Bask in Your Being as Your Seeing Becomes Whole

playing in waterWe spend countless moments talking about spirituality and life, attempting to understand it, figure it out, fit it into molds that make sense to our conceptualizing mind. Yet how much spirituality is BEING, playing, having fun… being in utter nonsense to sense ourselves in and into this experience of being human and spiritual simultaneously. Focusing so much on healing can hinder the revealing of that which is concealing, whereas by basking in the beauty of being brings the seeing to a WHOLE new level, and the permeation of playing emerges in displaying (enlightenment) ~ the light that is meant to merge in lightness, not distinguished in praying but relinquished by staying in the truth that you are always connected and therefore releasing the attachment for such to be deflected, in ceasing to feel that your true essence must be rejected. In your pure presence is the infusion of your divinity, eliminating continuous confusion for all eternity, as your magnetic magic seeps in endlessly, marinating profoundly within infinity.

Tis not about getting someone to understand your experience or push your own upon another, tis about blending and bending into the oneness we are, with all of our uniqueness accepted rather than dissected. Let our energies be reflected as this is the way we remember our union as one is perfected.


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