Love is Meant to be Shared Every Day

Ah, so last year at this time, I remember posting about Valentine’s Day, which is considered the day of expressing love. What I’m going to say is very similar to what I shared last year. Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday and that’s it really. I mean, I am a lover of love and believe me, I would be the first to say, “yes, let’s honor love,” but I profoundly feel that honoring, expressing and sharing in love is meant to be an everyday experience, not just one day a year. There is a problem, I’d say, if you only wait until February 14th to show the ones that you deeply care about, that you love them. Every day is meant to be another opportunity for you to bask in the awesomeness of YOU first of all, because all relationships start with YOU, and if you don’t have a pretty darned good one with yourself, chances are, any others will reflect it.

I honestly feel this way about every holiday, even Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. What are we really celebrating in at that time? The birth of Christ (who represents kindness, love, giving) supposedly didn’t even happen in December, so what we are bringing to our attention at that time, is LOVE and GIVING, pretty similar to Valentine’s Day. If Valentine’s Day and Christmas (or whatever specifics you celebrate) were expressed, shared in, and focused on EVERY day, we would have a pretty beautiful world, in every moment. I believe that the movie and book PAY IT FORWARD truly had this intention, to create a world in which giving and loving, sincerely, would be something that we did, as individuals and a collective, all the time, every day, every moment.

My message to you as this day of LOVE approaches, is to LOVE, but love right now…why wait until Valentine’s Day? LOVE after February 14th, every day afterwards…don’t just focus on the day itself, for truly, it is only manmade…the soul and the heart knows that love is always present, even without a calendar. 😉 Happy loving.

Plus, I encourage you to read my post from last year, awesome information in there: Happy Love Day Every Day