Underlying Every Challenge is Love: There is ONLY Love

Perhaps you may have heard that “there is only love,” and maybe you have disagreed with this. The only way to disagree with this is to see from the perspective of the mind, from the experience of duality. When you move into the heart and seeing through Spirit, you feel the oneness, the deep peace, unconditional love present in every experience, relationship, challenge, and you understand that everything that is occurs is perfection in the deepest sense. We are all connected, as we are here to help support each other to grow, to heal, to create, and part of this support comes from taking part in challenges with one another. These challenges come from love, because our souls have chosen to meet each other at the time that we do so that we can move through unpleasant emotions, beliefs, etc to get to the place of being thankful for the experience…this is where I want to bring up the word, “forgiving,” as it absolutely shows us what it truly is right within the word. “For giving” = in gratitude to the soul who offers the challenge, the opportunity for growth (thankful for that soul, for giving you this amazing chance to grow, to move deeper into the space of love). We come to this place by moving into the heart and seeing all our experiences, challenges as beautiful opportunities given to us out of love from other souls so that we could LOVE deeper on this journey of life. This way we experience the spiritual perspective while we are in these human, physical bodies, because it is in these bodies that allow us to feel pain, sadness, and the whole process of moving into SEEING from the heart, and therefore FEELING from the heart on such a deeper level.

I am posting a video below which share on this in more detail regarding a personal experience of “abuse,” that I have had as well as a link to a free MP3 to download on this topic. You are more than welcome to leave comments, questions, or to share your own experiences. You are not alone. We are ALL in this together.

Free MP3 on this topic: There is ONLY Love

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  1. Bless you Gabriella! The Twin Soul journey is diffacult at the very least. There are many skelatons along the path of those who couldn’t bear the pain any more. May your beautiful Light shine as bright as can be for ALL to see! Sending you much Love and Light!