Month: October 2011

Running Away From the Twin Flame

Q. Do twin flames often push you away and leave you parting w/cold words and distance? A. Can this happen when you encounter your twin flame? Yes, if there is unhealed parts of individual karma. It is important to know

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A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Heart beats fast Colors and promises How to be brave? How can I love when I’m afraid to fall But watching you stand alone? All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow One step closer [Chorus:] I have died everyday

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Synchronizing With Your Twin Flame

Q. How does one synchronize with one’s twin flame? A. You are not separate from your twin flame even when you are not in direct physical connection. You are a part of each other. You can feel one another’s emotions,

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Calling All Love

Please listen to the interview I had with Joan Heartfield here: Romancing the Beloved and joined with Tomas HeartfieldRomancing the Beloved Continued by Tomas and Joan Heartfield, PhD Other than putting out an all points bulletin for someone to call

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Romancing the Beloved

I was joined by Joan Heartfield as we shared on her book Romancing the Beloved: A Sacred Sexual Adventure Into Love, Her Story. We shared on many aspects of the unconditional love relationship with the beloved and just what relationship

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The Number 69: What it Truly Means

The number 69 has gotten a “bad” rep for many years because of the perception of separation between man and woman, as the focus used to be on the supposed “differences,” yet the truth is that we merge and become

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Remember this Truth: You Know Your Twin Flame

Q. How will you know if the man in your dream is really your twinflame if you are a universal empath? Any thoughts regarding these? A. What I believe a universal empath to be is one who can feel the

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A Pilgrimage of Love

The Journey of the Beloved is About Always Choosing Love I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing with Anaiya Sophia in person and her natural infectious energy she holds for the deepest love imaginable is contagious, such a sweet

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Twin Flame Union: Divine Timing

Q. Divine timing is a big part of twin flame union, but if you have already met physically, does it mean 2012 is the reunion year? A. Yes, divine timing is a huge part of the twin flame union, and

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The Future of Love

It was an honor for me to meet Anaiya Sophia during my trip to Mt Shasta, California. She was present for my workshop and I attended hers, what a powerful experience it was! Please listen to my interview with her

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