Love Breaks Down any Limitations to its Fullest Expression

love light heavensQ. It has been a long time since I contacted you. I have been following your blog though but I was feeling only like an observer. Now something has come up and I want to share it. About a year back I found out that my soul mate (husband) was texting to another female who was a close friend of mine. After I confronted them both, he agreed not to continue. But suddenly a few days back it stared again and they were going to further extremes. My children also came to know about it and were very shocked and disappointed. We had a serious discussion and now my soul mate says he will keep away and that other woman’s husband is also aware . As regards me I do not know what to feel. I was shocked but not pained cos I am aware of my twin flame and I love him very much and my soul mate has been only my companion for all these years . Further I have kept away from him physically since I became close with my twin flame. Is this all part of a grander plan? I feel relief on one side that my soul mate can no longer claim that I am hurting him. However I have since asked him to go for spiritual guidance and we have been going to such a centre for the past few days with my children. I do not know where this will lead and what is the purpose of this all and how I should take it. Gabriella what can you understand from this…

A. Quite nice to hear from you! I understand about feeling like an observer on the blog for I’ve felt this myself…seems like a lot of that energy going around ~ observing things around us, our relationships, situations, what we feel, think, believe within and witnessing what we are creating without, shifting it as we feel guided. Honestly, in this situation, you would need to feel into what feels right for you… what resonates with you from deep within you… how you feel about what has transpired, and what you are to receive within it, as well as to give because of it. But from my own personal experience I can say, that many times, the wheels can be turned, so to speak, to give you a different perspective and wholeness to the love that you are. I remember you expressing that you were sharing, opening and feeling the love/connection with your Beloved, that you shared this with your soul mate, and that there was shifting going on within your relationship and your heart as a result. I understand this as I have felt it with my soul mate as well as the closeness between my twin flame had intensified, has and still is increasing.

orchestrationRemember that I said that all love is love shared with all, as the twin flame one heart unifies it all together and doesn’t see the separation, which our human minds can focus upon. You have come to a place where you were comfortable with the closeness building between your twin flame and yourself… going back to the turning the wheels to see the other perspective… do you feel comfortable with your soul mate opening to and within a closeness with another? If not, why? Often times, we can be okay with one side and not the other… but if love is balanced, then it sees the wholeness, sees both sides and not just one. Are you feeling that this is a personal thing against you, and if so, why? For love is all inclusive and does not separate. Would you want your soul mate to stop you from opening to the love present between your twin flame and yourself? If he were the one who knew of his twin flame, would you deny him the expression of that connection? These are questions to feel into… allow the time to feel into them, without thinking but immersing yourself within them. Remember, there are no wrong answers… just what feels right for you in your heart. This is YOUR journey. Things always happen for a reason or more than one reason… things are always flowing in perfection. Only you can determine what those are and why this is happening now, again… only you can know this… as you allow it to continue to unfold. Focus on the love that is present on both sides… and let the love guide you, not the fear. Remember there is no separation, always there is union. Is there a grand plan playing out? Well, there always is. Our lives and the interconnections between the souls that we love are always playing within our intended co-creation, and each step brings the clarity to the wholeness of it all. Love to you, your soul mate, your children and everyone else involved!

Q. It is so good to hear your guidance. I do not know where this will lead . But I do feel scared that any major disruption to the family might come about. I cannot blame my soul mate nor can I expect him to be celibate all his life. Maybe I do not have the courage to let him go,…..children, security, society, so many things hold us… As of now I have decided only if God should decide to take me further on the twin flame journey, then it will happen. For the past five months my twin flame have been in touch v briefly and infrequently. Now I feel I should not contact him. I feel quite lonely and lost and I know that it is my journey and no one is responsible. I am so grateful for your forum where I can express myself and so deeply grateful to you for your continuous guidance.

higher selfA. Love does not have expectations. Love desires to love, reflect itself back to another, and receive that reflection in deeper waves of love back, adding upon it and balancing it within, to then give again. You can be the love with yourself, with your soul mate, and your children. This love comes from within you and is not dependent on anyone or any circumstance outside of you. It is also not dependent on what you receive from your soul mate or what you don’t receive… your love wants to be love and receive it back. If you are feeling something other than this, it is not the pure vibration of love and there is something there blocking it. Rumi has a beautiful quote that I love, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” This does require taking a look at all of what you have believed, what you have felt, the actions you have taken to see if they are still in alignment or is something there that is blocking your full expression of the unique vibration of love you are. This is not necessarily an “easy” task for it can encourage you to break away from thoughts, emotions, patterns you may have been attached to… to move into the expansion and liberation of surrendering it all to right here and now, to what is happening now, what you feel now, and what your heart is guiding you to. Understand that if your heart is guiding you into something, even if there is fear, it is guiding you for a reason, or more than one reason. Your heart would NEVER steer you wrong.

love heart cloudI know that this is a delicate situation, when it comes to marriage or intimacy, for everyone truly needs to follow their own way… and in relationships, every single one of us, is in the relationships and sharing with the people that have come along our path because our souls have intended it, so no one can say knowingly that one situation is not good for another, but only the souls themselves know. then again, from the soul perspective, all experiences are for growth and expansion, therefore nothing is viewed as “bad” or “wrong.” Even if you stay in the marriage for the reasons you feel are right, your children can understand what is going on… and may be learning other things, even if you stayed. Whatever you say, actions do speak loud and the energy within the actions or lack of actions is still felt, even if not clarified. Ask yourself if there is something that you are holding onto because you resonate deeply and agree with it or is it because you are afraid of change and what the change may entail? If you are staying in a relationship for thoughts that are outdated and no longer how you feel, you are living a lie… and I ask you to ponder what would living in your truth feel like and look like? Is it what you are creating? if not, why? Would you live with this? One thing I believe you may want your children to know, to receive, is that they can trust themselves… then you must trust yourself… and after answering these questions above, do you feel you are trusting yourself and knowing that whatever you are receiving from your inner guidance will bring you to where you need to be and also be best for others involved? Remember that nothing on the soul level is “bad,” it is an opportunity to expand and move deeper into the truths of love as well as the expression of and creation in that love. If the souls involved are there with you, their souls have agreed to co-create with you… what you may choose has been understood… and then the layout would happen after the choices are made, offering all of you the growth that you have intended. Just because someone stays together for 30 years doesn’t mean they are happy, and just because a couple separates after one year doesn’t mean that they weren’t happy or that they aren’t happy now. SO much love to you and to everyone in your circle.

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  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    Thanks for posting this question. We all help each other thro this Bittersweet TF journey. Two days back, I was very upset and in spite of myself , I felt like calling my TF and then I I told him about my soulmate . He listened to all that and just gave one comment, “Good”. I was quite surprised.! He did not say anything else and I only feel more love for him. But I feel so relieved after talking to him . We are physically away from each other but so connected Gabriella! He communicates to me only thro feeling. Whatever I ask him, he never guides me thro words. As Joanna says, the answers come thro in some other way. TF love is so deep , that it is humbling and fills us with awe !! love to you.
    Dear Delphina,
    Your words are so full of energy and makes me smile !! You pump in so much hope and pull us along so strongly with your undaunted trust in the TF love and to you. Your good wishes for all makes you such an empathy !!
    Dear Joanna,
    Yes the answers come in so many ways. Your TF may turn up in your life later when the time is right. Yes, yesterday I too felt this message , that my TF will be guiding me constantly from now onwards and as you say literally whispering in my ears as to what to do next… Your words are further validation for me in this regard.
    Waves of love to you all !!!

  2. Dear Sleeping Beauty:
    Thanks for your sweet words, I’m in peace these days; I’m just waiting for that right time you mentioned, but I feel my TF so close to me in spirit so I don’t feel alone…I never feel alone anymore since I met him. I know, it sounds weird.
    Blessings to you and everybody

  3. Dearest Sleeping Beauty and dearest Joana,
    how sweet and wonderful and truly a blessing to read your words here and to feel that we are all feeling the same way and do understand this twinflame journey, which truly does not only involve our twins and ourselves, but so much more.
    Oh, I am thinking right now: maybe this is also an explanation why not all answers come from our twins when we ask in our minds, but from other people and just the world around us, too. Because our twinflame journey includes ALL, this LOVE is truly just ALL and the more we tap into that feeling, the more we can feel the twinflame love in ALL that IS.

    Oh, thank you, dearest Sleeping Beauty, for your sweet and kind words to me, it fills my heart with smiles and love, and I feel the same about your words, Sleeping Beauty. They always lift me up and send me your light and love and help me trust more !

    Dearest Joana, thank you for your wise words that also always help me trust more and let me feel all the love we are surrounded with :-). It is so good to find out that we are all experiencing the same !!!

    And it is so funny …. you just wrote, dearest Sleeping Beauty: “Your TF may turn up in your life later when the time is right. ” … and I just shared (before reading your words and while writing the other comment) how the postman had just brought me the twinflame cards which just turned up later in life, in the divine timetable ;-). And now I am finding your words here ~ as if the universe wants to confirm just that !!!!!!!

    And your words, dearest Joana, also confirm what I have just experienced the past few days: that we never feel alone any more. I am really so humbled to read this here, dearest, as I have had a very powerful and beautiful reminder of the day when I felt this for the first time. And now you are writing this over here ….. WOW …. I can just say: WOW …. it is truly beautiful and reassuring me even moreeeeeeeeeee …. ooops, these e’s just wrote themselves 😉 ……… but I’ll leave them there, they express beautifully the “more” ….. 😀 😀

    More love and light to all of you,
    may you all have a beautiful day and let’s go out into life and look for these messages and LOVE that our twins and God and the angels send us all the time ~ it’s adventure time 😉
    Delphina <3

  4. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    You are so welcome for posting your question. You are right, that we all help each other along this journey, and what a blessing that is! What a gift that your twin flame has gifted you with by not giving you the relief through words when you were expressing what was happening in your experience, but by being completely present, listening, offering you his presence, which of course brings the awareness to your own essence and presence. The answers are found within, the love is felt from within, the answers in/of the love IS within. We can often look outside for reassurance and confirmation, yet it is right there, all along, waiting for us to turn to that secret place inside where we can absolutely confide AND hide. It is where we so naturally reside, when we let go of pride and allow the fantastical journey of flowing along for the ride of our lives and growing in willing co-creation with our divinity, as it has so patiently been beside us in every moment, abiding its time, ever so softly and firmly, guiding us through it all. How much love you have given me by sharing your experience, how much love you have given ALL of us by sharing. I thank you tremendously. I am humbled and filled with Heaven’s grace. The answers always come through… directly through and into you, and if not at first by you, perhaps another will come along to bring the remembrance of the love AND the message!!!! We are so, everything is, so intimately connected!! 😀

  5. Dear Delphina,

    I cannot express my gratitude in words for what you have blessed me with through your words and your sweet, sweet energy, not only on this blog but in our lives beyond it. Your heart is an open portal of bringing through love from the deepest places inside of you, as they float along the winds, the winds of change, right into the hearts of each and everyone that reads them, whether they express it or not. It has been such a beautiful thing to witness, to see the expansion and blossoming of your essence in expression here on my blog. Your presence has made this place that I’ve created such a joy, filled with the highest vibrations of love, and a delight to bask within and visit. Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!! This journey as all of us have consistently expressed, Sleeping Beauty, Joana, and so many more, is about… TRUST… trusting LOVE, which means trusting self, trusting your reflected self and all that is (the biggest mirror). With this trust comes a complete allowance of us BEING the love that we so naturally are while also RECEIVING it back… being love and being loved… this IS the BELOVED… in this, in becoming the embodiment of this flow of love, connecting to it (remembering it) inside and letting it flow out as well as recognizing it outside and letting it flow in, the twin flame is fully remembered, discovered, found and embraced. It is as you say Beloved, that everything happens in the divine timetable ;), in the most perfect timing and flow, as we allow it within the being of it all, witnessing and noticing the constant connections, messages and signs WITHIN us that we are then able to SEE outside of us!!!! 😀 then again, is anything ever really “outside” of us? Hmmm, I wonder. <3 I love you sweet Delphina!

    Dear Joana,

    I am so happy to hear that you don't feel alone, as we truly never are, and that you feel so connected to your twin flame within and in Spirit. The meeting of him and feeling the presence/essence beyond his physical body gives you countless opportunities to feel the infinite love that is always around you as it is flowing through you. It IS you. Continue to trust that all is always, all ways, happening in its perfection. And thank you, thank you, for sharing your sweetness and presence here with all of us. We absolutely ALL benefit from sharing with one another, from being the love and being loved. 🙂