A Note to the Masculine and Feminine in this Time of Experiencing Union

“The beauty of Life is ever expanding, My search for my Self is never ending. I need the Other now more than ever, because the great Mother is now calling us all together!” ~Tom Lescher

Dearest Beloveds,

Know that this is the time that we are ending separation consciousness awakening ever deeper into the union consciousness that has been, IS, and always will be…so that we can walk within the vibration of its essence as this truth releases any fears of being dominated against or controlled. This is only the perception from separation that can bring about actions that keep us away from being within the comfort, expansion, and pure love of union on all of its levels.

To the masculine: May you feel the truth of your oneness with the feminine within you, knowing that your Goddess counterpart in form is awaiting your arrival to stand and walk beside her, holding her hand, as you both gently and intensely, passionately and sweetly, guide each other to the most profound recesses of your being, allowing and supporting ONE another as you birth anew all creation into Divine, Sacred Love through your love, bringing that love within your creations, and your creations into LOVE. The feminine honors your strength, your willingness and your ability to receive her wisdom. She trusts you to hold her in your loving and strong arms, to be healed and comforted by the infinite wellspring and warmth of her heart which you are welcomed to receive in the openness of her arms, her womb, ALL of her essence. Let yourself be joined with the waves of love that will bring you into ONEness with experiencing the completeness that you are, as ONE together, flowing in the Beloved energy of creation.

To the feminine: May you acknowledge and know of your light of wisdom within you and around you, the ancient wisdom you hold within your blood, as you allow yourself to breathe this out into the air between your masculine counterpart, bringing you ever closer to fully becoming ONE, in all ways. Let the words vibrating there in the spaces of your form be spoken, let your arms open wider to receive your innate power, knowing that not only are you a beautiful aspect of divinity that deserves to be seen, remembered and loved as an essential part of the WHOLE of the divine love you are, but that the masculine desires to support you, to listen to you, to co-create *with* you, walking beside you, as you balance one another through expressing yourselves with all that is, and everyone that comes along your path, displaying in embodiment the ONEness of GOD, beyond form and in form. All those that you touch, that you share your love with, that you be that love towards, becomes remembered into the experience of the LOVE and ONEness that they are, increasing the union consciousness for us all, bringing us all as ONE into a New Earth which we are shaping and fine tuning with every step we take, together, walking hand in hand with each other.

Surrender into allowing this union on all its levels, knowing that with it brings the divine power, the pure love, the pieces that are necessary for rising in the deepest vibration of infinite, eternal essence and presence for us ALL, as we build together the communities focused on union, where we will all support and encourage every ONE into their specific and unique path of creation, which is added to the WHOLE, embracing us all in the LOVE we are. Come together, right now…over me 😉

Sending you all such deep, deep, waves of love from my heart to yours…as I am beyond ecstatic to envision embracing you in the flesh this coming year, and connecting more deeply through these means of interconnection beyond our forms. I am here to help bring your masculine and feminine energies into balance within you and to merge in union with your Beloved in form…as you bring your own destiny into reality, which is so sweetly interweaved with ALL.

~Gabriella Hartwell

6 Comments on “A Note to the Masculine and Feminine in this Time of Experiencing Union

  1. Hi Gabriella,

    I received the link to this today (11/11) which I imagine was intentional, but I received the e-mail at 11:11 and it was 74K (adds up to 11)…..was that all planned as well? just wondering 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Yes ~ it was intentional however I didn’t know about the 74K 🙂 such a beautiful addition of intense loving energies on this sweet 11 day. Enjoy the vibes. Lots of love to you…embracing us all here in warm sweet hugs and ecstatic waves of yummy love.

  3. Dear Cheryl, thank you so much for letting me and all of us know … I live in another time zone and haven’t noticed this and my computer also didn’t show the 74K, the 74 K being sooooo significant to me … that tears are coming to my eyes … Thank you SO much for sharing!

    I am in absolute awe when I see these miracles, these signs, these signs that are so crystal clear they cannot be mistaken. Can’t share here, but believe me the meaning for me is really big!

    I’ll tell you all: if ever I had doubts (and I did, believe me) and in times I have doubts …. these doubts are being melted away with messages like this that are just so significant … and by miracles like the ones these signs of heaven are to me.

    Waves of love and sweet angels guiding and protecting you to everybody

  4. Thanks Gabriella for sharing so much of your sweet energy. And how wonderful, Delphina, that the 74 has meaning for you as well. When I begin to doubt the beautiful connection we all share, messages such as yours remind me yet again how we all truly are one. Love and light to you.

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