Big Fish ~ Merging Fantasy and Reality

“Most men they’ll tell you a story straight through. It won’t be complicated but it won’t be interesting either.”

Magic Fantasy Pictures (8)If you’ve ever wondered what is true or what is false in your life experience, what is accurate and not so with the characters in your life journey, if you haven’t believed what you’ve been told because it just seems so unrealistic, this is a movie for you. Or even if you have believed what could be considered “crazy” or just too “out there,” this is a movie for you. It encourages you to go beyond the desire to bring all of the details of events and moments in life into a cohesive place so that they can be digested and understood. Instead, it invites you to be okay with the mystery, to allow the opening unto the fantastical, and to ride the waves of the adventures in each moment, within each step along this glorious journey of being alive. Through the movie, the son, who wants to know the facts just as eagerly as he is rejecting as mere nonsense what is being given by his father, discovers that many of the stories he brushed off as fabrications and fiction were actually true. Tis not so much the stories themselves, but the way the stories are brought to life that is important. The son does discover a new found connection and understanding of the essence of his father, beyond what any story could actually give him. It’s truly a movie to be cherished. Many lines within it are profound and beg you to hold hands with them, letting them soak into your psyche.

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  1. Dearest Gabriella,

    thank you so much for this insight about merging fantasy and reality.:-)
    We can all experience it on our twinflame journeys how much these two worlds ~ which we used to think were completely separate ~ are merging in wonderful and touching ways. Most of us are experiencing so many synchronicities that the sheer amount of them is mind-boggling and we can all see for ourselves that miracles on this journey truly do happen. Little miracles happen every day if we keep our eyes and hearts open to seeing them ~ and as we tune into those miracles, we see more of them happen ~ and we also experience the world of dreams merge into reality. I have experienced it some times now and have been so touched by it each time it happened.
    I haven’t seen the film yet, but I love the idea that the universe is preparing a lifetime full of beautiful episodes for us, all interconnected with each other in beautiful ways one might not understand until much later and all connected to our true inner being, to the essence of who we are ~ encouraging us more and more to feel what it truly feels like to be ourselves and more and more finding our true essence of LOVE and LIGHT. And while we are all aligning more and more to this inner well of wisdom, love, peace, … we will make wiser choices, hear the inner voice of LOVE clearer and clearer and follow our own unique path … and on this path we will find surely all that belongs to us 😉 .

    Beautiful rays of morning sunshine to you, dearest Gabriella, and to all of you,

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