Month: January 2011

A Love Poem

by Dan Osarchuk It has been said that when we’re looking for love That we’re actually just seeking our own true self Just like a dog chasing its tail So I wanted to say to you… From the bottom of

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A Song of Twin Flame Love that is Always Present

I was joined by Frank Roman Pace as he shared his song that he wrote for his twin flame, and he shared his journey of love, all of the emotions that go along with such an intensely rewarding relationship. We

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Every Day ~ James Taylor

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Marriage: Your Presence is Your Present to Each Other

I was browsing through YouTube videos a few nights ago and came across a couple that sparked something inside which I have felt guided to share with you. Usually, when I get a strong feeling, I tend to sit with

Our Stories Shape Us into Who We Are: Living More, Loving Deeper and Laughing Often

I had a special guest with me. Alexander Devereux is an Orator & Visionary who overcame epilepsy at birth, dyslexia, and poverty to graduate from college and become a highly successful professional. An ordained minister, he works in the administrative

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Local Color

When you connect to your passion and what brings you to life, you have a choice to take action towards fulfilling that dream bringing it into full manifestation. There may be others that come along your path and try to

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Seeing the Number 11 and 23

Q. I have been seeing 11:11 and 11:23 very often for the last 2 yrs, almost everyday or every other day, since I met the person who I strongly feel is my twin flame. Does the recurrence of these number

Finding Inspiration and Hope in the Midst of Cancer

I was joined by Brenda Jones who was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. She has recovered now and is helping others feel the love that she was desiring at the time of her diagnosis and treatment. How is she doing

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2011: Shifting Into the Vibration of Unconditional Love and Union

How has the New Year begun for you? Have you been experiencing the progression of intentions that you have held for a while and then noticed a “setback” or a blocking so to speak? Have you seen many signs around

Connection with Your Twin Flame in Spirit

I shared on the last show how many of us are physically reuniting with our twin flame partners to anchor in unconditional love on the this planet. I also mentioned that many of us will be connecting in our hearts

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