Transforming Within Our Warming

Never mind the Eeddeybees and the birds,
Our love is woven as it is spoken through these words.
They can deceive as they weave, depending how we choose to receive
the many layers of meaning, seeming to transform us as they inform us.
I expressed to you, no matter how much you change the pieces of you
or rearrange the intricacies of you, my soul knows your essence,
always sensing your presence.
Has this been proven my love, as we have chosen to dabble in the sublime creativity infinitely flowing in our veins,
freed from chains, as we feed our weary hearts,
remembering all the parts that make us whole in our oneness,
remembering there are no holes needing to be filled,
yet all the fullness we are will be fulfilled,
in its divine timing and succulent rhyming.
I am finding you and us in the beating and repeating of our beats,
igniting the heat of our twin flames, flickering, lingering within us.
Burn they do, so true, within the shadows they create,
the tears of sadness dissipate and abate in the warmth between us,
seen connecting us through eternity, in different forms, through many storms,
with the internal dance balancing in the external, eternal love, my divine dove.
We have moved beyond this Earth, fusing continuously within the spaces between the places of our rebirths.
The hearth of our hearts cave in as we become our haven.
If something is meant to be,
we cannot keep it from us, intimately.
It will infinitely define us,
find us, again and again.
Our love, now and then,
IS now, and when,
is the only rumination,
though it is our intention in creation.

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