A Pilgrimage of Love

The Journey of the Beloved is About Always Choosing Love

I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing with Anaiya Sophia in person and her natural infectious energy she holds for the deepest love imaginable is contagious, such a sweet presence to bask in. This same sweet energy resides in the pages of this book, A Pilgrimage to Love: A Tale of Romance, Heartbreak and Meeting “The One”, as she takes you along the pilgrimage with her through her emotions, her thoughts, her fears and pains to the choice of constantly choosing love. This path of constantly surrendering to the love and letting it take you into the deepest parts of your being is required to recognize and to BE with your beloved, the twin soul or twin flame (however you want to phrase it).

Anaiya says, “Surrender is to not know, but rather to embrace and become willing to face anything,” as this is what it takes to submit to love, to the heart and to rise in the highest love vibration in relationship, with yourself and your beloved, as they are one and the same. You need to be able to love yourself, your wounds (and to feel them), you need to be able to love your divine partner through his/her wounds, and know that the “attacks” are from the wounds. Love would love through those dark moments, love into the light, as the light gets brighter as the love gets stronger.

There are many times throughout reading this book, that I wanted to lash out and attack her beloved as she shared what she was experiencing, what was shared and expressed from him, yet, because I have had my own experiences of loving through those difficult moments, I knew that love would need to be chosen again and again if love is where she wanted to reside. I had to stop reading, close my eyes and feel that love deep in the deepest parts of my womb, my heart, and breathe out anything that didn’t vibrate in love. This is the way of love, isn’t it? AND it can be done…Anaiya shows that she is willing to be loves companion as love continues to be her companion. Through all of the times when she wanted to run away or give up, she loved more…and it was inspiring. May it inspire you into the greatest possibilities of love with yourself, your beloved and the world.