Feel Your Connection With Your Twin Flame

Q. My twin and I connected from 50 ft away, it was the most beautiful yet almost traumatizing moment of my life. It was literally a connection, and it was actually caught on video. We have never met face to face, but 2 days after this happened, I started dreaming about him and the dreams started getting more “real” over the course of a year, to the point now, I feel him, and his moods when I’m awake. AM I REALLY SEEING HIM? Please, I need a concrete answer, because everyone is telling me it’s really real, and I am not crazy. Just be prepared for it, including my mother.

A. First of all, it’s important to know that what is “real” is relative and it is up to the person observing and feeling what happens for them to determine it as real. Also, what may be real for you, as you explain it to another, may not seem actually real to the person you are sharing with. That being said, when something happens, especially when we have a connection with our twin flame, in dreams, and also in sensing the thoughts and emotions of the twin, we need to connect with our own inner essence/guidance system as to what our feelings are telling us.

The truth of twin flames is that the connection/communication/love goes way beyond this lifetime as well as beyond our physical bodies and it cannot be defined in only the 3d, human, physical sense. It is comforting that your mother and others are telling you that what you are experiencing and feeling is real, but YOU need to feel that it is real. This is one reason why I don’t tell people who their twin flame is for it is a deep soul recognition. The twin who is recognizing the other twin needs to feel that deep connection beyond the mind, but down within the heart and soul, because it is that acknowledgement that calls forth the memory of what the soul has intended to create in this lifetime with the twin flame. Also, if you look outside yourself to justify if what you are feeling and experiencing is real, then you may be going up and down like a puppet, for everyone is going to have their own opinions, and only YOU are experiencing/feeling within these dreams, both sleeping and waking dreams. What you experience is ultimately for you, and to help guide you along your path of union with your twin flame. Remember that you are the one that knows the truth of what you are feeling, and the truth of your connection with your twin.

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  1. I could not agree more with the advice you have given . Since I have met my twin. I have been seeking validation from others about whether the feelings/ intution is real. This causes alot of confusion and leads to doubting yourself and the love that you have for your twin because there is alot of conflicting information. After reading this post I immediately went back to the feeling I got when I first talked to my twin on the phone. My first thought was ” he is the one”. Throughout my recent journey I have come to realize the one thing that I must work on is trust. TRUST IN THE HIGHER POWERS, LOVE AND ULTIMATELY IN MYSELF. I hope I could add some value to the discussion.

  2. James,

    Yes, thank you for adding to this post. You are right, that it is trust in the guidance of the universe and the flow of divine order, and surrendering to this flow, the present moment as we are always lovingly guided along our journey. As we know that we are never “waiting” for this union to occur as we are already united as one, and that physical separation has its purpose, or many for that matter, to allow ourselves to deepen in unconditional love for ourselves, our twins and the world, as we bring who we are into this world vibrantly, with much excitement. We then help our own growth, healing, and evolution as we help others at the same time. Trust and surrender, always remember these.

  3. Its really like a catch 22. It makes it really difficult to want to be them; them not speaking to you and all the while you can feel their presence. Doesn’t it feel odd to the “runner” to date someone else and feel MY presence? Should they remember the feeling of us being together holding each other knowing that we both have arrived “home”.

    I know this is somewhat of selfish rant, but don’t they have that feeling too?

    Moreover, recently after 11:11:11, my sensors have increased. I think I can actually feel him, have conversations with him. I just don’t want to look like im insane or obsessive about my twin flame situation. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it even possible?

  4. I first recognized my twin flame some 34 years ago. Since then much has happened- it was almost like unrequainted love. Where I have always loved and he did not appear to return such.
    Over the years our paths have taken very different but then again familiar paths. We met up physically a few months ago after a 15 year physical parting – nothing had changed.

    However, I was some few weeks ago stood next to him ( not knowing it was he beside me) I felt the most sensational feeling of light and warmth with a feeling of a rope or tie pulling me towards him; when I saw it was he it came as no surprise but I have never experienced this spiritual profound and beautiful feeling before with him. It lasted a few seconds but felt like forever. This was broken when out of the blue a ten year old child standing nearby stated: ‘ she thinks that you are beautiful’ I was mortified at this remark and walked away very embarrassed.Is there an explanation for the feeling?

  5. James, I can feel my TF, I play with his hair with my fingers, I feel when he is hugging and kissing me. When I’m sleeping I feel him close to me. I thought I was getting crazy. No kidding, I was ready to make an appointment with a psych. doctor. We talk a lot by telepathy, he has a great sense of humor, me too, so we laugh a lot. I sense when he is sad, and I try to make him happy or viceversa. Physical separation has been unbearable because I met him already and we did not have the opportunity to start a simple conversation, we were not ready, I guess.

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