Season Your Uniqueness

creation intention manifestationAs I take each step along my path, I have absolute faith in the sweetest aftermath,
Reflecting the visions from within, showing me what I know has always been,
If it has been, it must be, as I continue to see, with each new experience, with each new person that comes my way, that the blessings embracing me are here to stay.

Whether those blessings are tangible and able to be felt in form, in this moment, right now, I know that what does not serve my highest expression, is beginning and continuing to transform,
I honor all of my relationships and situations for the beauty of the reflections they offer me, in walking my journey, allowing the companionship of my intuition, I step forward, wholeheartedly and willingly into creation.

Give it to me, here and now, as I allow, the flow of my divinity, infinitely, to reform me anew, into the true, me, which is untainted by anything external, yet painted by everything internal.

My ears are listening ~ I trust what I am hearing. My eyes are wide ~ I trust the magic of my seeing. My arms are raised ~ the warmth is moving in. My heart is open ~ the illumination of my vibration. Mmm, can you see it? Cause I can feel it.

I trust my humanness to collide with my spirituality, emerging as the blossoming flower I am no longer needing to hide. Moment to moment, I surrender the perception that any part of me needs to be concealed, for as more of my beauty, more of my divinity I see, I embrace what is revealed, and I accept anything that has been lingering, asking to be healed.

I have already pealed, layer upon layer, of the sweetness that is me, no longer sealed for posterity, yet open in its completeness for my pleasure. After all, this is the treasure.

You are the blessing, wrapped in your choice of dressing, constantly confessing yourself anew. What is it that you desire to do? What is it, that you hold true? The answers, instantaneously can shift and shape, lift and escape, yet what remains, always, and never refrains, is your divine essence, vibrating, right now in your presence. Yes, that is you, that you sense, pure and sweet.

A treat, for you, within this incarnation, is to season your uniqueness with whatever spice fits your palate. The beautiful truth is that this comes with no price, you are free, to create, whatever you choose will suffice, and in the blink of an eye, you can change the taste. Draw the lines, make them drawn, not traced. You are here to bring your light through, anew.

Trust in the journey your soul has chosen for you, know that whatever you have experienced or have yet to, you can make it through. You are perfection reflecting expression in creation. Now that, sounds like quite a blessing!

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