Loving Your Twin in This Present Moment As It Is

Q. I met my twin soul a few years back. I have been trying to convince her that I am her other half. All it did was scare her. I have experienced seeing the number 11. My life has been turned upside down. I feel all her emotions. I even know when she is close. I have no ego what so ever. I know she isn’t happy with her current boyfriend. She will not admit it. I know when she thinks about me. I told her I am letting her go and every time I do that something presents itself that says not so fast. It’s almost as if she doesn’t want me to let go. I mentioned it last night and I had such a vivid dream thereafter. I met her and she told me she was pregnant and I told her I would accept her either way. She then took me to her house where I met her mom, dad and brother. I gave them all a big hug. I have never been to her house, but I can remember it in detail. I kissed her and her lips were so soft. Can anyone please offer some insight on this please. Thanks.

A. In order to consciously understand and choose to merge with our twin, we do need to be “ready” to receive the deep intense and unconditional love that this full union offers. When you release the ego as you mention, then you will not feel the need to try to make your twin accept this deep connection that you have, yet you will consistently and consciously keep sending unconditional love through your words, your thoughts, your emotions, your actions for the depth of this love goes way beyond this lifetime, and beyond the physical body. You want to give this love, again and again, as you also know that you are not ever separated from this love, whether or not you are directly sharing in that love. The love is always and has always been present.

Why is it that you have felt the need to tell your twin that you are going to let her go? Or is it merely for your own peace of shifting the “status” or “label” of the relationship so that you can be more present in this moment to let the flow bring you to what is needed for your growth right now? Do you feel that you can be “friends” with her, sharing yourselves in whatever way you both feel comfortable with in the moment, and still be sharing regardless of the “status” of what your relationship is, and even if you don’t receive the direct expression of love in relationship? Unconditional twin flame loves wants to give, over and over, and even if there is not a reciprocation of this love in a direct form. The soul knows that there is always a return and acknowledgement of this love beyond the body, and it also knows that there is no separation of this love and no “distance” either.

You can’t ever truly let go of your twin flame for you are a part of each other, but you can change the focus of thinking about the union all the time (from the mind) and move into the heart with feeling the union that is already…and allowing yourself to be fully present right here and now as the universe gives you others to share with and experiences to embark upon, to receive from as part of the path towards full twin flame union. Allow what is between you to be as it is, keep feeling the love and the connection as it is, allowing yourself to move deeper in deep unconditional love with yourself, others and the world. This threefold love, for self, the twin and the world is the way of the twin flame love and service.

You will continue to have dreams, and vivid ones at that, with your twin. Feel free to write them down and to receive the love, insight and peace that comes from them, knowing that this is just additional proof that your love goes way beyond the physical. You might also benefit from reading this post too: Severing a Connection with your Twin Flame

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One comment on “Loving Your Twin in This Present Moment As It Is
  1. Ingo says:

    Hello Gabriella,

    I must admit, this twin flame journey is still a hell of a ride. And sometimes it is killing me. But I keep going since I feel so much love.
    And I know: Physical reunion will take place sooner or later…


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