You are Never Separated from Anyone Ever

Infinity_SymbolI have been pondering how to go about this for a while now and what feels right, what resonates in my heart. I am referring to honoring the truth that we are all connected, that we reside in oneness while also feeling the need to “separate” from another or disconnect because energies are not in harmony. Well, if we are all connected and there is only oneness, then even if I am not talking to YOU in any moment, we are still connected and vibrating in the ONE. Here is where the infinity symbol is relevant. At the middle point, you can see clearly the connecting of lines or lives, yet when the lines move away, they are still in flow with each other, affecting each other, receiving from one another… in this, I have come to understand that I am never disconnected from anyone, even if our paths have crossed and then moved away. If they are meant to come back in that middle space of intersection, they will. Everyone’s happy… all is still in union and flow.

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  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    You are so right. We are never disconnected. It takes it’s own course and we just have to hold on, though at times it can be very disheartening. But faith and trust only can hold Twin flames together in this journey. Love will reunite us. It is a foregone conclusion. It is a very apt post .Thank you Gabriella. Waves of love to you.

  2. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    It is always true that we are never disconnected. It does take its own course as we continue to hold on and move with the guidance of our heart. Faith and trust, with the deepest most profound love will continue to hold Beloveds together in this journey. I do also agree, that love will absolutely reunite divine lovers as I have never ever given up hope of such. Thank you so so very much Sleeping Beauty for your presence here! So very many waves of love to you!

  3. Hi! Everybody, I just want to share this beautiful poem with you.

    Our love.

    This never happened to me before, has it?

    I don’t really know you, do I?

    But knowing comes from the mind,

    and I don’t want to know you,

    I want to love you.

    Only as humans we pose such questions,

    but what this is, lies way beyond,

    anything that ever was,

    here on Earth,

    in this space and time.

    We are so small here, aren’t we?

    Tiny dots on a rotating globe,

    we blend in and rotate along,

    we are attuned to Earth’s song,

    for now here is where we belong.

    Although this love is not earthbound,

    I feel it’s pieces are spread along,

    throughout the entire vast emptiness,

    everywhere in this Universe,

    lie parts of our happiness.

    Fragile as a butterfly,

    once it reaches Earth.

    But butterflies have wings,

    and so can we,

    so won’t you fly with me?

    Let us fly way up high,

    to the line between Heaven and Earth,

    where we are no more earthbound,

    where we are unlimited and always exist,

    live forever in love, united in eternity.

    This is us, this is our destiny.

    Today, tomorrow, always.

    So don’t you ever worry,

    don’t you ever feel fear,

    because I am always near.

    As I will always swirl,

    and you will always hover,

    no matter what happens,

    or what the outer worlds

    have in mind for us.

    Gently touch my hand,

    then reach for my heart,

    feel my touch returning to you,

    I am your Goddess

    and I forever love you.

    To the other me

  4. Note: I found this poem in someplace in the internet and it really resonates with my inner knowing.
    Blessings to everybody.

  5. Joana,

    There are no words right now to encompass my emotions and heart with this poem. I am embracing it and I thank you for sharing it. Lots of love to you!

  6. Yes, it is so beautiful. I found out that Polona Somrack is the author of this poem. Dearest Gabriella, I keep reading your beautiful site. It is just wonderful to find a place where we can read and write about our TF journey.
    Blessings to everybody

  7. Dearest Joana,

    Thank you for sharing the author of that poem. I am familiar with Polona Somrak. She is such a beautiful light of love! Thank you for the comment on my site and this blog…it is a blessing to me to have you here just as much as it is for you to be here. I thank you, profoundly, for continuing to visit and to express your divine heartlight here with everyone. So much love to you, and to everyone!

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