Honoring the Divine Masculine in LOVE

divine-masculine-divine-feminineMy Sweet Beloved!

You are the most beautiful man I have ever glanced upon, for you are the brightness of God shining in form,
You are transformed into every piece of nature blossoming here on this Earth,
You are the moon as she shines her luminescent light,
You are the stars as they whisper so softly in remembrance of our transcendence beyond this dance of humanness.

You remind me ever so gently, but intently, how divine we are, how blessed we are to be walking this Earth plane, joining our hearts and our hands as they weave so intimately through our art.

Your honor, your gifts to choose to continue to honor the Beloved feminine in me, in all that you see, continuously has me in the throes of the deepest gratitude for being alive.

It is within our love, our union, that our intentions and creations thrive, as they bloom and they blossom, soaring in flight, infusing light into the hearts of all that witness the dressing of our hearts. In this confessing is the blessing we are all cloaked within.

This love that you reflect to me, sweet Beloved, encompasses the presence of all that is, as I am embraced by the radiance of our LOVE, how profound, how limitless it truly IS.

In choosing to hold your hand, your gentle, kind and warm hand, along this journey, the Goddess in me shines, soars into the Heavens, as we continuously uplift and shift one another deeper into the direction of our clearest reflection, displaying and playing along the way.

(hmmm, and those playful, intimate, wet kisses, on my forehead, keep those coming too..I can see your smile as all this while, you have been basking in the beholding of every morsel of me so tenderly) 😉

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  1. Every day you live Learn how to love. Take time with each other, Restore each other’s soul with loving words. Receive love with as much understanding As you give it. Find that which is within yourselves Then you can share it with each other. Do not fear this love, And do not fear this marriage, But keep open hearts and sincere minds. Be sincerely interested in each other’s happiness; Be, too, constant and consistent in your love, And in your actions. From this, as you know, comes security and strength. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us, So, even though you retain you individuality, Today in a real sense you also become one In a true unity. That this may be deep and rewarding, Today, the day of your marriage, Try to commit yourselves, Fully and freely and trustingly To each other, without reservations.

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