Soul Contracts: A Process of Remembering

Q. There is not a lot of information about contracts. Can you expand on the soul contracts and how to know what yours is?

A. Soul contracts or soul agreements are made on a soul level before physical incarnation. A soul contract is therefore agreements made between you and your soul, you and other souls for various reasons of growth, healing, creation. You have an agreement with your own soul as to what you intend to accomplish, to experience, to create in this particular lifetime. This agreement has to do with your life mission, what you are passionate about and what you decided to bring forth in your life and in the world. Soul agreements with other souls include those you have relationships with; your family, your friends, your intimate partners, etc. These souls have agreed to come into your life at the time that they do to help you heal, grow, create and to become clear as to what your next step on your journey may be.

How do you go about knowing what your soul contracts are? Well, it is first essential to go within to understand your own essence, what makes you tick, what you are excited about because it is those excitements that offer you hints as to what you said you wanted to do. Once you connect with that and start implementing it into your life, then you naturally become more in tune with the souls that you meet on your path – you attract the souls that are vibrating on a similar frequency when you are ready to have that certain relationship or ready to embark on creating something together.

So the path of knowing what your soul contracts are with others and including the one with yourself is really about remembering that you already know, and opening your awareness to the signs and synchronicities that come to you to nudge you into remembering more fully. Then when you know the specifics, take action as you are guided.