Pulling Away to Pull you Within: Self Love and Love for Twin and All That is Goes Hand in Hand

Q. I have never been in a better place in my life. I am open, loving, centered, serene. I feel powerful but in such a true and gentle way. Then all of a sudden I’m getting shunned by a Soul Mate and now my twin flame. I am being honest and open. I’m offering friendship and asking for nothing. But I’m being treated like something is wrong with me or I’m some kind of stalker. The better place I get to…the more my twin flame is seeming to pull away…and he’s not the only one. What is THIS all about? It’s kind of funny. I started a relationship/friendship recently with an ex whom hurt me deeply in the past. I forgave him and we were building a great friendship based of forgiveness. I felt great about this! I felt beautiful, strong, happy, giving. Never felt more confident. Then all of a sudden he dumps me and tells me I’m not “enough” for him. Thank God I have grown and it only took me a few days to get over the disappointment, but what in the world is this all about?? I’m confused!(still happy and stable within though).

A. The twin fame journey is about remembering the eternal, sacred depth of love within and without as you bring this love through in all moments, all relationships, all experiences. So therefore, you have and will have many and various opportunities to see what may seem like pulling away and dumping transformed into another chance for you to strengthen the love within. It is within you, you immerse your energy again into the natural essence of love that IS you, renewing your trust and your remembrance of the love that you ARE, that has never left you for it IS you. As a result, you become excited to want to express this love…and as you be the love you are in expression, you will attract others who are in alignment with your love vibration.

I can sense that flowing through your question is a perception that you are being rejected, judged, abandoned…and I encourage you to look at the circumstances you relate here as opportunities to move deeper in love with yourself, with those whom you feel may be “pulling away” (your twin flame or a soul mate) and with all that is. The more that you can see, feel and be the love in the midst of what seems like a lack of love, the more you increase the vibration of love for all involved, and this spirals out, affecting everyone and increasing the love for all as ONE and all that is.  Stay connected to that confidence flowing through you, no matter what happens, and let your love flow through in expression everywhere.

4 Comments on “Pulling Away to Pull you Within: Self Love and Love for Twin and All That is Goes Hand in Hand

  1. This is really beautiful, Gabriella.

    And it really makes sense with all relationships as you said. My sister and I are not speaking right now and I’m trying something new…loving her while we are not speaking. Before, I would dwell on the wrongs and injustices. Now, I’m just letting it go peacefully, while trying to send her love. I doubt she is doing the same. lol.

    But, that doesn’t matter…I see this time apart is good if I grow and learn to lovingly accept some things. I’m not totally there yet, hence the ‘not talking to each other’…but hoping once I get strong enough with love for her and myself, I’ll be able to approach the relationship in a different way.

    It’s kinda like ‘spritually rising above the circumstances’ …but it sure can be difficult… so I can see how it would make one stronger. And the situation better.

    Thanks, as always, for your wonderful insights!!!

  2. Kay,

    So nice to hear from you and to hear how you are responding and receiving your sister’s actions/non actions during this time. Rather than going into what could be perceived as negative, you are choosing to see what you can receive within this time away, and how you can bring more love into the situation/relationship as well as connect to within your self. It is a process, and sometimes it is good to have a bit of the time to balance your vibration of love within so that you can bring that expression of love without in a balanced way. Take your time with this, but when you intuitively feel like reaching out to your sister, regardless of how she has responded or if she has, I encourage you to follow as you are guided. Love always reached out without any conditions, or expectations but desires to give of itself and in the giving IS the receiving. You are so very welcome dear Kay, and I welcome a more intimate connection again when you are ready!

  3. Thank you, Gabriella! Well, you are the one who pointed me in this direction:) I think other people have been trying for a long time. lol. But, you got me to understand instantly…which is rare:)
    You have no idea how much I appreciate it!

    Also, I’ve been reading the posts and articles…have just been kind of tired and the words are not flowing too well to post too much:) But, I’m going to try because this board is filled with wise, sweet people who are all on this wonderful, but sometimes (a lot of times) painful journey.

    Best to all:))

  4. I don’t think you should be a doormat for your twin!I am tired of hearing
    love them no matter what.If they truly love you then they would’t want to
    hurt you…right??