Soak in Your Own Sweetness

Nestle into the crevices of your being to soak in your sweetness. Everything outside of you is a true reflection of what is within you. Feel the love flowing within you and change your perception on what is not loving in your experience. Therefore, all of it transforms into amazing opportunities to see the love and increase it everywhere.

8 comments on “Soak in Your Own Sweetness
  1. Misty says:

    Everything around me is falling apart.. lots of death and sickness.. and lots of stress.. I am having trouble with this.. perhaps that’s what is in me. Pretty hard to see the amazing opportunities in a dead end job between walls of misery.. that brings me to tears on a daily basis. That’s just how I feel at this time.

    Sorry.. not trying to be negative I just think this is easier said than done.

  2. Joana says:

    Dear Misty: I’m praying for you and praying for the end of all these painful situation. Please write when you feel it, if this help you in some way.
    waves of love to you

  3. Misty says:

    Two days ago a friend passed away. And right after I wrote my last comment above (today) I was driving to see a parent in the hospital and I was in a car accident. Okay, thankfully, but I won’t be moving for a few days and my car is pretty much gone.

    If I didn’t know where the amazing opportunities were.. now I really don’t know. Where is the sweetness to soak in? I am not feeling it.

  4. Delphina says:

    Dearest Misty,

    I am so grateful the angels saved YOU

    and I’m continuing to pray for you!

    Waves of love from Delphina

  5. sunshine says:

    Dear Misty,
    Just know that we are all here for you, sending you strenght and please write as much as you want. We are with you in love!

  6. Sidney says:

    Misty, what is in you is strength and love. You know this, even in the darkest times. Your unique being is the “sweetness to soak in”, always. But, we’ll be here to remind you and send you love when you need it. Hang in there.

  7. Joana says:

    Yestereday, I witnessed a car accident, a youngman cut the way to a lady, I see clearly that the mistake was from the youngman; he was speeding. I wait there in the corner and wanted to tell the lady that it was not her fault. So I did that, I took her hands and gave to her my name and my phone number, if case she needed a witness. She was so scared….When I had an accident 2 years ago, a youngman came to me I told me the same, and he gave me his phone. I was thinking that IT could be me, I was so close to this accident. Misty an angel was with you, if you car is damage, it is just the car, you are fine. My car was in the shop for almost two weeks, I had two car accidents before and in both of them I could here a whispiring on my ear telling what to do…I only know that I was so sleepy but I could follow the directions of my angel guard. So somebody is taking care of you in this difficult moments.

    Waves of love to you and everybody

  8. Shakti says:

    Beloved Misty!

    I feel so strong with you!

    I went through similar things as you 11-5 years ago, and today is the day my beloved father passed away five years ago.

    The strange thing is that this was the turningpoint for me! Since this day five years ago I started to heal bit by bit, step by step. I really understood that even though my father in not here in the physical, he can never leave me and everything he ever gave me can no one take away from me.

    Also when something dies or you let go, it leaves space for something new! This is the power of Shiva and Shakti is the female form. This is why Shaktis energys is so strong with me! To give space for new things somethings have to be destroyed or even die!

    As an example of that is that my mother, after sorrow, grief and hard work with herself, now is married with a beautiful man who gives her a life my father, though he worshiped and loved her wtih all his heart, never could give her.

    So beloved Misty, this is actuallt a blessing in disguise, even if you can´t see it now! It´s NOT that I can´t feel your pain! Believe me, I almost lost my youngest son two years ago and in august my oldest got meningitis and I almost lost him too, so I know about pain and letting go of loved ones!

    Sending you and everyone waves and waves of love!

    Shakti Satgeeta

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