Full Circles Allow for Growth

Are you back to a place in your life you were previously? Have you found that this place you have been before is now different? What is a full circle? A full circle is going back to somewhere you have been before. I have had many full circles occurring and completing in my experience currently and I will share one of them here and what I have learned as a result.

I grew up in Massachusetts. In 2007, I moved to California and haven’t been back home since then other than weekly visits at a time. I moved back for 2 1/2 months at the end of June. Now I was staying with my mother and so living with her again was like a real direct way to return back to where I started. There was a lot that happened for me through this experience as I went through a lot of stuff that I had stored in the basement, met up with friends and family I hadn’t seen in a while, and I had to live in a day to day closeness with my mother, her husband, and my sister.

At first it seemed that I had changed a lot, which in truth, I had, but also, so had everyone else in ways. But then in other ways, they were the same. Now when I went through the stored stuff in the basement, I found poems I had written, projects I created, pictures I had taken, and I discovered a lot about who I am, how I developed into who I am today, my habits, etc. This was in combination with observing my mother as well and her habits, which I found some mirroring within me. This gave me the opportunity to decide if those habits were ones I liked, or if they were no longer who I choose to be anymore.

As I was spending time with those that I did when I was living in MA, I found how much I had grown, because others had not changed in many ways. At first, this felt disconnected for me, and I had to understand deep within what was going on was I establishing who I was now in contrast to these other characters in my life, but it was not that I was disconnected from them, only seeing who I was in relation to them. As a result, I began to honor the changes that I saw within me and what I choose to experience and create, while appreciating them for who they are.

This was just some of what occurred as a result of only this one full circle for me as there are many more. When you realize that you have come full circle within your life, honor the circle of life, honor who you are, who you were, and take that awareness into your decision of how you choose to be today. Don’t curse your life experiences, for when you come full circle, it is never bringing you backwards but forward in a meaningful way. Full circles allow you to see where you were, where you are, and how you got to where you are by acknowledging and seeing with “different eyes” where you were. After all, life is really like a spiral, circle upon circle upon circle continuing even after your spirit leaves your body. Honor the spiral, the circles and let them embrace you.

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  1. Loretta says:

    Your spiral jpg brought me to your website. I appreciate your article. Thank you for sharing it with others. It is nice to meet someone else who honors the spiral.

    Blessings to you!

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