The Fairytale is Illusion

love placeThe Fairytale of love ~ everything will be smooth in all moments, everyone will live happily ever after. The biggest illusion of all. What is real, true love? Unconditional, pure love, that will be there, stay there, with a heart willing to open continuously, embracing you, supporting you through the tears, (both happy and sad). The love that will guide you through the darkness and remind you of its never-ending presence at all times. Both shows Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Once Upon a Time bring this up, again and again. The theme is always that there is some obstacle to be overcome so that happiness can be found, so that peace can be experienced, so that love can be basked in. Yet, drop the illusion that love isn’t here right now, that love has to be a certain way to be felt, experienced or enjoyed and there is your true love. It glides with you as you ride the waves in the ocean of love, which of course, you are not separate from. Recognize that ecstasy of love is right here, right now, for you. Remember that intensity of love is right in front of you. It is not something to attain, but everything to gain, through remembering, it is here, now.