Month: September 2011

It’s All About Love, Really

Underlying everything is love, truly…all relationships and experiences allow us to tune into our inner psyche and the persona we believe we bring forth to help us to determine of who we see that we are presenting is in alignment

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Continuing the Journey into Spiritual Oneness

I was joined again with Dr. Nenari Diamond as we shared more insights from her book Stepping into Spiritual Oneness: Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience. We focused on two being as one, the twin flame relationship and

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Expressions of Love Part 1-6 Video

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Expressions of Love Part 6

September 15, 2011 Open up, close down, open up, close down because the openness I want to share is with you, with you my love in all ways…though you know, I can’t ever fully close down to others because I

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Intuitive Readings with Gabriella Hartwell and the Harvest Moon

Let us Welcome in the Energy of the Harvest Moon… On this show, I offered mini intuitive readings. You are welcome to call in with a question for me to tune in and give you whatever will come through from

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Cosmic Ecstasy: Merging and Loving Beyond Your Body

By this point, you have probably heard that you are “more than your body.” But what does that mean? It means that your experiences are not limited by your body. For example, you drive a car and as you drive

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My Love ~ Paul McCartney

And When I Go Away I Know My Heart Can Stay With My Love It’s Understood It’s In The Hands Of My Love And My Love Does It Good Wo-Wo-Wo-Wo-Wo-Wo My Love Does It Good And When The Cupboards Bare

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A Message from Mary Magdalene Regarding Twin Flame Partnerships

Mary Magdalene channeled through Carolyn I have come forth as a representative of the divine feminine. I have many names. There are many pictures drawn of me, some more accurate than others. And I am part of the actual marriage

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The Meaning of the Numbers 10 and 12

Q. My daughter and I have both noticed the 11:11 phenomenon for many years now and always wondered what it was all about or if someone was saying, “Hello.” I also see recurrently 23, 33 and 44. Recently I noticed

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Expressions of Love Part 5

How can I let go of you when you are the me I see reflected back, the me that I have always been, always known, always been shown in your eyes and your laughter? How can I walk away or

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