Surrender to Love: Let the Flow of the Universe Guide and CoCreate With You

Surrender, why is this is so important on the journey of life and love? What do I mean by surrender? Surrender is when you let go of everything and everyone that you may have been attached to as well as letting go of the false need to control from the mind…you move into the heart of knowing that there is no separation from everything and everyone, that there is no need to try to control anything for this only creates limitations. When you move into the heart and recognize this interconnectedness with all, you understand that you are part of the universe, and what your highest self desires for you CAN and ALREADY is created, therefore, you only need to become part of the flow of ALLOWING everything to happen and unfold as it will. Allowing everything to unfold as it will is being present in this now moment while you are not resisting what is happening in this moment, but noticing the signs and guidance around you to bring you to the next step along your journey, as you continue to walk into what your higher self has already chosen and created before incarnation. You walk hand in hand with the universe, all that is, to step into your dreams, on all levels.

When you surrender in this way, you release your expectations, attachments, limitations and you move into the space of knowing that everything happens in its divine order, as there is perfection in every moment, every experience, every relationship in your now moment, and all of the people, situations, things around you are there, planned ahead of this “time,” to prepare you and ready you for the next step you are to take. Knowing this, how can you not feel that the universe wants to assist you, and when you surrender and open up to your next step on your journey, the universe will be right there to bring you the signs, the contacts, anything that you need to guide you lovingly and easily into your next step. Think of the word flow…think of the river or the ocean…these bodies of water flow, and if the weather creates a path towards the left, it flows that way…if there is a rock in the way, it moves over it and adjusts accordingly, but doesn’t remove itself from the flow. This is the divine and perfect flow of the universe, and as you acknowledge that you are part of this universe, then it becomes easier to trust that the universe desires to create with you therefore you allow yourself to be right here and now in this present moment with the faith that the law of the universe is love, and love wants to give, to support, to extend more love. You only need to open your heart more and more and more to allow the love to flow in…let the fear flow out, as it only limits your experiences and your capacity for creation, which of course is completely limitless and infinite.

Surrendering to love truly means letting go of fear, and let yourself be immersed in the energy of the universe, which is love, and let it take you into beautiful intimate relationships with other souls who are part of your life plan as well as amazing experiences in life that will bring you higher and higher in unconditional deep love vibration.

Listen to an MP3 on the Power of Surrendering to the Present Moment: Surrendering

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