Satisfy my Soul: I Welcome and Embrace the Waves of Love

On Tuesday night, I had a dream that I have been inspired to share with you:

I was on a big boat on the ocean with a lot of other people. I had a discussion with one of my soul mates and since we were going through a transition within our relationship, there seemed to be some friction/tension. We physically left each other’s presence. When I went to find him to share more, I noticed that he was in the pool with another woman and they were both naked…he pulled her back to his chest…and when I saw this, I simply turned and walked away. I became aware of my response and reaction…my heart was calm, my emotions calm.. After this, he told me that he was going to be leaving with this woman, and I was empathically aware that he was going to be having some challenges with her, for I could sense that she was controlling and had a lot of anger within her. I told him that I am always here as a friend should he need me in that way. Before they left, this woman exchanged some sarcastic, insulting and rude comments to me…I responded by saying, “I wish you well…I hope that you find happiness and love.” Again, I remained in that calm energy and space.

At this point in the dream, everyone on the boat noticed that there was a tidal wave, a very big wave heading towards the boat…so everyone began to be frantic, started running and yelling. Some of my fears came up: what would happen if I had to be in the water, would it be too cold, what’s under there…but they didn’t last long. As soon as I was aware of them, I released them…and when my mind thought I should run, I actually froze in place, faced the wave, put my arms up and sent it love, welcoming its energy. The wave then became smaller and smaller and as it hit the boat, there was no damage.

After this, I became aware that this soul mate was back on the boat though we didn’t have any more connection/conversation with each other. Everyone on the boat noticed that now there were 2 waves, one after the other heading towards the boat, not as big as the first one though. Again, I remained calm, turned towards the waves, put my arms up, and sent love, open to their arrival. When they touched the boat, there was no damage but the boat began to rock back and forth.

I then awoke and had the song by Bob Marley in my head, “Satisfy my Soul.” I will post that video with the lyrics below. What have I received from this dream? I am open to receiving my true love with an open, calm heart and that all the fears the ego could hold onto are no longer within my perception. I choose love…and as my love is “calling, calling,” I have answered and will continue to answer with the deepest love in the deepest parts of my being. When we meet “around the corner,” I am here…with such calmness and sweetness that will only grow…no running (as everyone else was doing on the boat!) 😉

I love hearing about and receiving the insight from dreams…please feel free to share yours with me if you will.

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