8 Comments on “Miracles Surrounding You as Your Desires are In Your Hands

  1. How beautiful, dearest Gabriella! The angel message about miracles is following me today as well … this is the third time! Thank you for this beautiful post and picture! 😀

    Waves of love to you and everybody

  2. Dear Gabriella,

    Thank you for such a beautiful post. As butterflies have a very significant meaning for me, it was extra special. Happy New Year!

    with love and light

  3. Dearest Sleeping Beauty and everyone,

    I am also so grateful for this safe haven Gabriella has created for us here and I say again “thank you” to you, dearest Gabriella, with all my heart and I am so grateful for everyone of you and for our beautiful energy we are creating here. A place to feel safe. A place to feel loved and accepted. A place where we can support each other. And in all of this: a place that is guarded by the angels of love.

    I feel that this place and sacred room we are all creating with each other makes us feel our inner truths again. By writing and by sending each other love and light we are guiding each other back to the inner oasis of trust that is in all of us, deep in our hearts and beings. Everybody has this place inside themselves.

    But more often than not we lose the connection to this place and this is when we feel discouraged and scared and so worried in all of life’s troubles.

    Then we need to feel again:

    that Mother Earth carries us, each one of us,
    that Father Sky holds us and gives us Light,
    that Life surrounding us gives us Love and Miracles,
    all the time, every day, big or small,

    and this way we feel our way HOME again.

    Not home to our eternal home in heaven,
    but home to out inner home,
    to the inner oasis of trust.

    When we arrive there again, we feel safe and we trust again and we can make our way through all of life’s troubles again.

    It is about remembering who we really are,
    it is about remembering we are always loved, in all that we do, in all that happens,
    it is about remembering the love that we truly are in our essence.

    I believe this is what Gabriella is telling us all of the time when she says our inner guidance is within and all we need to do is ask it, and feel the love we are and the love in all that is.

  4. When I am sending love and light
    and also when I am sending angels,

    I always do this with a kind of attitude of humbleness towards the angels and the great LOVE that is carrying us, in a way surrendering to this power that is so much bigger than we are, and in asking for love and light for somebody I am in truth just asking to surround this human being I am thinking of in softest light of love so that he/she can feel the LOVE of HOME again and as a consequence also find this path to his/her inner oasis of trust.

    I believe we can’t really know what is good for a fellow human being. We just can’t. The whole puzzle of life is just too big for us to grasp. We can’t even know what is good for ourselves. We all have experienced how things that looked so bad or things that were so unknown or scary right from the start have turned out to be the greatest miracles in life. Films and novels and also life are full of stories of this. Our own twinflame journey will be a perfect example of this, I believe, and we will all recognize it in time.

    So for me this means: we are just not able to determine what is good and what is bad for ourselves or others, and thus I am not that much into manifesting if it has the connotation of “pulling” so to say.

    However, I also think that we are doing the thing that is best for us and all others exactly by creating a place where we can be reminded of the love we truly are … and this is also where we are connecting our energies to make this place come true for all of us … this is where it needs our combined effort … and this empowers each one of us to face his or her own challenges in life again … and of course by this we are helping each other to live the life we are truly called to live and this is then manifestation of the deepest wishes of our souls of course.

    Although … smile … I don’t think we ever have the power to prevent our souls from making true its deepest wishes for us and our life, because this is the soul’s plan for us. But we can make the journey more comfortable and surely easier and lighter by connecting to our inner source of HOME.

    I wanted to write this here under Gabriella’s beautiful post of the miracles because the true miracle is happening again and again when we feel HOME again, HOME in our inner oasis of trust. Then we can see all the LOVE life is offering us, we feel empowered again to answer the challenges of our lives and we will find all the miracles God and the Universe have already lined up for each of us to come to pass ~ whatever they may be.

    Waves and waves of love and light to everybody and your twins
    and a beautiful Sunday to all

  5. Dear Delphina,
    if i could only describe how your words tiggered my emotions inside of me right now. I haven`t been here for about 3-4 weeks, i barely used interent i even deactivated my facebook account. i felt the need to come back to myself, to my own thoughts and feelings, to feel the spirit in my own soul and body to be in MY life with people that surrounding me and now your words about getting home made me cry, i felt them very personally. Thank you and much, much love from the depth of my heart!

  6. How beautiful, dear Sunshine :-),

    you are touching my heart very very much! I am sending you my sweetest smiles and big welcome hugs back here 😉 and I am sure the angels and so many beautiful souls are hugging you to say “welcome, dearest, how beautiful you are here” each time you connect to your inner home.

    I am also learning to connect better and better to my own inner home. 🙂

    Waves of love to you, dearest Sunshine, and to everyone <3 <3 <3

  7. Dear Delohina ,
    Your words are so profound and heartfelt. The way you embrace all with your love and encouraging words has me filled with admiration. As we open up to love , we receive more as Gabriella says. In my TF journey, I have also learned to accept and receive love, even when everything seems so hopeless. This has made me feel more close to HOME and I no longer feel depeparate. My deep inner knowing is my guidance and all we have to do is accept what comes in life as our soul plan. As it all unfolds, we will see the bigger picture. Until then hold onto love, faith and trust !!! Waves of love to you all.

  8. Dear Sleeping Beauty,

    how wonderful your words are! How beautiful your wisdom of Love!
    Oh,what a beautiful journey this is guiding all of us to this LOVE that just is and this love that is so big it just cannot be kept inside any longer. It just pours and pours out to everybody.

    Thank you so much for your loving words about me ~ they are making my heart smile. It is the twinflame love which just flows and flows in me, through me and out of me. It is not my own love, it is divine love. I am just writing it.

    Oh, yes, and I want to add to this post here about miracles:

    Yes, miracles DO happen ! 😉 Even in the middle of the night ! 🙂
    A beautiful miracle has just happened for me in the middle of a sleepless night filled with worries when suddenly and completely unexpectedly LOVE connected to me and spoke to me and reminded me of HOME and of LOVE and of discovering all I know deep in my heart. This has meant so much to me and was another miracle on the way and I am so grateful for this delightful nighttime the angels have given me.

    Wishing all of you a miracle during the next time. Keep your eyes and hearts open, it is coming your way. May be small, may be big. May be fast, a miracle with running shoes 🙂 or may be slow, a miracle brought to you by a tortoise :-). But I am sure that a miracle is on its way to every one of you.

    Waves and waves of love to everyone and to you, dearest Gabriella <3