The Truth is You are LOVE and You are LOVED

goddess in treesFeeling lonely and singled out can be so real and consuming. Kindness is essential. We need to come together, we need to realize that what we give to another comes back upon us. Wouldn’t you choose love? It can be hard for caring empathic souls, to witness someone intentionally harming another, to be the recipient of that energy. We can feel so deeply. Love, it is about LOVE.

I have experienced intensified waves of depression and feeling pushed by outside forces myself, into questioning my own worthiness and what I am doing here. To some degree, I feel we can all understand this, as it doesn’t matter what you “do” or who you are in the world. Feeling emotionally the experience of being our divine essence in a human presence can be quite chaotic with ups and downs. Let us know that we are continuously rising up the ladder of LOVE, that we ARE love, and that anything anyone ever says or does to dispute this, is not the truth. Those are illusions to let go of. I am here, with my hand outstretched, if you ever feel into those deep dark spaces of the abyss, known as depression. Let’s remember we are walking this journey of experiencing and remembering the love we are, as one, beside each other. You are not alone and you are loved!

May Charlotte Dawson rest in peace knowing that every moment of her life was a gift, how many lives she touched. Now she is joined into the union of our one consciousness.

Regardless of whether you are “known” in the world, this applies. Yet we do have the spotlight of what happens with “celebrities” to bring light to what affects us all. Let us use this light for the best interest of all of us. I love YOU!

you are love Don’t Give UP

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2 Comments on “The Truth is You are LOVE and You are LOVED

  1. Thank you, Gabriella, for this post. I really resonated with “questioning my own worthiness and what I am doing here”. I had some very low moments, but I feel I’m slowly getting out of the last week and into a more honest, reflective, and loving approach to what’s going on in my life — thanks for the reminder that none of us is alone. Your hopeful and supportive words are very much appreciated 🙂

  2. You are so welcome Courtney. I am glad that you found comfort in these words and know that you are never alone, even when you feel like you are. All of us are walking this journey of remembering the love we are and at times, needing to be reminded to notice that there is love around us. So happy to see you allowed that in! 🙂 Lots of love in all directions.

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