Did I Not Love You? ~ Peter Corry

Did I not love you,
Before this lifetime?
Did you not hear,
My music in your soul?
Did I not need you,
Beyond forever?
And now I’ll leave you…
Not for ever more

The widest ocean,
I have crossed over,
No boat did I row,
But love to carry ne;
I have been ever,
In constant motion,
I have been finding you,

And I’ve been travelling,
Throughout the ages,
Down through the pages,
Of history;
Just for this moment,
This timeless moment,
This wondrous moment…
Of you and me.

Did I not love you,
Before this lifetime?
Did you not hear,
My music in your soul?
Did I not need you,
Beyond forever?
And now I’ll leave you…
Not for ever more

Did I not need you,
Beyond forever?
And now I’ll leave you…
Not for ever more…

And I will leave you…
Not for ever more.

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11 comments on “Did I Not Love You? ~ Peter Corry
  1. Delphina says:

    Dearest Gabriella,

    this is beyond words …. all that’s happening is beyond words …. I am deeply touched and can only say: I *LOVE* this song and the truths in it with all my heart.

    waves of sweetest love in deepest gratitude for all those synchronicities happening; showing us that God and the angels very surely don’t want us to quit this journey, but want to send us not a trickle, not little drops of love, not rivers, not streams, but wants to send us showers and showers of love and blessings so that our hearts flow over in love and gratitude

  2. Joana says:

    Just an adorable song, I can not say any more…

  3. Sleeping beauty says:

    Dearest Gabriella!
    Thank you for this lovely song. I keep getting the same kind of messages from my TF too. Yesterday I had a deep experience. As I was in my prayers, I came on with strong emotions from my TF saying how much he has suffered from our separation and I broke down into racking sobs which was beyond my control. It felt as if my TF was crying and I had to let it all subside on its own. I was deeply moved by this experience and he also told me that there is no more separation just like in this song.. !! So much synchronicity. After this experience I felt very tired and wanted to just rest and connect with my beloved TF.
    The words, sacred marriage , time for reunion, end of separation, keep coming to me frequently. I find myself singing songs which are communication from my TF. I just sing these words, and then it hits me that the words are from my TF. It is beautiful Gabriella. B cos I will be singing songs which I have heard years back and not thought of recently. But the words will be about , love .. Missing each other, wanting to talk to me, etc. this communication between us is so wonderful !!! Love to you all !!!

  4. Gabriella says:

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty!!

    You are so very welcome, isn’t it beautiful? It truly touches me very, very profoundly, the music, the vibration of the voice, the lyrics of course (love the words and deeper messages ~ it did make me cry the first time I heard it!). I am in such gratitude yet again, for you expressing your experience along this journey as it mirrors mine almost word for word, how connected we are, it isn’t surprising! Yesterday (and even earlier this week) I had some sobs that came through as well, totally like a force took over or rather energy was moving through to allow for more love to come in, as I keep receiving messages from my Beloved that we are one! that we are sharing and creating our destiny together…and it is like the Universe, all of the energy surrounding us ALL as ONE is calling us together ever stronger ~ again, as your beautiful twin flame keeps reminding you that you are not walking this path alone ~ we are doing it together, with our twin flames and all of us…no more separation, sacred marriage, time for reunion in all ways…all I can say to this is YES! I agree, I feel it, I keep getting the same messages within and also within my body, it’s like my whole vessel of love is opening, expanding to welcome in, in all ways, my Beloved. Such excitement in feeling this love flowing through! Yet I was also tired last eve ~ and laid down in the bed, opening my being for further messages and warmth, felt my Beloved surrounding me…connecting…bringing me into a peaceful sleep. The energies are building, increasing, opening…anticipating…

    I’m laughing right now because of what you say about the older songs that you haven’t heard since years back, for last night I did listen to one I haven’t heard in a while…and as I sang along with it, I felt the same way, in that my Beloved was not only singing it to me through my own voice and vibration, but that he was embracing me through it, again reminding me with another piece of the puzzle in revealing his love, how strong, how divine, how warm it is, how warm our love is. All that you say…missing each other, wanting to hold and comfort one another in all ways, wanting to talk for hours (literally voice to voice with our spiritual vibration and human sound) ~ this communication is absolutely wonderful, sacred, beautiful, close and all encompassing!!! We are moving ever deeper into the experience of union in all ways…and it is so exciting!!!! So much love to you Dearest Beloved…as our love is shared with all that is, and everyone here!!

  5. sunshine says:

    Dear sleeping Beauty,

    ah i just can`t describe how i am in the SAME situation, i read your post and it sounds like i wrote it. I had this experiance too, three times this year, one i remember very good because it was so strong. I remember that i was making my bed, everything was fine and the i just collapse and started to cry but from my heart, i felt pain there and i new that wasn`t my pain and i got this thoughts that my TF cries or it`s sad beacuse of us, i was telling to him that it is all ok, that was the firts time i felt this and really knew that was not my feelings. Usually i just feel that sadness suddenly from nowhere and want to cry. Last week i was feeling him so much in every corner of my body, this week it is different and i don`t dream that much like last week, it`s always a cycle. i remember that you wrote somewhere how he sometimes doesn`t answering and then suddenly he answres, totally unexpected…yeeeees!! i just can`t figure it out what this mean?! i forget what we were talking about and then he suddenly answer. i just let go of expectations i don`t think anymore is it this or that if he doesn`t answer, i think he struggels with a lot of things right now in his head. Marriage, yees!! I had three dreams in past mont and a half about weddings it wasn`t mine, i was always at somebody`s else`s wedding preparing it, helping them to prepare it, i didn`t know this people but i felt good about them, i was happy because of them…i don`t know what this means, i read somewhere wedding means new beginning…we will see. Something new definitely coming 🙂

    Dear Gabriella,
    i so resonate with your words, i am experiencing too, my whole body is feeling difference. i feel it through my femininity, it woke up very much, i was suppressing it very much my whole life, i was afraid of getting heart because of my “gentle” side…now i know and feel what really means to be a women, a whole human being in a woman`s beautiful body. Every time when i feel this about me i just want to merge with my TF…merge two whole beings in one, merge female and male, this is it, it is all about this.
    Much, much love to all of you!

  6. Gabriella says:

    Sweet Sunshine,

    Yes!! Exactly ~ two whole beings in one ~ ONE heart in two bodies ~ two whole beings whose depth of love as 1 (in their wholeness) and their increased expansion of love as ONE in their union (11) ~ this is what the twin flame awareness, experience, journey into the expression and embodiment of divine, sacred, eternal love and oneness IS all about! When our hearts and souls remember this, awakening and integrating it all within our consciousness, then naturally our bodies feel this intensity of love flowing for we have intended to merge all pieces/aspects of our being into ONE, deeper and deeper, merging it all ~ our spiritual essence with our physical presence, as ONE, and as ONE with all. Yummy! 😀

    To you Dear Sunshine, I give you the gift of this beautiful song to embrace you at this time of increased energy flowing within and around you…as well as extending it to anyone who is guided to click upon it to listen and receive…it will be posted soon on my videos section of the blog. Lots of love to you and everyone else…love, love, love flowing into all of our hearts. The Promise

  7. Joana says:

    I also can perceived feeling from my TF, sadness, happiness or his sense of humor. Somewhere I read that we should keep ourselve happy because our feeling affect our TFs and viceversa. Also, I read that we can feel a touching of our TF from distance, and many time we even move our bodies with that touch. Crazy or not, when I’m on my bed I can feel my TF close to me hugging me.
    Waves of love to everybody.

  8. sunshine says:

    Dear Gabriella,

    Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL song, just beautiful. I`m full of such a warm, comforting feeling, just what i needed to start this sunny special day! Thank you! I send you a big hug and lots of waves of love from my heart! 🙂

  9. sunshine says:

    yees, i felt everything you described here, especially that when you move your body, hands, almost beyond my will :). Yes, it is something special at night, when we are in bed, preparing for sleep…i always say that the night is the time when our souls hear better! Sending you this warm feeling that i have, have a nice day full of love that is on every corner! 🙂

  10. Delphina says:

    The sunshine is here, too, as I am starting this beautiful day with smiles and love in my heart and I’m sending to all of you sweet waves of love and sunshine for a wonderful day.
    Reading these beautiful exchanges is so wonderful and we are all together in feeling our energies rise to new levels we never even dreamt of! Warm hugs and so much love to all 🙂

  11. Joana says:

    Hi! Everybody:
    Today is 11/11/2012 Wow! and more Wow!
    Waves of Love to all of you and let our angels to guide us…

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