Divine Love Brings it All into ONE

Q. I wonder why TF relationships come so later on into life. Would it not be great if TF relationships fructify at a younger age and happier couples create more stability and happiness all round ! Can we not have romance in TF relationship ? Is it only about divine love and so it comes on later stages of life? If there is divine love and romance , oooooohh…. Wouldn’t it be perfect ??wishful thinking …??!! Sometimes I wonder if TF relationship is only about learning lessons… Are we not entitled to some just ordinary happiness , like cuddling, sharing sunrise,, etc,etc.

A. Twin Flame relationships do not always come at a later age. It varies depending on each of the souls intentions for creation in a lifetime. Twins always meet at the perfect moment in which the souls have planned, whether it be earlier or later in life. However, people being aware of twin soul relationships from early on might open that energy to set in motion such an encounter much sooner…and cheers to that happening with the twins that are reuniting in all ways soon and ones that have already reunited!!!

For so long, the spiritual and the physical essence have been separated though all along the intention is to be in union. This actually goes back to the very beginning of creation in human form, some people call it The Garden of Eden. When the knowledge of “opposites” came into the human mind, it was the start of spiraling down into the depths of creating and experiencing separation, yet before this there was complete and total union with the oneness. Men and women (and all combinations of expressing and being love in partnership) were created to be the embodiment of God in form, to love in all ways freely without limitations, to be the balance in harmony of masculine and feminine energies (within and without). What came to me the other day was the word Knowledge ~ when we know, we have arrived at the ledge of creation, and depending on where that knowing is coming from (union or separation) determines where we jump and what our experience will be. To get more of an idea of how we have created the separation while desiring the full union between “opposites,” between male and female energies, you might want to listen to the song here and read what I wrote: The Blood of Eden ~ There is No Separation and also this post is relevant: Twin Flame Union is About the Eternal Deep Unconditional Love and the Mission.

For so long, we have been living and loving in the vibration of separation while our souls have been calling for union ~ for love on the deepest levels ~ to experience it all in form and to be this embodiment of divine love, in romance, in friendship, all various ways (in friendship and romance as one, in harmony). Many twin flame teachers share on the importance of the mission of twin flames. I do agree that the intended mission is paramount per the souls intention, however part of that mission is bringing the focus and balance back to sacred oneness, which can only be done in the vibration of union, with no limitations or restrictions!!! So I say YES! to romance in the twin flame relationship – and that romance is on the deepest levels for the love is truly eternal, limitless, and pure!! When twin flames on their own, as the 1, chooses to reside within the purity of love, seeing, being, feeling the oneness and union present in every moment and all things AND they come together in physical union, it IS absolutely perfect, for they become the embodiment of GOD (male and female) in form ~ hence their power in love for creation and enhancing the love for all is manifold ~ abundance for all as ONE!!!

The twin flame relationship/love is not about “learning lessons,” but about remembering the divine truths so as to release the illusions so that they can reveal the truth to every ONE! as they become that truth beyond form (in the light) and in form. YES!!! Twin flames are meant to be able to share in all the beauty of expressing, sharing and being love with each other, such as cuddling, making love, watching the sunrise/sunset, and any little thing their hearts desire. They are meant to be the balance of both their physical (human) presence and their spiritual (divine) essence! In this union, all dualities break down, and full oneness/balance is restored for not only the twins, but for all that is ~ for ALL of us!!! Divine love and romance…I say YES to it all!!!!!

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  1. Joana says:

    Thanks Dear Gabriella, for your post. I always believe in romance between TFs, how can not be? I feel all that romance and bliss everytime I think on my TF. I understand about the mission TFs have on earth, but what about the intense happiness to be just close to one another? When some people start talking about the mission of TFs on earth and telling that it is not just about romance, it is when I got confuse.

    Waves of love to you

  2. Sleeping beauty says:

    Dearest Gabriella,
    Thank you for this lovely reply. I remember asking you this sometime back. This is a journey that we plan with our TF and once we remember that everything becomes much clearer, though we still need some answers. Whenever I slip into that lonely feeling, now I console myself that it is something that we both planned and so I just have to go along with it until the destination. It does seem tedious but no one to blame or no reason to feel frustrated. This is our decision and so we just be in the flow !!
    All the signs and the angels and places like yours dearest Gabriella, keep us going with hope, faith and trust. When I see 1111 anywhere I just smile and say hello to that angel and thank them for being with us !!!
    This is how I have slipped into the flow and embrace whatever comes..
    Love to you dearest Gabriella and to all here. We are in this together !!!

  3. Joana says:

    Dearest Gabriella: What really means those signs and series of numbers especially the 111s. in our TF journey? I still finding the 101 number in un-expected places.
    Waves of love to you and everybody.

  4. Delphina says:

    Dearest Gabriella,

    a big smiling YES to your wonderful words:

    “Twin flames are meant to be able to share in all the beauty of expressing, sharing and being love with each other, such as cuddling, making love, watching the sunrise/sunset, and any little thing their hearts desire. They are meant to be the balance of both their physical (human) presence and their spiritual (divine) essence!”

    Oh, yes, how much I have always wanted to express my sweet twinflame love in so many ways, also little things. It is just natural and beautiful at the same time! Just so natural! Oh, it takes so much to just allow these thoughts for all of us and especially for the world around us … but in fact it is just natural and so beautiful if love is able to express itself! Your words are a balm for my soul, dearest Gabriella. Thank you so much!

    Sending you waves and waves of sweetest pure divine love

  5. jessica says:

    I wanted to add to this discussion….since I had some similar thoughts! I have been doing a lot research online about twin souls/twin flames etc….and so many websites state there isn’t necessarily supposedly be a romantic edge or relationship to this, now I find that difficult to understand. Why would the universe bring this amazing relationship/ connsection….if it wasn’t meant to be? And I ask this because I have difficulty meeting and connecting with anyone else because of what I had with him! Does this mean I am meant to be alone the rest of my life? And how Donnie figure out what your purpose is with your twin soul….I have read so much about unconditional love and I feel I have learned that wIthaca him…and really do wish him the best…..and on the other hand I wish the same for me! But it isn’t happening and the signs continue all the time,…his initials and birthdate on license plates and his last name everywhere.

    Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated!


  6. Delphina says:

    Hi Jessica,
    your twinflame’s birthday and initials on licence plates and everywhere 🙂 I know exactly what you are talking about! *sweet smiles* and I so much agree with you on this: “Why would the universe bring this amazing relationship/ connection….if it wasn’t meant to be?” Yes, this is what I think as well. And also: why would the universe keep reminding us of our twinflame love in the strongest ways we simply cannot overlook and that cannot be pure chance any more?
    And yet, at the same time, nothing is happening in the 3D, nothing tangible.

    This is a pure contradiction, yes, I see it as well and I guess all of us here know it.

    What might it mean?

    As far as I am concerned I am just not able to feel inside myself it means we are to sever the connection to our twinflame, this is not possible anyway.

    But at the same time it surely does not mean to keep our lives on hold until our twinflame is also ready on the 3D level. All of the things happening resp. unfortunately *not* happening in the 3D point into the direction that this is also not what we are meant to do.

    Right now I only have this answer: I think we are called to feel this beautiful twinflame love deep inside of ourselves and let it warm our hearts and souls and the most sensible thing to do is to follow our own wishes that have been placed in our hearts.

    Sending our twinflames love and light is surely so important as Brae has so beautifully said the other day and will maybe truly make the difference for them and help them enormously, more than we might be able to understand. And their love for us maybe just as important for us so that we can become all that we have been created to be. So kind of a silent loving support and a silent aligning of the souls and hearts as well.

    At the same time following your own heart’s desires as to what you want to do in this lifetime may be the guide right to your twinflame, because twinflames are known to have similar or even the same desires in their hearts. This might be quick, or it might be a path leading to several destinations all important for your journey. Nobody can predict whether this path takes a long time or a shorter time, but one thing is for sure: the best time to start is now. Each part cannot be skipped because each holds a valuable insight or experience for the next, and how and when this leads also to meeting your twinflame is probably as unique as all of us just are. But it will lead you to your heart’s desires and this is a wonderful award in itself.

    And with the silent aligning done in both of your hearts (by sending the love while not having 3D contact), this may one beautiful day lead to meeting your twinflame again ~ with all the love created between you by then and with all the love you have always been.

    Waves of love and light to everybody,

    P.S. and yes, I *know* how difficult this is to live, believe me I know, and I can also only take it one day at a time, and sometimes only one hour at a time. I miss her so much and I long to be with her again, so much. But there just *has* to be a meaning to all of this, that brings this neverending deepest most wonderful love and the 3D pains and sorrows together somehow. There just *has* to be a meaning to this.

  7. sunshine says:

    i feel like you described my life this year. I understand every word you wrote. I think that TF relationship don`t have that kind of romance that we used to it, that is also one of the frames that we have to outgo. In TF relationship we can experience real romance, not just some acts of romance. Romance is born spontaneously through mutual feelings and understanding, it is a romance on a higher level, finally the love is romance and vice versa, one implise the other. I realised through my TF what true love feels like, i was always searching for this and i still want it and i wish that can feel it too. He is in another realtionship again, i just hope that he is not lost and that maybe, just maybe he can really feel with that girl what love really is. Every time when i start thinking about someone else to posibbly share this love, signs starts to appear massively, the same one us you wrote especially. I have that feeling that i have to wait for him, but my pride doesn`t want this and fear that i will wasting my time, this is something i struggle these days.
    Sending you much love!

  8. jessica says:

    Thank you all for the kind words ans support ….I am struggling so much lately…thinking back to when I met my TF…and of course not realizing until later what a TF was. I thought I was going insane….all these feelings….the connection…the signs….then I hit the internet…lol….seven years later I am struggling because now we are apart and he is dating I dontbwant to be around to see him marry someone else….I am visiting family in Tampa….and love it here…I am contemplating moving….the odd thing that happened the other day was that I added the universe if this move was a good idea show me a sign…..and I got nothing but signs of him……a ton of them…what does that mean?

    I think my major struggle is figuring out what my soul contract is with him….and how to move forward? It seems everytime I try to meet someone something happens to make it not happen…..its like the universe steps in and blocks things! Very frustrating for me….I love him so much and things were amazing until he started running….then the last time we saw each other it wasn’t good….just sad…..and all I want is a chance to share my life with someone if not with him….obviously we will always share a soul, but maybe being in the same town/city isn’t good…..

    One other question how do I send him love and light….and is it possible to send healing….he has a lot of past issues…..with childhood and his dad….

    Thank you

  9. sunshine says:

    Ah Jessica,
    again, you read my mind, i am in this phase, so to speak, too. i really want to share my love with someone if not him, but i have a feeling that i can`t do this till he is in my head, he will always be in my heart with that i can`t do nothing, but to live 20metars away from him is not helping at all. Last year i decided to find someone, give a chance and then signs started, now this is happening again. This summer we even talked about some plans to do together and then sudenlly he just moved away from me, again. i feel like i am stuck in some bad circle, he is messing with my mind and feelings and i let him full of hope. I just want at least, since we cant be together fully, to have some kind of relationship, to be clear about that at least. I understand everything about this cycles of TF relationship and i respect that, but it is hard to focus on anything when we are in each other lives, it is a constant reminder and i am not that kind of a person that will leave unresolved thigns in my life, i need to be open with everyone in my life, otherwise i am not doing well for myself.
    I still believe and konw that things will turn up good for everyone with time, how else it could be?! 🙂 It is not a small thing to find your own soul in this life on Earth, that is a very special thing for itself. We found each other in this huge world, we all will find a way to be with our TFs again if we feel that we should be!

  10. Joana says:

    Hi! Maybe all these is planned that way…I married my friend because I thought what I was feeling for him was love, real love. The truth I did not know what real love is until I met my TF almost 3 years ago. I don’t see him as frequently as both of you see your TFs, I even lost a track of him. You are so lucky at least you can see them. Being in a relationship and being so in love to my TF is my “torment” it is extremelly painful sometimes. I tell you a secret that I CAN not tell to anybody, no even to my best friend…some men always younger than me try to approach me, I just smile of this situation; I look younger for my age. My question for both of you: Are there some men trying to approach you? What do you think about it? Do you think that maybe God can send you a soulmate with whom share some company while your TFs are ready for you? OK, I KNOW it is a difficult question. I guess, if I have met my TF before I even married I would be in the same situation like both of you.
    Blessings to both of you and hoping that something very good happen to both of you soon.

    Blessings to everybody

  11. Joana says:

    Note: I see many signs around me too, I guess our awakeness make us notice them more and more frequently and clearly. Today, I went to the university and thinking about my TF as always. I see a little taxi car from the university coming with the number 11…Wow! I thought…

  12. jessica says:

    Hey….the problem I have is people wanting to set me up and im totally open to it….but things never seem to get off the ground….something aalways happens….so that is frustrating to me!

    I think it would be easier to never see him…..because dont want to see him with other girls anyway…..and the I think wow…im not being unconditional….like I want hi m time be happy under the condition of me not seeing it…so I have thoughts about moving buti not sure if that just me running away….ugh…lol….

    Oh and the signs…they have never ceased….today my niece and I went fior a walk and I asked the universe for a sign….if moving wound be a good idea…..my niece took me down a street With the quaintest homes…..allnthe numbers on this street began with 731…..his bdate…..what does it mean?

    Not to move ? Because of my twin?

    Any thoughts?


  13. sunshine says:

    good questions. 🙂 I asked myself too, last year also, but really i don`t feel anyone who can come after him, there is nothing after him, in a way of some lover or something. Before my TF, 5 years ago i had a really strong experience with one guy, veeery strong connection, i felt that this is the feeling i am searching but he was not good for me, i felt dreined beside him, but after that boy i knew, i really knew that the next one who come and with whom i will have that feeling will be the ONE and that happened, with my TF, just not the way i expected.

    Jessica, people trying to set me up someone too and i always looking forward to meet new people, but i also say to them that i can not force anything, especially with these things, either i feel it or not. I think that if someone comes to my life with whome i will have that inner feeling, ok…that will be something that is meant to happen, but i don`t feel this now or maybe not yet?! This TF love doesn`t make limitations it is really meant to share, but sometimes i think am i really doing some space for someone else maybe?! Maybe i just want somone to come to ease my pain and i can`t do that to someone. I don`t know, we shouldn`t think so much.

  14. jessica says:

    It’s interesting because I know I won’t feel whole with someone else but I miss sharing things wit someone….holding hands….kissing…all affection! I deserve those things so I am sad that I dont have them…..and of course I want them again with my twin but I cant make him want to be with me…so I feel the alternative is move on…try too anyway….I mean seven years is a long time to be back and forth and he is dating someone so my thoughts are j6st to move away from this town and heal my heart and soul…..obviously the signs will continue…..that won’t stop…..but I wont have to go through him marrying someone else again…..


  15. Joana says:

    Hmmm, Ladies you made me think a lot. I’m married and I did not have and I don’t have that holding hands, hugs, etc, etc. Many times I feel lonely here in my marriage. If I want to go to the theater, I don’t have anyone to go with. So, yes marry without that connection I don’t advice to anyone. I have a friend that never has been married, I never ask to her why because this is a very personal question. Sometimes it make me wonder if she is wating for somebody very especial. Ok, going to another town the most far away of my TF, crosses for my mind. Yes, I feel that if he is going to another relationship it is better not to see him or know anything about it. On the other hand, I don’t know if he already found out that I’m in a relationship how painful maybe for him. I’m here, I don’t want to hurt anybody my soulmante, son, and my TF. So I just ask guiding to God all this situation is out of my hands.
    Blessings to everybody

  16. Joana says:

    And talking about the signs, WOW! These are incredible, they are only need to talk to me…many times I got confuse, it is one following for the next and so on. Do you think our TFs are having these experiences too?

  17. sunshine says:

    ah, that question is on my mind all the time. I thought that maybe, something, sometimes crossed his mind why we have this strange connection, i know it did, a year and a half when we met, because of all those big feelings, but not i don`t think so that he get any of this signs. When i sent him that mail last week i got that feeling, he is too occupied with happenings in his life he just don`t have a clear mind to get this signs,not to mention another girl in such a short time again…i don`t know, that is just my impression. My frineds asked me about him and they don`t believe either what is he doing, they don`t get this situation at all too.
    i just think that i would be very much ok that this push and pull game doesn`t happening and he doesn`t get nothing at all!! he just knows that we have this some kind of relationship and we are both spiritual and like to talk about this, he doesn`t feel or see this deeper connection of this. i just don`t understand why he even mentioned a plans to do together, it doesn`t matter is this a TF relationship or something else this have no sense with anyone. Ah i just need to be clear about him, i need to disentangled this feelings and everything that haven`t been said from the beginning.

  18. jessica says:

    I have often wondered if my twin gets signs and whether or not he pays attention. One thing that happened that was interesting was the fact that I was the one with the whole sign thing…and this was way before I knew anything about twin souls etc…..so we came walking out of this hotel and he said we have the exact same letters on our license plates which was interesting for him to notice….another time when we weren’t dating but were apart he said….I dont know why things just feel right with you.. I never pushed things with hi m…..always accepted him.

    I have to share with you the last time we saw each other. We have mutual friends so we went out for drinks…I had heard through others he was dating someone…..but I thought if we see each other things might spark up again…stupid right?…lol….well my friend and I met him and another older friend out….and we were all dancing etc….my friend went to the bathroom and so did tony (my twin). When he came out he kissed my friend and I could see it…she came over to the table and said that was all him….sh e said I said what are you dgoing Jessica can see you…and he saidno she cant…and we aren’t together anyway…..when he got back to the table I lit into him and he wanted to go outside and talk and I was like what is there to discuss…..so we did go outside and he proceeded to say what I cant date anyone you know and I said you know how I would not be able to see you with any of my friends. It’s just off limits. Then he proceeded to tell me he would be fine with me dating his friends because he didnt have feelings for me anymore……then he proceeded to tell me if we were still dating I know we would still be together and I wouldn’t be kissing other people. Wth? He then went on to say how amazing I was etc….and I told him the reason things ended between us was because he was disappearing on me…he would not call….I didnt feel like a relationship….I felt more like a convenience…and he said I know it was dysfunctional and then said I wish you had told me…..called me an asshole etc…..and I just looked at him and said I tried to love you unconditionally and I just couldn’t get into yiour heart. We went back in and he was trying to dance wIthaca me and just kkept staring at me…..the next day he was trying to call me all day but I ddint answer I was so hurt. Later I picked up the phone…and he went on and on about how he didnt have feelings for me…and I could date any of his friends …bc it wouldn’t bother him! It all seemed like a blur…….

    So the days after my friends thoughts were he did that kiss right in front of me to get a reaction…..and hiscexplanations seemed back and forth…..he also I found out he was taking a break fiRom the girl he was dating…and had said to me….do you think it matters if you dont have much in common with someone…..the other thing he told me that night was he had cut off all contact with his dad…..I know they have a tough relationship, and when he called thAt next day he said I stick want to be able to talk to you about my dad….bc you understand…..personally my intuition says he may have been abused although he hasnt come out with all that. Anyway we havent spoken since we all went out anotherror time…and he prpetty much didnt talk to me and left early….

    So I would love some outside insight…lol…on this…from folks who understand twin behaviour.

    Thank you

  19. sunshine says:

    i see we have similar situation, very similar. My TF also have this back and fort stories and he is so amazed with me, sometimes i think that he sees me like some kind of untouchable girl with whom he loves to be but from the distant. I also had i dream 3 months before we met and another one 1 month before and i also had that feeling of being in love for 6 months, i felt that something important will happen. My TF and i also started a relationship for month and i half but we had to separate, beacuse we live in a different cities, we just study in the same city and in the meanwhile he got back to his forgoten ex that sudenlly apeared in his life. He just forgot about all the feelings and talks we had. About that peace and feelings we had and said to each other. He also felt that strange connection between us, he talked about this first.
    But you can see from my example that some things have to happen, after this for 3 months i found out about TF, my true awakening started after we parated. Right after we split we started to meet each other all over all the time, i could sense when i supposed to meet him. Finally he broke up with his ex, again, and then we met again (we also have mutual friends) and he was so amazed with me again and how he is looking at me, we talked about everything we became conscious about and then i saw that he was in the same stage like me with the same ideas and the same thoughts, we were just adjuncting on each other sentences,but again we had to separate during the summer and puf, the same story again…fall came, our communication during the summer decreased and i just found out that he is dating someone else, again??! After this i send him a message that i want to talk to him and he didn`t even have an idea why i want to do this. We still didn`t talk. In some way i am blaming myself for not telling him my real feelings from the beginning, i was too afraid and that dream that i had and then i really met him and all together. But as i said, this supposed to happen. I only can tell you my story and experience and everything really is in its divine order. When we look back if you just change a one little thing nothing would be the same, you wouldn`t be the same. We are growing through this. I also think and know i see when i read your story that we need to express our feelings to each other, we have to talk what it is in our hearts then the truth can really start to manifest itself.
    I would like to tell you why he is acting like that, but my TF acts the same, which means that there is still something that we have to work out, to clear the path.
    I wish that i could say more, but the important thing is to just go with the flow, listen to your feelings and your desires that you have and trust in him, my TF also had a very sad life the past few years, maybe they need some time and if we are their mirrors we are just pulling out od them all this stuffs unconsciouslly.
    Keep sharing and much love to you!

  20. Joana says:

    He is scared like a rabbit, and the easy thing to do is running away like a rabbit and hiding himself like a rabbit. And this running away include going out with somebody else. Maybe, I’m wrong or not. I saw my TF running away like a rabbit from me, and hiding on the corner of the classroom very far away from me too, he, he, he, I don’t know what I need to advice you because I don’t know much about TFs behaviour either. I wish I could not more, I even don’t believe what he told you, “not having feeling for you” Gabriella can tell us more about TFs behaviour.
    Waves of love to you and everybody

  21. Shakti says:


    My poit of view how this works is:

    When you point a finger at your twinflame and says for example “he runs away”, “he lies to me”, “he´s not honest about his feelings” etc, etc. Then LOOK, I mean REALLY LOOK at your finger pointing at your TF. How many fingers are pointing at your TF? How many fingers are pointing at YOU?????

    ANSWER: ONE and ONLY ONE is directed at your TF. AND THREE, I REALLY MEAN THREE is pointed at YOU!!!! RIGHT!!!!

    So EVERYTHING you think or judge your TF about enhance that by THREE and direct this at YOURSELFE! And I mean even the hardest thing to get EVEN the GOOD things you think about your TF!

    This is MY point of view and doesn´t need to be yours! But if you ask I will happily answer!

    Love Shakti Satgeeta

  22. Delphina says:

    Dearest all,

    I can also see the running in the stories you are sharing and from my experience with my twin I would say twinflames run because these strong feelings of twinflame love make you so vulnerable as it increases the intensity of feeling so much, and you cannot just feel the good things – but when you feel more, you will also feel the bad things more.
    So all the unhealed issues of the past come to life, more than we want, and whoever is overwhelmed with this, will retreat and run in order to get rid of the unhealed feelings inside and in order to block them again.
    It’s a pity that also the good feelings have to go away by this, but this is inevitable. Either have an open heart and feel or have a closed heart and stop feeling.

    The walls we have built in our hearts to block the negative feelings from our being work with normal people in our lives, but with our twinflame they suddenly don’t work any more … and this is the problem. (at least in case of many deep unhealed wounds)

    I think the best and also helpful thing we can do is send our beloved twinflame love and light because when they run, it really means they have deep most difficult issues … I think on a deeper level no twinflame would run from their twin by their own free will and choice …. why ould they …. of course they LOVE us … and would love to be with us … so in case they run it *has* to be a real inner necessity, an unwanted one of course and mist of the time an unconscious as well… You said so Sunhine, that you are feeling this about your twinflame …. oh, and by the way, summer is also our lowest time always, the time she normally runs *sigh* … don’t know why … I always thought summer is the time for love …

    I think our twinflames need all the love we are willing to send them … and this love will return to us not only threefold, but a thousandfold 😉 … and it will do us good as well because yes, our twinflames are our mirrors and we have issues ourselves we need to solve.

    Teo, I’m so glad to hear you so peaceful and am sending you warm soft love and light.

    Sending everybody so much pure light and sweetest love


  23. Joana says:

    Dear Delphina: As always you made me change my view of things. With all this running from my TF and I too, and asking me and my guides why; I started remembering a past life with him(my TF) it was painful. So as you say, this running is related to unhealed issues. Thanks again, I always send my love to him(my TF) and many times I feel his waves of love too.
    Love to you and everybody

  24. jessica says:

    Thank you all for your responses. It has me thinking about what needs to be healed….on both sides? s there a way to figure it out? I haven’t had any past life dreams or anything like that….so I am not sure….I understand that we reflect each other…..but what do you do when you tell someone…you love them but they run…..I mean I cant keep chasing them….how do you send them love and healing…just by thinking it?


  25. Delphina says:

    Dear Joana,

    thank you for your wonderful words. I am really so happy in my heart when I can help to see things from another more helpful perspective. I’m sending you so much love and light for loving this hurtful past life of yours also into the light. Angels are protecting and guiding you all the way !

    Dear Jessica,

    what needs to be healed? This is probably different for every pair of twinflames, but somehow each of us have some hurts from the past (this life or others) that are still unhealed. It may even be things one considers healed, but in fact they turn out to be healed only on the surface … enough to go through life with other people and not feel it any more …. but deep inside there is this wound and once the twinflame comes into your life with all this deepest love, it somehow touches you in every part of your being, on every level and therefore touches also on the wounds that still need healing.

    And even a most loving soft touch can be painful for a wound (as we all know from physical wounds).

    How do you send love and light? I send my twinflame all my love and blessings and light whenever I feel like it (and this is a lot 😉 )… and I think the most important thing is your attitude while doing this. The love and light needs to be unconditional and just pure love. Send him love for whatever he has to do in this life, for whatever he needs to accomplish, give him unconditional love to become the person he is on the inside. It has a lot to do with letting go, with leaving the other person the way he/she is and with wishing him/her the very best in his life. Whenever you are unsure about it, you can also always give this love and light to an angel or to God and ask them to send it to your twinflame with all your love. In times when I feel too hurt by my twinflame to send her love (because I would rather be angry with her), and in case I still have the inner need to send her love even in spite of my anger (because I can at the same time realize she just cannot react differently) I am only asking God or the angels to send her light and love. It is of course also o.k. to be angry at your twin at times, and to feel sad and all this. I know these feelings, too, very much so. But I think it is always important as well to come to a point where you can realize your twinflame doesn’t do this to hurt you, but he/she does this because he/she simply can’t react in another way.

    Your twinflame always loves you so deeply and you can do nothing at all to lose this love in your whole life, and once you can feel that, too, you may still be too angry to send them blessings and good thoughts, and in these cases you can ask the universe to send the love instead of you.

    And believe me, it makes such a big difference when you go further than only being angry or hurt, but when you are able to look beyond and see that your twinflame would come to you immediately and spend all of life with you, if only he/she could. Considering this beautiful wonderful love, this love of many many lifetimes involved, it must be a very big obstacle in their way holding them back from you. Only a big problem has the power to do this. So they need our love and light as we need theirs.

    I think the most beautiful truth about twinflame love is that we always give each other all this beautiful pure love all the time, each day, each night, all the time. And we (the ones who choose to consciously experience the twinflame love) have this big opportunity of tapping into this love more consciously and I believe it can be a tremendous help on the journey of our lives. Imagine this: you are loved, so deeply, so unconditionally, so beautifully and your twin is sending you waves and waves of sweetest purest love and light.
    Giving each other love in the 3D is one way (and if you ask me certainly a most important way and one I would never want to miss), but giving and receiving love and light on the level of the soul and heart is always happening, no matter what’s happening in the 3D.

    How I send her love? Just by thinking of her in this way, by creating loving pictures on my mind of her receiving beautiful love and light, you can even light a candle once in a while when thinking of your twinflame, or when you are outside and visit mother nature, send a message with the wind or with a cloud or with a bird … and imagine a ladybird bringing you his love, a cloud greeting you, the wind being sent by your twin to caress your skin … whatever you want to imagine that nurtures the feeling of love and light and of good vibrations between and around you. Create healing images in your mind.

    By the way, this not only works for twinflames, but in general. You can create healing for yourself as a child, for another loved one, for the planet … and you can sedn your love and light in the past, present or even future. Imagine yourself in a difficult situation that is about to happen, maybe a visit with someone you feel nervous about, and imagine a beautiful angel being with you, protecting you, or imagine light already filling the room where you are going to meet. All of these things really work. 🙂

    Wishng everybody here lots and lots of wonderful experiences with their twins full of love and light and joy,

  26. Delphina says:

    note: just a short note of safety so to say:

    I believe it is important to send all you’re sending and thinking unconditionally, as in an attitude of letting go and of handing everything over to the angels when you’re doing this, with an inner attitude of “Thy (God’s) will be done” ~ and not mine ~ not what is good for me, but whatever God wants for your twinflame and whatever is good for them ~ only for his can your wish to send love work at all. Anything that your ego might want to ask or send will automatically not work.

    All love I am talking of, and especially when sending love, is really unconditional love. Meaning: even if we never ever saw our twins again, even then would I send her this love. Because I love her dearly and want her to be fine and want her to be safe and well.

    And when you send this kind of love, this is beautiful and I believe it will enhance all love flowing between you and as a side-effect it will make *you* feel much more at peace! Because it brings *you* peace to be in peace and love with your twin!!! And the dimension, whether it is 3D or 5D, is of less importance, because first of all it is important to be in peace in some dimension at all … to have some peace at least … and in twinflame relationships 5D is sooooo important, much more important than in other relationships, I have the impression … and chances are that the other dimension will follow 😉

    Waves of love and peace to everybody

  27. Joana says:

    How I send love to my TF? I just imagine huging and kissing him. Or just playing with his hear, I mean, combing his hair with my fingers, I love to do this. It so funny, when I feel him back. I read in some place that TFs can touch each other no matter if they are living separated in the other side of the world.

    Aha! Now I understand why I always feel so upset with these cases, for example: in my hometown, two teenagers were found making love by the mother of the girl, then this woman when to the police and the newspaper make a big deal of this, all my town knew about this incident. They did not think in the embarrassment of the young couple. They blame the boy because he was 17 and the girl was only 15. Other case that got me so upset was the joke this two students did to a youngman. They filmed him and put it on the internet having intimacy with another boy, and this caused him to take his life. And so on, with this cases for me is invasion of privacy, and I even wrote an article in my town newspaper about it.

    So the memory that came to me is that I have a past life with my TF and this happen. Our parents found us making love and we were punished severely and separated. And the number 101 and the symbol of the key is clear to me now. It is a promise we made; that when we get together we will make sure to go to a private place and lock the door or all doors and make love wildly day and night if we want.

    Blessing to everybody

  28. jessica says:

    Wow Delphina…..your words made so much sense to me….does it mean I dont have unconditional love for him if I dont want to be around him when he is with someone else? I want him to be happy in a relationship I just dont want to see it all the time? How do I get over that?

    I mean I wish happiness for him I truly do….I mean when he kissed my friend I fforgave him that night because of the love…I truly did…I was hurt but I forgave it…..but itvalso brought up some trust issues from my past about my boyfriends hooking up with friends…..but how do you get over something like that? I dont look at my friends like they would do that….in the past it was mostly shock….and this time….my friend felt awful and I trust her….but i will say the thoughts of them dating….made me really anxious…..

    I know I survived in the past with those situations…..but those guys weren’t my twin…..I dont think I could handle my twin being with my best friend…is that wrong?

    Thank you


  29. Delphina says:

    Dear Jessica,

    definitely not! Nothing you feel is wrong. Of course you do love him and that means you want to be with him. How could it be any different?

    I also want to be with my twinflame. And it hurts so much when I’m not the one who is allowed to be in her life, while all others are. It hurts so very very much and so deeply and especially this wonderful Christmas time is not the easiest for me *sigh* I just miss her so much!

    I was just answering your question of how I send love to somebody. Of course you wish for more than just sending love, you wish for feeling your twin by your side and doing all the things with him you would love to do with him, and this is just normal, isn’t it? And most certainly nothing wrong, but just LOVE.

    Seems you have had some really bad situations happen to you and sounds as if you have some past hurts, too, as all of us have … well, you survived them, and that’s great. It says you have the power you need to get through it, and I know how difficult it is to let these things really heal …and I am sending you waves of love and wise soft angels to help you in all of this.

    Dear Joana,
    Wow, I’m so glad you found your message in the 101 and the key !!! I have also my interpretation of the 101 and since you mentioned it, it keeps showing in my life as well. My interpretation was the twins and God/the angels/the light/LOVE in the middle and that this trinity is the key … and maybe our two interpretations even go together because I love yours as well and now that you said yours, I would like to broaden mine as well 😉 …. maybe the heavenly blessing for the twinflame love is what creates this sacred room you need so that you and your twinflame are safe. For me and my twinflame this sacred safe room you need has also been very significant right from the start, and we have always felt that the angels are the guardians over this room for us and this has proven to be right in so many ways that it is incredible.

    I can understand your pain so well that comes from this horrible situation of being seen and told off and even accused because of making love. I can relate to that very well on some level I have the feeling. Don’t know where this comes from …

    I am sending you and also these poor teenagers love and light and a soft sweet angel to help heal these incredible wounds.

    With all my love,

  30. Joana says:

    Dear Delphina: When I have a past life memory usually comes with a lot of pain, to the extreme that I cry a lot, almost to the degree like sobbing. After that I feel a relief, and I understand the why of something in my life. I don’t think is my imagination because as I told you, I feel that something in my past was solved or at least I now can understand my reaction I had or have to something. I was a little shy to share this memory, but I feel that I needed to write about it. Now, I understand why my TF is so shy with me and I’m with him. Talking about the angels, how they can take care of TFs? How they can guide us? Why don’t they help us more to relief the pain of separation in this 3D plane? My TF is finishing his semester these days, and he will go to his hometown, and maybe I will not see again. I saw him this semester 4 times, one in the airport and 3 in the university library. Jesus! I felt his love these opportunities I could see him. The room, I’m talking about is a whole house for us, a place where we can be together everytime we wish to be together, I can imaging this house.

    Blessings to you and everybody

  31. Delphina says:

    Dear Joana,

    thank you so much for sharing your memory, I am sure the angels are guiding and protecting everything we write and read on this blog.
    It seems you are finding relief for your memory and this is wonderful and I am happy with you. It also seems to help you understand. Yes, this is what happened for me as well one time, and I was also happy to at least understand.
    I also had the feeling the angels had helped me and that this was a gift for me so that I can now understand a bit more. I so much hope you feel the angels with you, I really think they have a lot to do with TF journeys, whether we call them angels or cosmic energies or spirits of nature maybe. Everyone probably has something or someone they believe in and they can relate to in order to help them. People write in books that angels and these good energies can only help if we ask them to and that they would never do anything unasked and unwanted for us.

    I don’t know all of that as I am always only sharing what I have experienced myself quite deeply and what I can say is true for me. I think the angels and good energies may also hear what we say in our hearts and subconscious minds and what is truly our wish in our souls and hearts, maybe even more than the words we actually say or think. Why else would the angels also help in so many ways where I haven’t even asked them or when I didn’t even know I would come into a dangerous situation?

    Oh, all these questions about angels … I don’t know the answer myself. I just know it helps me thinking of them and feeling the good things they have already done in my life and putting the focus on what they are doing right now and being grateful for this. Somehow this makes me feel very protected although I don’t understand everything that’s happening and although I wish for my twinflame to be with me of course and she isn’t (not in the 3D). But nevertheless I somehow feel protected and cared for by heavenly energies, also in all of my TF troubles and sorrows.

    I believe the angels are working behind the scenes for us and as long as we do what we *can* do, God will step in at moments when we as humans can’t change or do anything actively and will turn the situation around to our advantage, somehow, sometime, in some way, and it will be beautiful.

    When I read what all of us are writing here and often it is your experiences, dear Joana, but also a lot of the others, too, and I so often think: oh wow, there are so many similarities and so many things happening to all of us and we seem to be thinking and experiencing a lot of things in the world of the heart and mind that are just so similar or even the same, and this sometimes gives me the impression as if there was some inner programme, something inside the people on the TF journey that is just inside all of us and was kissed awake by the meeting the twinflame … like a TF gene or something … and now it works its way through life and brings us similar experiences that are leading us and guiding us and making us do specific things (each in their own variation of course as each of us is an individual) and that we are so protected in all of this and in spite of the deepest sorrows and hurts we are never alone and never abandoned and all of us are indeed traveling to a wonderful destination, with this “TF instinct” so to say on the inside of us, being our guide.

    Waves of love and light and also blessings to everybody

  32. Joana says:

    Dear Delphina: Yes, there is a relief when finally I can understand the why of something. It is incredible how we bring to this life cell memories of many past lives. Before I knew about TFs I read a lot about past lives. Don’t you feel that you love your TF with every cell, and particle of your body? How this can be possible? Today, readiing an article in the news paper I came across with the combination of the name of my TF (N) and my son (L). This person has the name of my TF and his last name is the name of my son…wow! My son’s name (L) can be last name too. I believe in this heavenly help too, even in very everyday things we do. Sometimes I EVEN laughs of these little helps I receive from this heavenly beings. The other day at work I was putting merchandise on its place. Then, I was having trouble to find where to put the next item, then it fell from my hands and it fell by “accident” right close to the place it should be…it was so funny. Then, this incidents are not really “accidents” are the answer to our prayers or something that our minds are wishing to happen, or something that our soul without words are asking to this heavenly beings. I have many of this experiences like the above, so as the expresion says: “Be careful what you whish because you can have it” hi, hi,…
    blessing to you and everybody

  33. Joana says:

    Dear Gabriella: I like your photo of your bed in the garden outside, you post in your face book. I love it, but, but I don’t want to be there with my TF, no, no, since I remember my past memory I wrote about it. I prefer to be with my TF in a more private place.
    Waves of love to you and everybody

  34. Delphina says:

    Dear Joana,
    “Don’t you feel that you love your TF with every cell, and particle of your body?” Yes, of course I do 🙂
    I can really relate to *all* you’re writing so very much, dear Joana, this really is incredible !!!
    All of the things you are describing have happened to me, too.

    The incident with the things falling into place surely also is a message by the angels that they are already helping putting things into place. 🙂

    Yesterday evening I saw a 101 on a car right next to a car with one of our twinflame numbers, and then two 808s on cars right next to each other, and another 808 later as well, and now your post at 6:06 and when I had a look at my clock this morning it said 7:07. So somehow the 101 and its multiples keep coming to me.
    So many messages from the heavens as well, bringing even blessings to the protected place for my twinflame and me.

    And you seem to be writing the same things that are on my mind right when they are on my mind. Incredible somehow.

    I even had a lot of name messages like you lately.
    I even also liked the garden bed on Gabriella’s fb.

    I think the Universe and the angels are giving every twinflame couple right what they need and they are right now creating it for all of us and sending us so many blessings from above and it is so wonderful when we can realize them as you are describing so beautifully and it makes us feel protected and safe.

    Sending you and everybody waves of love and light

  35. Joana says:

    Dear Delphina:
    Your message arrived at 11:02 Me too, many times it seems that cars with 11s are around me when I’m driving. And the help of the heavenly beings is amazin too. EVEN, when I have the feeling to go to a particular store to buy item to suply my store…it is like somebody is pushing me gently to go…then I go and I find out that there is a huge clearance. Also, when I was working in my tesis-project it seem that somebody was guiding me all the way. Putting ideas in my mind and let me know what material needed to buy. I had to buy pieces of wood so the amazin thing again was that the right side I needed the store have it already, OMG…every moment during this was happening I just could not stop giving Thanks to these beings. As you said, Dear Delphina, they are helping us to cope with the 3D pain we feel when we are not together with our TFs. Maybe those signs we see everyday is just a confirmation that they are doing all the possible to help us to reunite with our TFs as soon as possible.

    Waves of love to you and everybody

  36. Durinda says:

    Such amazing insights coming through from everyone, it just takes my breath away! Joana, I too have been seeing the number 11 so much around me! Delphina, ever since last week a song that has the lyrics “boom like an 808” I have been hearing in my mind and then started seeing this number in articles I have been reading! Truly incredible! I have been having this sense of things “speeding up” and also falling into place. I recently heard my guides say “be prepared for miracles and magic!” I clap my hands with child – like glee and say YES!

    So much love to all!

  37. Delphina says:

    Dear all,
    how wonderful to see such happiness and feel it when coming here … oh, Dear Durinda, you also had the 808 … wow, that’s great … yes, things are truly speeding up, I also feel this! Dear Joana, yes, I feel this, too, that it is a confirmation from the angels that they are working for us behind the scenes and truly will make it possible to reunite with our twinflames as soon as possible. No one knows when this will be of course, but I am sure it will not be one second late.
    In the meantime I really think the angels are giving us these signs to say that on the level of the heart and soul everything is o.k. and very much in love 🙂 and to reassure us that this is the case although we don’t see the immediate results on the 3D level. It is so important to have this reassurance while things still have to be worked out.
    One might think this is wishful thinking only and I sometimes doubt it myself. However, right then when I doubt it, I receive other angel messages concerning other things in my life, and I recognize them, and then I see them work out, and then I trust again. Like what you wrote about the things falling in place, dear Joana, or the help with shopping. In daily life so many of these things happen to me, some big, some small, and in the other areas I can learn to interpret them correctly and check whether they come true or not … and this gives me the trust again that also the twinflame signs, which are “written” in the same angel language, are truly signs sent by the angels.
    Oh, having written this and felt the truth that lies in it for me, I feel better already 🙂

    I am so delighted to see that many of us have these signs and these multiples from 101 really are so very much around me, the 808 in particular, but also others …

    and I join in the clapping with happiness
    and send you all so much love and light, too

  38. Joana says:

    So many times I feel so sad because I’m not able to see at least my TF in the 3D or because my hope to reunite with him is very slim. And many times I want to just give up. But on the other hand, I realize that my life without the love I feel for him will be empty. At least the love I feel for him keep me going…
    Waves of love to everybody

  39. Sleeping beauty says:

    Dear Joanna,
    Your are right. Love keeps us going. Your shopping experience is very similar to mine. I have been guided to go to certain shops and buy the right things at the right time. My projects are also divinely guided. I can sense the gentle guidance and help of The spiritual realm. My TF was meant to be here for my function but he could not make for that day. But he was there the previous day and spent time with me fully, though amidst a group. I was so happy. He was also happy. On the day of the function, I missed him so much and felt quite empty and still cannot understand why there was this play of events.. There must be a reason. In fact the previous evening, in the group of friends , he said he will be there , somewhere in the venue of the function, meaning spiritually, he will be there. But I still wonder, why this … Was it our soul plan.. To still be away from each other during important events.. Is there something we are still waiting for …. Anyway as Gabriella says, i try to focus on the journey and not the destination .. Though being human, we still think of the destination… Our reunion with our TFs!!!!!


  40. Delphina says:

    Dear Joana,
    I feel the exact same way … yesterday I was about to give up … and yet, from somewhere a little light comes and lights my hope a little bit again that all has a deep and good sense … and then I keep going … embracing the love in my heart I can feel for her and embracing the love she is sending me to my heart and into my life … and in the night I had the impression she sent me a song … I woke up with it and it somehow felt as if she had sent it to me … and then I feel soft-hearted again and have power for one more day of this journey …

    Dear Sleeping Beauty,
    I believe our twinflames can really be there with us for important days, even if only in a spiritual way … but I have imagined this often and later found this in books how others described they had the same experience. I don’t read books beforehand normally, they just seem to come to me *after* I have experienced something … then I suddenly find a passage in a book validating just this. So feel reassured that these things seem to exist .. twinflames being with us spiritually at important days.

    I just so much wish it was also in the 3D ….*sigh* …. and I don’t know what the meaning of it all is … but the more we exchange and are having the same experiences, I have the impression that all of us are on this journey, which is really meaningful and it just *has* to make sense.

    I would love to know it though … maybe we can ask the angels to reveal more of it to us (if that’s good for us that is only of course) … and to give us the strength to go on …
    Feeling grateful for the good things the twinflame love has brought into our lives helps me, too … because as Sidney has once said: even if I knew what the pain would be I would experience, I would nevertheless have chosen this path. This is true for me, I can feel it in my heart, not knowing exactly why, but I know it in my heart.

    sending all of you sweet waves of love
    and may a little light come to each of you today,


  41. jessica says:

    Hey….all….have a question….not sure how folks here ask for signs or you know how to read them….

    So I would love some input on this. I haven’t talked for my twin in almost a year….and I was deciding if I should move go Florida which would mean moving away from my twin. So while I was there I was getting a ton of signs about my twin. But it wasn’t reAlly helping me figure out what they meant or if I should make the move or not…

    So today I was driving and asked if I was meant to stay here where my twin was to show me a sign about him…if I should move…show me something about Florida. So im driving to my kickboxing class and session no signs except when I get there the first song she plays is the songshe starts playing and she has never played that before …so I didnt know if that was the sign….but it gets weirder….on the way home I see a Florida license plate with his initials on it…lol….

    I feel confused…..

    Any thoughts?


  42. Durinda says:

    Dear Jessica,

    I find when we have these questions regarding our TF or just things in life we need answers to, we should always listen to our heart. What is your heart saying to you? That being said, you mentioned you would be moving away from your TF if you moved to Florida but the license plate was a Florida license plate with his initials, so maybe it would not be moving away from him, but in fact moving toward him as you follow where your journey is leading you. Not sure if that helps or not, just my thoughts. I am sending so much love and light to you as you continue your journey.

  43. jessica says:

    Thanks Durinda..appreciate your kind words…

    I have been trying to listen to my heart..not sure I am hearing it the correct way….I have asked for guidance during dreams and the one night I was back with my twin…and I was pregnant…..the next night i. Had a dream i was at a party and my family was there and so was my twin and he was socializing and even called me babe….we didnth really talk much…he would stare even went and talked wIth my mom….then when he was getting ready to leave….and some girl came up to him and kissed him and he was all affectionate to her…then he came and introduced her to me as his girlfriend….my stomach twisted and my heart dropped. I remember in the dream I was trying to be happy for him….bc it’s about unconditional love etc….but I felt so sad….and woke up feeling soooo sad….that feeling stayed with me for hours.

    I feel im in a good place in want to try and meet new people….and start dating…and I do want him to. Happy I just dont want to be around it…is that wrong?


  44. Joana says:

    I can understand your feelings, if my TF gets into a relationship I will wish happiness and I will stay at the side, maybe waiting and waiting for what life decides to do. I guess, he is waiting for me, at least I want to believe that…

  45. jessica says:

    So I went to a Xmas party last night and my sister asked if I was friends with my twin flame on facebook and I said no….and she said oh ok….then preceded tomtell me he just got back from Iraq…..which imhad heard remorse was going to go…just didnt know he did.

    The weird thing is I for some reason feel something is happening……like maybe he did a lot of soul searching when he was over there…but of course I have no I see idea.

    How does one tell if what you are feeling is a connection to them or wishful thinking?


  46. Gabriella says:


    Follow your heart, your inner knowing for what you feel so deeply within that never goes away is your own truth and connection…wishful thinking is just that, thinking into wishes…but feeling into your being brings the remembrance and manifestation of those wishes because those wishes are in union with your feeling them in and through. If you feel something is happening, know that it is…and flow into each glorious and divine moment, moving into each next step as you are guided. Lots of love to you!

  47. jessica says:

    Thank you Gabriella….for your kind words!

    I think I sometimes really just wish I knew if we were going to be together physically physically again….because then maybe I could give my heart to someone else! I mean I know my twin will always have my heart and soul…but if we are not meant to be a couple I would love to know…so I could just move fwd because I feel so stagnat….or frozen in time.

    I have great friends who introduced me to ppl…but things never get going…and I dont understand what I need to learn in order to get that part of my life going! I assume there is something im missing. I have been single for a long time…and i’ve been ok with that…but now I want a partner and since this summer I have been trying to attract someone….I am always the single one at parties. And honestly I sometimes get angry at the whole TS thing…I feel it can be unfair…..so maybe it’s the anger I need to get passed…lol

    Would love some words advice and outside views…

    Thank you

  48. Shannon says:

    Jessica ~
    Your feelings and frustrations are no different than what most of us have felt and surely are still feeling, I can assure you. I myself am in the “completion” stage after 3 years, and thankfully, with a lot of internal work/healing and a full blown spiritual awakening that was triggered due to the separation, have made it through the most trying stages of this connection. I am so thankful for the wonderful support the spirtitual “teachers” out there offer to those of us who have met our TS. Gabriella’s is one of my most comforting, but there are a few others who offer wonderful information on this connection as well.

    My suggestion is for you to read, that being if you haven’t already, Steven Gunn’s articles at stevengunn.net. His material is very helpful. Read the articles as often as you need to as they help minimize the negative and very frustrating feelings that surface with this connection.

    Trust me, I understand how terribly aggravating and frustrating this all is, but let me say to you, you do get through it and you will come out the other side stronger and just so in love with the whole process 🙂

    Try your best not to analyze and wonder, just go with the flow because as you’ve read, I’m sure, probably a billion times, it is all about DIVINE and perfect timing and it truly is. You want to come together naturally when the time is right 🙂

    Partnering up is a natural human “desire” and attachment, but once you surrender to the connection and just let go, that desire disappears and you in turn allow the universe/guides to do its job. Trust me, I was once where you are now with wondering why nothing with anyone else was “getting off the ground” after being pulled from a 15 year happy and stable soulmate marriage/relationship, yet twin was having no problem after his awful 20 year marriage/relationship and I just began to understand the difference and why. He’s been the runner and the one who needs the most healing so he needs the relationships for his soul growth. It does “seem” unfair, but it truly is a gift to have been united with your twin even if it’s difficult to see that right now.


  49. Joana says:

    Dear Shannon: your answer to Jessica has helped me too. I did not have that first physical reunion with my TF as many people here. So, I don’t know how it feels be with my TF and then the physical separation. Your words: “He’s been the runner and the one who needs the most healing so he needs the relationships for his soul growth.” Makes sense to me, every relationship bring us a spiritual growth does not matter if this relationship bring sadness, happiness, or it is just a companionship relationship. When I get so attach to the 3D world and let at side my spirituality, it is when my suffering growth even bigger, I notice this in myself. And if I retake my spirituality again, then I feel happy again because I can feel that my TF is with me wherever, whenever I ask to him to come to me.

    Blessing to everybody

  50. jessica says:

    Hey Shannon….yournwords make so much sense to me…and I do thank you!

    I have read Steve Gunns book and do refer back to his website often…i feel like i have read every book on TF…I just struggle because I have done the ‘dance’ with him over and over….separation….reunions….separation…reunion….and now this last time….we separated what seemed like for good because emotionally I couldn’t take it anymore….so I think after 8 yrs of this on and off stuff….I was empty emotionally…..so I just want to move on…but it’s like this outer force doesn’t allow me to do so! Which is where the unfairness feeling comes in!

    The signs never stop and I struggle…..and I guess I just want a distraction….a boytoy…..lol….lately as I posted before I have been toying with the idea of moving to Florida….and I saw a Florida plate with his initials on it TJB….not sure what that means….

    Toughest and mosteoporosis amazing thing all at once…..lol


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