Expressions of Love Part 8

Surround me, sweetness, in the intricate stirrings of my soul, let this wine and my spirit take me to the fields of our love eternal, as I feel the depth of your love as your hand softly touches my back. You are not physically here beside me in this moment, though you are more real with me than my own self…as this self floats to where you are, wrapping my arms around your body…can you feel me there, with you right now love? Yes, in time disappearing, in sensuality weaving through our beings, I sigh, every part of me longs to become one and whole with every part of you…I long to take you in, REALLY take you in, to the deepest spaces of my feminine form as your masculine pieces caress me and massage me, create me into a new masterpiece. As these days move on, the intensity of my desire for you, the yearning for this merging of us becomes stronger, and I literally shiver as I breathe out the power of our love. It is as if we ARE making love right now. I know that we are, as I place my palm on my chest, feeling my heartbeat moving to the rhythm of your soul’s presence, here with me. Ya know, there truly are no words to express how deep you are within me and I am within you…after all, this is our eternal love we are creating anew and exposing to the world. Ah, the sweetness enfolds me as I see how our love will help to transform the vibration of love on this Earth plane…a smile forms upon my lips, peace has found me as I rest in the home we share together.