glowing…it’s usually when I am in close proximity to him or sitting right next to him. I have also noticed that he tends to have a glow about him when he is near me. I’ve also noticed that we sometimes share the same physical symptoms such as not sleeping well at night. Sometimes sharing same type of headaches and neck aches at the same time. We have both expressed a mutual respect and love that we have for one another…but not on a physical level. I don’t have any intention on becoming physical with him, because I know that it is much deeper and physical relationship with only bring negative outcomes for both our families and both of our spiritual growth.

    This is really beginning to make me wonder…and I don’t have anyone that I can really talk to this about…for fear of judgements as I am a married woman and he is a married man. I can’t stop thinking about him day and night. I always want to be with him. To be in his presence brings me comfort and peace beyond measure.

    Can anyone help with an answer or explanation as to what this all means???

  8. Laia,

    What a powerful experience you are having with this man! It is amazing when you come in contact with a soul that you seem to have an unspoken unexplainable connection that you can’t deny is there. Much of what you are experiencing is much of what twin flames experience. Some of what you will experience”
    1. Feeling the same thing at the same time (like having head colds, body aches, not being able to sleep) but you may also experience the opposite for if one of you can’t sleep, the other might oversleep.
    2. You have a feeling of peace and calm when in the physical presence of your twin, almost like a completion, an extension of the essence of you.
    3. Twins can feel each other’s moods, and know what to say, but also have a psychic connection communicating without words.
    4. Looking into each other’s eyes truly can make nothing exist and everything exist all at the same time. The present moment becomes so strong, and all time and space really do disappear as you travel within each other.
    5. Twins are a part of each other and they are so much alike that their sense of humor, what resonates so deeply in their hearts and souls echo the other. It is like they fuel each other, inspire each other, and love each other beyond the human body.
    6. Twins communicate beyond just the human direct contact, through dreams, through thoughts, emotions, and so much more.
    The twin flame relationship is so much more than physical so I am not surprised when you said that you would not consider being physically intimate with him at this point…the love goes so deep within the heart that the physical is not the most important thing when the connection is made.

    Why is it that you have come into each other’s lives right now? How are you feeling about this in relation to where you are right now within your life, your marriage, career, with yourself? Feel the answers to these questions…be quiet, listen and allow yourself to hear what comes through.

  9. About 3 years ago, a psychic spiritual person made a comment that at night my spirit was traveling to be with a male in South America. I thought nothing of it until I met a new arrival from So America to Kauai at a spiritual group mtg. on a beach. He said he had to sit down-
    feeling suddenly weak. He is 25 years younger and in good physical shape. Later,I told him guidance indicated he was my twin flame. He was cordial but noncomittal. I had a fantasy that I was able to release with my spiritual tools. I have asked and intend to attract a soul mate who shares my Purpose which is my first prioriry now. My focus is on getting my work “out there”. My feeling is that I need to release the abundance of paper clutter first. I’ve written a self healing book, a text for groups and workshops and want to avoid the distraction of a relationship now. Do I need to change my attitude? Petra Rose

  10. Petra,

    Such beautiful guidance you received and what an amazing way to have it physically manifested into your direct experience. If I am hearing you correctly, you are intending to manifest a relationship with another that is in alignment and support of your intended mission in this lifetime. I commend you for this as this is the step that must be taken to attract the twin flame partner and relationship to you. The only thing that I would change in your attitude or the energy that you are putting out to the universe is to shift around the thought that you want to avoid the distraction of a relationship right now, for the right relationship will enhance your mission and all that you need to do to continue forth with your mission, rather than hinder it. You can continue taking the steps forward following your divine purpose while also being in a supportive, loving relationship with another who flows along with this mission, and that ultimately is the twin flame relationship. If this particular man from South America is your twin flame, perhaps it may take a little while longer for him to accept that and be ready to choose to be with you in such a relationship, but if it isn’t meant to be within this lifetime, another beautiful and strong soul mate relationship/connection will be made. Keep getting your work “out there” girl, for now is the time that many of us lightworkers are helping in this consciousness shift. Let me know if I may ever be of additional service to you.

  11. When I was still working with my twin flame a year ago before I had transfer, I remember a customer handed me a quilt to check the price. A few minutes later, my twin flame grabbed the other side of the quilt and tremendously our minds are like very much in that same motion of mindness on how we’ve pivoted or folded the quilt into two, although he wasn’t objective or showy of his emotions to me. Yes, there’s only one twin flame (the masculine energy and feminine energy). 9 months after I have left on Oct 2010 and tranferred out of his department to another store 25 miles with no communication from the 9 months I left, I came to his store on June 6th and at first, he was resisting me, but I had to guts to come forward and speak up. Thankfully the angels were by myside, I finally did speak up for the first time in 9 months and told him, “Look you are my twin flame you are my other half.” For the first time, I saw him look down and I could feel he was moved. I also said to him, “Because you are my other half, I know what you are feeling and I can feel your pain.” Afterwards, I departed the store. My intuition is telling me and even confirmations from my psychic advisers are saying, since I’ve left, he has been researching the word twin flame as he was confused at first of the meaning when I went there. I did my part, and I believe it will happen, because we are one soul and we can never be separated anymore now that I told him and we’ve crossed paths in this physical union. The moment of now is tough of the wait process, but it will happen, it’s just a matter of divine timing.

  12. Hi! When will your 2nd book be out or do you have a blog talking about twin flames and walk-ins? I am experiencing this right now and would love to read more about this. Thanks!

  13. I have been writing many notes for the book, which shall be completed this year and when the publication date of flowing into form is, I shall let you know when I know. As far as walk-ins, I don’t have a particular blog piece regarding this, and I will let the energies move through to see if such is shared in this next book. Sending you an abundance of love !

  14. Hi! Gabriella and everybody…the book of Dolores Cannon (Convoluted universe – book three) gives some information about “walks in” also Dear Gabriella, I would like to tell you about the movie: “The love letter (1998)” on youtube, I found it wonderful, did you watch it?
    Blessings to everybody

  15. Thank you Joanne, as I didn’t know about The Love Letter. But considering that I like The Lake House, I am sure I will like that one 🙂 lots of love, in every moment, all ways.

  16. Dear Gabriella:
    I saw that movie too, and yes these two movie are about how love and soul connection goes beyond the time’s dimension. Since we are multidimensional beings, I’m just wondering about it.
    Blessings to everybody

  17. I saw an amazing twin flame movie last night called “Cafe de Flore” It’s in French, so I had English subtitles on 🙂 I don’t want to spoil it but soulmates and twin flames are a central theme. Trust me, you want to see this one.

  18. Joanne,
    Thank you for sharing “The Love Letter” with me. It was so deep and quite profound for me, much past life memories emerged and intensity, still moving through to bring my experience into words for a review, or sharing. Much love to you!

  19. Dear Gabriella, the Joanne-commentaries of May 5 and 7 is me Joana, I miss spell my name those days. So, it was Joana who shared that movie with you and everybody. I really enjoyed watching the movie: “In your eyes 2014” ( I found it in youtube full movie) it is wonderful. I will watch this movie today again, and this will be the third time. Many times, I find myself talking with my TF in my mind…I don’t hear voices like described on this movie, but I can feel emotions, crazy no??? Dear Sidney, the movie that you shared with us is amazing, but I tried to find it in youtube full movie, and it is not available. I hope to find it on amazon.

    Blessings to everybody

  20. Dearest Gabriella,
    So good to get in touch with you after a long time. Hope you are doing good. For the past four days I have been guide to read all information about walk in and soul exchanges. I have been so amazed. I receive messages that my TF is coming. Do you think that my TF is going to be a walk in into my soulmate husband !! I am truly stunned. There are so many synchronicities. Almost everyday a car with a no. Plate 1111 pulls up in front of mine or crosses mine. I constantly receive messages from my TF that he will marry me with due formalities. What can all this mean. I have been reading a lot about walk ins. Please tell me is it possible for My TF who exists in another body now to walk in in my soul mate husband’s body..? Is the solution to the whole experience. I would love to hear from you.
    Dear Joanna,
    Convoluted Universe ,Dolores Cannon. Thank you for the info. Love to you all.

  21. Dear Sleeping Beauty:
    very interesting post, happy to hear about your journey. I’m 100% vegetarian now, it was something my body was asking for many years. Finally, I’m giving to my body what it ask me, and I’m noticed changes on my life and the way I see the world. It seems that I’m not longer living in the 3D world even though I live here in this 3D, sound weird but I feel that way. I have been reading more about the connection between TFs; since, I always feel my TF close to me, especially when I’m about to sleep, and during the day during my daydream moments. LEE and Sherry twin flames, has been helpful to understand the TF dynamic as much as Gabriella does.

    Blessing to everybody

  22. dear Joanna,
    thank you so much for your guidance. As I searched for Lee and Sherry on the net, I came across a post in Twin flame Reflections where there was a mention in the comment that was published as a post by a person who felt that a comic character was her TF and how that energy has gonw into her husband and how now the husband is so different !!! I am amazed at all these sychronicitites. Joanna it is so validated and I thank you for sharing. good luck to

  23. Dear SleepingBeauty, thanks for the sharing, I read that post it is amazing. I have many synchronicities myself and “weard” in some cases, my mind can not understand it, so it is the reason I keep reading about TFs.
    Blessing to you and everybody

  24. Dear Joanna,
    Wish you lots of luck you are so empathetic. Tks for your encouragement. I am now in a strange situation. I feel that myTF has come into my soul mate husband but have no tangibleproof. It will unfold slowly I think. It is all so confusing . Tis for your to you.

  25. Dear Sleeping Beauty, I could recognize my TF in the eyes, nobody have been seen me the way he did it. I find him in the second body, finally I could understand what it this about it a little bit.
    Blessings to you and everybody

  26. Dear Sleeping Beauty, Jelaila Starr and Dolores Cannon talk about walking ins…
    Blessing to you and everybody

  27. Dear Joanna
    Thank you so much.can you suggest some website where they give information? I still feel stronglythat walk in is happening but no tangible evidence. I think it takes time to integrate. Love to you dear

  28. Dear Sleeping Beauty, I believe every TF journey is different, unique, and even reading TF information here and there, I find out that some information don’t resonate with my journey, some does it, and many times nothing I read can give me a clues of some of my experience with my TF. And then, it is when I just need to take a look inside of me and look for answers.

    Happy Holidays for you and everybody

  29. I would like to ask you a question. I met my TF and it turned
    everything upside down for the last 8 years. Although we were
    ‘together’ he never allowed himself to live the sacred love
    and then went off to love another. I have now had two dreams
    (amputation of ring fingers and dreams of dead horses) and I
    feel we have been disconnected and that there has been a soul
    tranfer. Does this mean that his body is left without a soul.???.
    although he is no longer my TF I am worried about him.
    could you possibly shed some light on this for me.

    Thank you


  30. Alison,

    I would recommend getting a dream guidance reading with me so we can delve into the depths of what these dreams are offering you, and a session might also be good. There is more details that are within the dream that you haven’t shared here. Hopefully you have them written down or embedded in your memory so we can share about them in more depth. Don’t focus on the “death” within the dreams, as death often means a transformation and a beginning in a new way, but we can look at this more specifically regarding your experience.

    Sending you waves of love from my heart to yours,

  31. My twin and I met 17 years ago, married, divorced, reunited and entered a common law marriage. I hadn’t realized I was running, until about a month ago. It hit me. I surrendered to it. My twin hadn’t really chased after me, he was always just there, available, waiting for me. I’d been in a process of surrender for a long time, but hadn’t taken the last step. Right after I did, I could totally see our lives, growing old toegther, having more childrean, being happy, having our dreams come true. But that won’t happen now. He killed himself, leaving our son, myself, and possibly another one on the way. I’ve been angry with him, loved him, forgiven him, grieved him, and repeated, numerous times every day since the morning I found him dead. I’ve begged him to return to us, because we still need him, love him, and want him here with us. I’ve begged the heavens to allow him to do a walk in, and remember us, to return to us. But I don’t know how walk ins work, if it’s really even possible. Countless times I’ve wished to go back to that night, before he did it, to tell him what I thought I could put off til the next day, to talk him out of it, to save him. The pain of his being gone is unrelenting. I’m totally lost without him. I know he’s still here, that his spirit is, but I can barely feel it, I can’t see him or hear him, because my grief is so great. I’d damn near sell my soul to have him back with us, like it used to be, like it should be.

  32. Firstly, Gigi, I am so sorry that you lost your Twin Flame, because I cannot even begin to understand the feeling of losing the other half of your soul. It just means that you were destined to meet again. That love is not something you can ever escape. From the moment you split, you were fated to reunite and you still are. I hope you find ways of navigating these troubled waters. Secondly, Gabriella, thank you for designating this space for open discussion regarding this topic. I don’t talk about him, and I finally get to express in words (as best as I can) the greatest love I have felt from another human being

    My story is a long and complex one, but I will shorten it as best as I can. I met my twin just over 2 years ago. We both started new relationships at about the same time and we had a double date, plus his new gf was related to my neighbours. Everyone got on well, but we didn’t realise what was coming…

    I only realised afterwards how we never actually looked into each other’s eyes, and not for a while after that meeting. I saw him and he saw me and that was it. Our relationships blossomed, but things started happening. When I looked into his eyes, it was the most intense spark I have ever felt. We gravitated towards each other constantly, no matter who was around. I didn’t even realise how we would just end up close to each other. My senses were heightened as I could smell him everywhere and we just had many moments of an overwhelming pull. Like we were both human magnets. It was a physical, emotional, spiritual pull that no words could ever even begin to describe. We found each other awake and talked every night into the wee hours of the morning. I swore off men before I met my gf, because I am generally more attracted to women, so I was confused to say the least, but everything felt so real, right and damn near perfect when we were together. We connected on every level. Also, we have similar backgrounds and his birthday is the 28th of May, mine is the 16th of June, yet paradoxes exist in our lives too. Both our fathers abandoned our mothers. My dad left our family and had children while married to my mom, with a woman who lived 5 min away, and I never saw him, while his father stayed with their family, but had many women. My father never told me about his double life. His father told him the truth. My mother never knew he had kids with this woman. My father then was diagnosed cancer and his mother as well. Both passed away not too long ago, within 2 years of each other. Also, he had a rich family and a nice house, while I lived in poverty with sometimes as many as 13 people under the same roof, which was difficult. I pulled myself out of the gutter and he was never there to begin with, but he never treated me like he thought he was better just because he had money. Our school’s were so close to each other, mine disadvantaged and his was in an affluent area (just down the hill) and we know many of the same friends. His best friend and I grew up in the same area. Dangerous for anyone to live in, but I survived all of that.
    I am a teacher and guidance counsellor and he is in finance. I am linguistic and he is mathematical. I’m shy, he’s boisterous. At the same time we compliment each other, because we are almost equally balanced when together. He gives me confidence and he becomes a toned down version of himself, but still dominates the room. We have similar features – weird I know, but you have to see it to believe it. He is light skinned though with green eyes, while I look more Brazilian.

    Twin Love* and I discussed EVERYTHING under the sun.
    We never ever progressed to a sexual level, and I am happy as that would have made it all worse, because we had to end things as our connection started overwhelming everyone around us as well, everyone could see the vibes between us and my gf started having vivid dreams of Twin and I. Not just visions of the 2 of us together, but also explicit dreams and he and I always end up together in the end. No matter what was happening in the dream.
    I almost didn’t survive when my twin and I separated. I was all alone. He was friends with my gf since childhood and he cheated on his gf with my gf’s cousin.

    Despite all this, I never once judged him and it never made me turn away – normally I wouldn’t even entertain any flirtation especially since I am in a relationship, but things with him were far from normal. He withdrew without a word. We saw each other after that and nothing had changed, despite everything. We had a games evening and he followed me around the table, without even noticing and everyone knew what transpired between us, because my gf told everyone. We felt bad for how it happened, but I don’t regret it. I feel him thinking about me, just like I always do. He moved to another province (state). I stayed in the east and he moved west. This hasn’t made me feel for him any less! If anything its like the pull is stronger now, but I can’t be with him now and i feel him in pain and it’s so horrible. I was depressed and I also received confirmation that things with him are not well. It takes everything in me not to call or text him. All this happened only 9 months ago. This was the worst feeling I have ever experienced and I have witnessed the most horrible of things. With him I am vulnerable, but willing to endure anything for him. I have the fiercest loyalty towards this man, and I want to do anything to protect him, at any cost. I have been through it all and losing him was like a cosmic imbalance. Being with him was like I was overflowing with warmth, love and light – two pulsing stars, completely consumed with each other, each of us with our own gravity attracting the other.

    What do you think about this whole thing?

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