Do you Have any Should Bees in Your Garden?

beeThere are no more “should” bees in my world. See they used to hover like this one, intently gazing into my essence, asking me if I wanted him to stay. Lovingly and politely I offered him the chance to explore on his own, to visit someone else if he was invited elsewhere. I no longer felt the need to have him frequent my company. Excitedly, eagerly, I waved goodbye as he disappeared around the bend. Though I was happy to see him move on, I was also in gratitude for his time with me. He taught me through the experience of “should be’s” that I excluded my awareness to what is right now, what is present here right now. If I am should be-ing, then I am perceiving what IS happening as not perfect, wishing it were different. Yet change cannot come about from this space. Tis the space of surrender into these raindrops coming down upon my skin and allowing the moisture to soak in that allows for my skin to be hydrated. I see it now. Here is an invitation for you today, recognize if you have any “should” bees hovering around you and release them if it resonates with you. What a liberating feeling!

2 Comments on “Do you Have any Should Bees in Your Garden?

  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    This seems like an answer to me. As usual your post is exactly the right thing for me. I should learn to let go and not should being!!!!! It seems as if God is giving me a kind suggestion that I should not expect anything from my soulmate and let him be. I seek the courage for that. I pray to God for His guidance and courage through all this . Love to you.

  2. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    I am glad you found comfort from this post. Love does not have expectations. Love desires to love, reflect itself back to another, and receive that reflection in deeper waves of love back, adding upon it and balancing it within, to then give again. You can be the love with yourself, with your soul mate, and your children. This love comes from within you and is not dependent on anyone or any circumstance outside of you. It is also not dependent on what you receive from your soul mate or what you don’t receive… your love wants to be love and receive it back. If you are feeling something other than this, it is not the pure vibration of love and there is something there blocking it. Rumi has a beautiful quote that I love, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” This does require taking a look at all of what you have believed, what you have felt, the actions you have taken to see if they are still in alignment or is something there that is blocking your full expression of the unique vibration of love you are. This is not necessarily an “easy” task for it can encourage you to break away from thoughts, emotions, patterns you may have been attached to… to move into the expansion and liberation of surrendering it all to right here and now, to what is happening now, what you feel now, and what your heart is guiding you to. Understand that if your heart is guiding you into something, even if there is fear, it is guiding you for a reason, or more than one reason. Your heart would NEVER steer you wrong.

    I know that this is a delicate situation, when it comes to marriage or intimacy, for everyone truly needs to follow their own way… and in relationships, every single one of us, is in the relationships and sharing with the people that have come along our path because our souls have intended it, so no one can say knowingly that one situation is not good for another, but only the souls themselves know. then again, from the soul perspective, all experiences are for growth and expansion, therefore nothing is viewed as “bad” or “wrong.” I do agree with Joana, in that even if you stay in the marriage for the reasons you feel are right, your children can understand what is going on… and may be learning other things, even if you stayed. Whatever you say, actions do speak loud and the energy within the actions or lack of actions is still felt, even if not clarified. Ask yourself if there is something that you are holding onto because you resonate deeply and agree with it or is it because you are afraid of change and what the change may entail? If you are staying in a relationship for thoughts that are outdated and no longer how you feel, you are living a lie… and I ask you to ponder what would living in your truth feel like and look like? Is it what you are creating? if not, why? Would you live with this? One thing I believe you may want your children to know, to receive, is that they can trust themselves… then you must trust yourself… and after answering these questions above, do you feel you are trusting yourself and knowing that whatever you are receiving from your inner guidance will bring you to where you need to be and also be best for others involved? Remember that nothing on the soul level is “bad,” it is an opportunity to expand and move deeper into the truths of love as well as the expression of and creation in that love. If the souls involved are there with you, their souls have agreed to co-create with you… what you may choose has been understood… and then the layout would happen after the choices are made, offering all of you the growth that you have intended. Just because someone stays together for 30 years doesn’t mean they are happy, and just because a couple separates after one year doesn’t mean that they weren’t happy or that they aren’t happy now. SO much love to you and to everyone in your circle dearest Sleeping Beauty.