The Twin Flame Journey and Reunion: Remembering

The twin flame journey is about remembering. It is about remembering that you already know your twin flame, as you already know the mutual soul intention of what you have desired to create, individually and together in this lifetime. This is a powerful time right now on Earth, as we are joining together with our soul families, our soul mates and twin flame, to anchor in depth the unconditional love vibration moving forward. Do you remember that you wanted to have a part in this? Do you feel that there is a reason why you chose to be alive right now?

(In the movie AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, there was a line, “imagine that all music already exists, just vibrating there, just waiting for us to listen and to be ready to take it down. Everything is about listening.” – this is how the remembrance happens – it is allowing yourself to listen, remember, choose, and receive).

Ok, so if the twin flame journey is about remembering, what does that mean? Well, there are layers of remembering. There is a soul remembrance of the essence of you, your twin flame, which is inside of you, so it starts there…and then you bring that energy into your conscious awareness, adding another layer to your memory of this other part of you. At this point, you then choose to send that energy into the universe so that it will attract your twin flame to you in the physical. It is important to notice all of the signs around you because they are there for reassurance but also to guide you along the next steps on the journey. Stay connected to your heart as you know that there is always connection in every moment with your twin flame and be true to yourself. Know that you deserve the deepest love your mind can imagine and your heart can feel.

Another layer of remembering is knowing what your passion is so that you can bring that into your life in all ways, and therefore, emanating from a space of being in your authentic self. If we are looking at your souls plan as what you intended to create in this lifetime, then there is something that you will recognize that you are passionate about, which will point you in the direction of your life purpose…and you will find that this life purpose will be in alignment with your twin flame. As you step more fully into this, you will be on the way towards the full reunion and your mission with one another.

As you continue along, you will encounter other souls along the path, your soul mates, that have intended to assist you along the journey as you have agreed to assist them also. The connections with your soul mates are an essential part of the process of being with your twin flame, for they help you to transition out of ego based mentality, behaviors, beliefs, emotions, etc, and they can do this with unconditional love, increasing the frequency of this love between you and your twin as well as with all that is.

When you connect with your twin flame in the physical, you have the opportunity to recognize the soul within the physical body/vehicle, a deep knowing that will vibrate within your soul, and this is something only YOU can feel and be certain of. Only you can feel and be certain of this because it is a memory within your cell makeup which has been built on many lifetimes of experiences and deep love shared, as well as your mutual intentions for this lifetime, right now.

Many things can happen during the time you come into the physical with your twin flame. Perhaps you realize that you are not totally ready to take on the mission together, even if you recall it. You may have fears that come up, which are based in the ego, which would need to be transformed or released in order to merge with your twin and join hand in hand together, moving forward. With this, comes the balance of fully being present in the moment while also holding space for the next moment, patience for all the steps of the reunion to unfold as they will (for both of you need to be ready in the space of love), unconditional love for whatever your twin chooses in any moment (knowing that no matter what, you are never separated), faith in the guidance and support of the universe to help you in sharing the deepest parts of your being with your twin flame, unwavering inspiration and excitement towards your chosen mission in this lifetime, which you intend to fulfill however it will be done.

Truths and Advice:

1. Your twin flame unconditionally loves you into the deepest parts of your being, physically, mentally, spiritually, fully, in all ways.

2. Your twin flame would never leave you (if you are not physically together, your twin can never sever the deep soul connection for it is always there).

3. When you encounter your twin, it is such a beautiful mirror of you for you to see your own beauty reflected back to you, your thoughts, emotions, body, behavior…this is so overwhelming at times in the best of ways.

4. Constant surrendering in each moment to the flow as you release any attachments or expectations as to how the reunion will unfold because unconditional love does not have expectations or attachments…love just is, love just loves.

5. You will need to feel your connection, your love with your twin flame in the deepest parts of your being so that you don’t get discouraged at any point while walking your path.

6. You don’t need to be “perfect” in your mind’s eye in order to step forward in partnership with your twin flame for the love you hold for your twin is the love your twin holds for you – all that you believe is “imperfect” is so beautiful through the eyes of spiritual, unconditional love.

7. There will be many synchronicities throughout your experience, and these will intensify and become more frequent as you are getting closer to reunion.

8. As you get closer to the merging of your hearts as one heart, and the awareness that you have never been separated, as you are ready to be one together, you will attract other soul mates that will help you through this process, to support you and get excited with you – it is important to frequent your time with like energy to welcome in this love.

9. Laughter is also part of the journey and this connection to being free which is such a natural part of our essence of being alive will help you to remain calm and centered during this reunion.

10. Balance the excitement growing within your heart with the calmness surrounding you, breathe out the intensity if you need to.

11. Pay attention to your feelings in every moment, as they help to guide you in the flow, bringing you exactly where you desire to be. Allow yourself to receive.

19 Comments on “The Twin Flame Journey and Reunion: Remembering

  1. Another great movie recommendation, hey. I have to see if I can find this one, swedish movies are great…

  2. Thanks, Gabriella, for taking my call today on your radio show and guiding me to your blog. There was so much more I wanted to share, as one who’s met my twin and the year of amazing change this has launched.

    I mentioned that I’m telepathic with my twin, and I think vice-versa. But there’s something else I wanted to share too. We’re empathic also. I can feel his pain, his physical pain, and seem to help transmute some of it. However, I know I can’t do his work for him, that he has to do it himself. But there seems to be an agreement that I, as a regular exerciser and meditator, a Reiki master, have agreed to take on some of his stuff and transmute it to help both of us. It can be exhausting though, and I do pull back to rest and take care of myself.

    This empathic connection has another aspect I want to bring up. There was a time when I “knew” he was suicidal, and I telepathically sent him love, healing, and helped him through it. Then, about a month ago, after he abruptly moved away, I became sick, depressed, and one night was seriously suicidal, to the point where I was thinking about how to do it. Just at that hour, he called me on the phone. He didn’t say it, but he knew. He helped cheer me up, made me laugh, and — long story short — I got better.

    It’s an amazing journey, and I thank you, Gabriella, for helping us twins through it. I’m going to follow your blogs because us twins need help through this experience. We’re still in separation, but there’s hope. We’re both single, the same age, and the connection and merging has already taken place. There’s hope! And no matter what happens, even if we don’t become husband and wife, I just love him totally and want him to be well and happy.

  3. Hehe, so many Twin Flame stories around me. This one from Pam could´ve easily written by me, most of it fits my story, especially the telepathic aspect 🙂

    The reunion will take place soon, I´m sure. Endless patience is the key, I guess…

  4. Yes endless patience is the key and TRUST that it will happen in Divine Timing and not a moment sooner…Here is to my Twin Flame and I and our mission together on this planet!

  5. I have a telepathic conection with my TF too, yes in one occasion I felt that he was so depressed, then I sent my love to him. I had been so depressed too, especially right after I stopped seing him. I was not suicidal,but I just wanted to die, then I felt him close to me. About the number 7, talking about synchronicities, I have many before I met him and now I’m having some, but I don’t see any possibility to be with him because I’m in a relationship so this coincidences make me feel confused.

  6. Joana

    My Twin Flame and I had relationships before we were ready to completely reunite in the physical. God puts other relationships in your path to help you to heal and grow. The signs from God and the Universe, which by the way there are no coincidences these are synchronities for you to know that you two are still on the right path and will be together when you both have healed, gotten closer in the spiritual, and aligned yourself with your life purpose together….

  7. I wanted to add for Joana that these other relationships not only help us to heal and grow but to prepare us for being with our Twin.

  8. Ingo

    You mentioned Telepathic Communication last year in a reply. This is a very real form of communication between all Twin Flames. This spiritual communication is neccessary in the journey to full reconnection in the physical. As you open more emotionally and spiritually, the TC becomes deeper and richer because it comes from the soul and prepares Twin Flames for communication in the physical. Even when TF’s reconnect fully in the physical plane..TC can continue as it serves to keep enriching your relationship.

  9. Wow! Mary thanks, the TC was scaring me for awhile even I thought it was just product of my imagination. I have been experiencing synchronities, which I’m getting used to, I mean they don’t scare me, some I can understand and some that I can’t, for example the one that is telling me to change my career to serve speritual purposes.

  10. OMG Mary Roch, Thank you so much. I was hoping to ear from TF that actually have reunited and get their imput of the whole thing and there, I see your post. It is so reassuring. My story and Joanna’s are very much similar and I have been reading about other people’s experience and try to get a feel for what is actually going on. But I still have many doubts that their is hope for me and TF, plus I am married and don’t know what to do about that situation. My husband and I are good friends and care very much for each other but since I met TF I know know that is not the love relationship that I though it was and have come to accept as being what love was. I have recently put all of that in God’s and the Universe’s hands and surrendered to the divineflow and timelines. But still everyday I have doubts in my mind and i am not sure what to think anymore.

  11. Drangonfly, did you watch the movie “The bridges of Madison County?” One day in the salvation army store, I was looking for movies and a lady came along I told me that this movie was so good. I don’t like too much Clint Eastwood buy anyway, I bought it. Meryl Streep is on this movie too.

  12. Precisely…all of the above. I had no reason to move 500 miles across the country with no job perspectives, but just knew I had to. The first tim e we met I told my twin soul everything made perfect sense. Its been 9 months and we struggled a good part of it. We are not together as a couple because we both accept that “its not our time yet, but we will be okay.” We are both in relationships we enjoy anda share oaur experiences, and try to be nonjudgemental. It was difficult at first, she would chant my name in her head. I swear I could hear her calling and would immediately call her. We both can sense when the other is depressed, ill, etc. I. t’s uncanny. I have forever felt a calling to the Peace Corps (Cambodia to be exact, but unsure why). I was afraid to apply because I didnt want to leave her. Now I neither of us never really ever left to begin with. The Peace Corps is pulling me and she is accepting if it also which fill my heart with so much love. I told her recently that we are not just going to be okay, we are okay! I want to support her financially while im gone….is that adviseable?

  13. Hello! I was wanting to know what some of the major signs and synchronicities are that people have experienced before twin soul reunion? Know one seems to touch on these examples that much. This would really help! Thanks!

  14. Are there any couples who have this connection who are together? If there are any lurkers, please respond. What are your experiences Kazandra?

  15. Hi! Chris, I don’t know if your are the same Chris that used to write here before on Gabriella blog, Hi! any way….I would like to know about those sings before the physical reunite with a Twin flame too.

  16. Who I am? Chris . also I do not think him too! Hello Chris from chris! Hello Joana. You are both from where? How you go with twinflamse? With mine, talk but not allways- would get boring no?!:)

  17. Twin flames are real. My high school sweetheart and I had the most perfect 2 years together in our senior year and first year of college. We broke up because i think we both wanted to see what would happen. I got engaged, he got his girlfriend pregnant a month later. I got married and he married his girlfriend a week later. But after we broke up I met with him one more time and he wanted to have sex…i asked him where was his friend and he said he didn’t want her he wanted me. When we had sex that night it was brief ITS NEVER BRIEF. And at the end I said “that was weird” not knowing that it would be the last time. AFTER many dreams and synchronocities I realized that what we had was very deep. This is the juicy part…we broke up in 2006…the last time i saw him was 2006 as I wanted to make him hurt and simply move on. He had a daughter named jazelle and we had always planned to have a baby girl named Jazmyne. When i was pregnant with jazmyne I saw him around 4 or 5 weeks…he didn’t know i was pregnant and i was in shock. He came to the car window and we shook hands…my mom was driving. He wanted more than a handshake and was probably surprised that i reached out like that. He didn’t make any more eye contact with me. I saw him a few weeks later around 13/14 weeks and he reached out to hug me and touched my earring for a about 30 minutes repeating how beautiful i am. We chatted a little and he told me i could come see him whenever i feel like it. i told him i was pregnant and he told me he hopes its a boy..i told him i hope its a girl. It was a girl. 3 days before my birthday I dreamed that HE kissed me and told me he loved me. This was also 5 days before jasmynes bday. about 2 to 3 weeks later HE showed up in a dream at my grandmother house and told me i was pregnant and it was his…i was about to repond right away but he stopped me and said but i have to respect her and pointed to his wife. Soon after this i found out i was indeed pregnant and i was a boy. AFTER giving birth to my son SIGNS were everywhere!!!!! When i asked for them to stop they came even more. its been 6 months since his birth and my marriage is falling apart…a diamond even fell out of my ring. Everything is saying he is the one..Im married and very confused as i am christian and it seems like our souls think they are married.

  18. Amazingly real. I have surrendered and it is “Magnificent” as I am leaving it to the source for the calling. Whenever…. I accept it all as the source wants it to be. Your article is so precise. Incomprehensibly and undoubtedly , unconditionally Divine Love it is. XXXXX