2011: Shifting Into the Vibration of Unconditional Love and Union

How has the New Year begun for you? Have you been experiencing the progression of intentions that you have held for a while and then noticed a “setback” or a blocking so to speak? Have you seen many signs around you of the rapid speed of further progression of things that you have desired to manifest? Have you been sharing intense emotions with those you are closely connected to, either in dreams, through your emotions or direct contact?

This is a very powerful time as we shift out of the “old way” so that we can welcome in and anchor in the “new way.” What does this “new way” mean? It means transitioning out of previously known and accepted behavior patterns, thought processes, emotional dramas, separation mentality in all its forms. It means choosing love in each moment, within each relationship, through every situation that comes your way. This new way calls us to be in the space of spirit and divine unconditional love at all times, and therefore we are calling all of the stuff to us that is not in alignment with love. All fear based thoughts, behaviors of separation (male and female, us and them), emotions of separation (sadness, judgment, anger) are now being called out of our psyches.

Our souls have chosen to be here in our physical bodies at this particular time for the reason of helping shift the planet back to this divine unconditional love. There are no coincidences as it is by no accident that you are reading these words right now. We are now, as light beings in the form of loveworkers, gathering together to help support each other through these changes that are upon us. Things are speeding up which you may be experiencing in your relationships and all that is happening around you right now. At this time, it is important to hold only the highest thoughts of what you intend to create, the love that you desire to hold within you and share with those around you. When you are confronted with a challenging situation or a stressful relationship, know that these are there for your growth. It is out of love that you have called them to you for if you did not have them, you would not be able to see the behavior patterns, the thoughts, or the emotions that are coming up for you to transition out of. Remember this when you find yourself in relationship encounters or other life situations as you move forward deeper into this year and beyond.

This is our playground, in other words, and we are all taking on roles to help each other to shift out of what is not serving the new way of being and of loving. The new way of loving understands profoundly and knows intuitively that whatever your partner is doing, saying or feeling comes from within them, as it is nothing to be taken personally. We are here to assist each other in releasing what is not part of this new way and relationships are one of the easiest ways for us to do that. Therefore, when an emotion is evoked within you as your partner says or does something, or the lack thereof, recognize where the emotion is coming from…is there a thought behind it? Pinpoint what thought came up that created the emotion and instead of reacting to it in the moment, give yourself the moments needed to determine what it is. In that way, you don’t need to react in ego to your partner, but allow yourself to feel the emotions (as this is part of the cleansing process) and then once you know what caused it, you can shift out of that thought with the awareness that it is not true unless you make it so by investing your energy to believing it. You have the power to change what you think, how you act and how you feel.

This will also come through situations of others around you. Perhaps there is “drama” actions, emotions, you are witnessing of others around you which may be affecting you. Know that this is also an opportunity for you to shift out of ego thoughts in separation to unity mentality. There doesn’t need to be any judgment for when you are coming from the space of unconditional love, you understand that we are all in this together, that we are all working on shifting out of this mind space to the heart one, and each of us have our own process to go through.

If you encounter blocks in your relationships, you can now understand why that is so, but if you see all that is going on from this perspective, then you shift around your thoughts on this, knowing that there really isn’t any steps backward. Pulling away is really about pulling from within, and that is absolutely needed at this time. Sometimes, we do need that inner reflection to know how love guides us best in action or expression with those around us. We are only constantly and more rapidly moving forward. There is no need to take it personally even when someone we love doesn’t respond to us right away. The response is now being called to come from a place of love and love only. Therefore, if reflection is needed first, honor it, but the important thing is that follow up is necessary. Communication from the place of love and as clearly as possible during this time is what we all need to be committed to. We are all in this together.

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