The Twin Flame Journey is About Rising in Love

Q. My heart says not to give up. The love is there, he is fighting it for family reasons. Embracing myself and loving more is what I need to do…I think. I feel gutted but know I have to rise, is this part of what happens in twin flame reunions?

A. What is essential in order to unite in all ways with your twin flame is, as you say, a rising in love. Many twins experience a time away from their twin physically so that they can rise in love within themselves as part of preparation for reunion with the twin. The twin flame relationship is about this ever increasing love, and it needs to stem from the love of self first, as this love then flows into the love felt for the twin (as your twin is the mirror image of you), then flows into the combined love that you both have for yourselves and each other which extends into the world.

The reason why this self love is so important is because both twins need to know and feel their wholeness aside from each other as well as know that their wholeness is increased when they unite with one another…twin flames take on a mission together and the relationship is focused upon this mission that is so strongly embedded within their hearts, so as there are three parts of this mission : the individual mission that you have, the individual mission that your twin has and the joining of your mission together. Most of the time the individual missions are in alignment with each other, but there is a piece that is your unique addition/creation and the same with your twin.

Know that even though there may be physical separation between you, that you are never separated from each other. The love is always there, the connection can never go away, and the communication always deepening in so many other ways. Many people are going to have their own opinions and feelings regarding the twin flame journey, especially if they have no experience of it, because they try to put it into a category of love as defined previously and this relationship cannot be defined nor can you apply rules to it. It is its own experience and the heart is the guiding force behind it. You cannot think or act from the mind but rather you need to feel and know from within your heart. Give this all time and allow yourself to be in the moment, moving deeper in love with yourself, your happiness, your passions. However, do feel your emotions as they come up for that is the way that you heal all the feelings of separation and the lack of receiving love…the truth is that you are never separated and you are love so therefore you can always receive more of what you naturally are. It is only the mind that creates the perception of separation in all its various forms.

Enjoy this song as I have always connected deeply with the message…and feel that it is perfect for you now.

You are Loved (Don’t Give Up)

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  1. i have not met my twin flame, and i don’t know if he exists in this physical world with me or not (but i don’t think i’d meet him in this lifetime anyway). but i just wanted to thank you for putting up this post and building this website. everything you said in this post is just what i needed/wanted to hear at the moment.