Expressions of Love Part 6

September 15, 2011

Open up, close down, open up, close down because the openness I want to share is with you, with you my love in all ways…though you know, I can’t ever fully close down to others because I am so much of an open person, and isn’t our love made stronger by the love we share with others? However, when I do open up my heart to encompass those present beside me right now, there is a bit of pain that seeps through my eyes, washing my cheeks with the wetness of the illusion of separateness from you, from the ability to bask in the sweetness of our love…and there it goes again, the separation edging its way through the knowing and choosing of union, merging into frustration of the capacity of separation’s fingernails tickling my skin, scratching my skin, moving my focus upon it, when I know, yes, I KNOW deep within me that it is foggy, and nonexistent within my heart as it holds you in every moment.

The pain within your throat transferred its feelings inside of me and I had pain in my throat before I knew you had such pain…yes, we are connected beyond these mere physical body forms. We know this and the universe gives us signs upon signs of clarification that this is so. We are aware…and we acknowledge them as they push us closer and closer together. Be you love, and express you as you are meant to, releasing control of others, for it is control that hinders our growth and our intensity for loving, which is our promise…to love, and to love deeply all that is, all that we are as we are all connected. We are born again in the ways we connect with others, shining our light into their lives as their light touches our own, making both brighter, following a brighter way for sure. Yet, I am tired, of holding the hands of those that reach out in need without you by my side, I am tired of smiling the love from within me to those before me without you to share in this love directly…ah, perhaps this has grown stronger because I know and this knowing grows stronger that we promised to do this touching work, this healing, this creating, this loving path together, hand in hand, literally and figuratively.

Though no matter what happens tomorrow, I know that I will continue to open, and open without closing, as I follow my heart’s path as it brings me ever closer to holding you love, as I know with each step, my heart holds you near and nearer to the heaven we are creating. How I anticipate looking at Heaven’s beauty with you standing right beside me, echoing a rhythm of beats inside your chest I can hear so softly, reminding me of the depth of our love that has always been in each moment of this lifetime and beyond.

Until that very moment my beloved, feel my love in the wind around you, feel my love in everything surrounding you, notice my light in the eyes of everyone beside you, know that you know, as I know you know, that I can’t breathe without you and I don’t, I can’t live without you and I won’t…I am running, we are running straight to each other, as within each other is home, yet with each other in all ways home is fully found and experienced. This, I choose, I have chosen …

7 Comments on “Expressions of Love Part 6

  1. “Yet, I am tired, of holding the hands of those that reach out in need without you by my side”…this is it, that sentence…

  2. so true…”I know and this knowing grows stronger that we promised to do this touching work, this healing, this creating, this loving path together, hand in hand, literally and figuratively.” … Everything said in this post resonates so strongly with me and tugs at my heart..!Ii have been receiving messages that one way to handle this loneliness is to meditate, morning and evening.. this will bring us closer to our twin flame sacred union.

  3. Yes, for me to…sometimes i feel when i`m helping someone on any way, or think about humanity and how this planet needs a change, that we are destined to this together, like he is with me. All my life i have a feeling of some kind of purpose on this planet, i was in such a struggle all the time, anxiety, i coludn`t reach it. After meeting my TF i finally get to this point when this feeling became one with reality, i don`t have it anymore, i just exist, like me, and that`s my purpose, all other thing will reslove by itself now when i have this.

    I think i meditate everytime when i`m alone and not busy, i always flew away somewhere in my mind or talk with myself, i just let my mind to think what ever he wants, or just listen the sounds and doing nothing. Is there something that we should think about our twin flames?

  4. It is said that we need to find a quiet place and make ourself comfortable and relax by taking deep breaths atleast 10 times..inhale and exhale.when we are calm,seek the guidance of the Almighty,ascended masters, archangels,your twinflame and higher selves of your twin flame and yourself.Then stay in a state of deep calmness and listen to the silence. you will receive the guidance or answers you seek. hope this helps..

  5. Thank you, it will help…i usually do that but spontaneously, otherwise i feel like i`m forcing something, but i know i`m wrong, that should be are daily routine, like eating, food for soul. Thanks again.

  6. is it possible that my best friend ( i met her 4 years ago), with whome i have very strong connection and sometimes telepathic thoughts and almost identical experiences that are happening in the same time, is also identical to my TF, i noticed that immediately after second talk with my TF?! They have the same attitude toward music, same hedonistic enjoyment of life, etc. i don`t understand this quite, it`s amazing actually. I see that you more informed then me. This can`t be just coincidence, i don`t believe in that.

  7. There is a question about this levels of frequencies in the mind when a person can reach the state of meditation that I would like to asK to Gabriella. In my case, I don’t need to close my eyes and do all that exercises of breathing. Long ago I bought a CD of the music of Yanni. It is just music. The first time I heard it, It bother me so I put it away. But now, his music help me to concentrate in my studies, and I also notice that maybe I reach the level of meditation or conection with another frequencies. Then it is when I find myself in communication with him(my TF). It is weird…