Exploring All the Aspects of Letting Go

Have you Wondered Just what the Secret is to Letting Go and Why it is so Powerful?

I was joined by Guy Finley, the acclaimed Author of The Secret of Letting Go, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living and 35 other major works that have sold over a million copies in 18 languages worldwide. His ideas go straight to the heart of our most important personal and social issues — relationships, success, addiction, stress, peace, happiness, freedom — and lead the way to a higher life. Guy Finley is also the director of Life of Learning Foundation, the non-profit self-realization school in Merlin, Oregon, and his popular Key Lesson e-mails are read each week by 200,000 subscribers in 142 countries. His work is widely endorsed by doctors, business professionals, celebrities, and religious leaders of all denominations.

To view Guy Finley’s website, go here Wesbite and to learn more about his Foundation, visit here: Life of Learning Foundation

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