Let the Tears Dissolve and the Fears Resolve

flowing emotionsFrom as far back as I can remember, I would see every challenge as an opportunity to see the beauty within it, and another chance to witness the dance of balancing energies in motion. I have now come to understand that this also includes emotion. Rather than immersing within resistance, I allow the persistence of the constant fluidity, as I am able to BE and SEE me more clearly…the tears dissolve as the fears resolve within the movement. Positivity fused with sensitivity and therein is the sweetness of our completeness. <3 our humanity merged with our spirituality <3

1 Comment on “Let the Tears Dissolve and the Fears Resolve

  1. I have been following you messages, I love the way how you help and the way how is mentoring and helping other people who needed some help, you are amazing. Keep it up, your wisdom that God’ have given you and not only that you are sharing it with lots of peoples, I love You Gab,