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2013: Creating Balance, Living in Union and Focusing on Love

Follow 2012 has been a year of bringing through and letting go of all that has blocked us from living a life of the deepest love within and without. For many, many years, we’ve been walking a path of separation,

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Dance in Balance with LOVE

Follow There has been a myriad of happenings within our lives up to this point which have brought us many opportunities to go deeply within, to connect with the love flowing through us, so that we can balance the vibration

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Trinity within Infinity ~ Awakening Your Beloved Energy in Remembrance of Your Divinity

Follow As you be love and allow yourself to be loved, you are embodying the BELOVED energy, which is the Source of creation ~ GOD. When you connect the love within you to the love within your beloved (in form),

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Divine Timing ~ Everything is Always Happening in Perfect Order

Follow Divine Timing ~ yes those famous two words you probably hear quite often, which usually asks us to have patience with the flow, and trust in the order of things. Patience and trust, while having faith that everything is

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Joining the Spiritual and Human Experience ~ Remembering Union Consciousness in Creation

Follow If you are reading this, I can guarantee that you are aware that you are increasing your vibration in remembrance of the love that you are.  Part of this process encourages you to become conscious of all of the

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Spiritual Marriage of Twin Flames

Follow You are already spiritually married with your twin flame, as you are already one with your twin flame. However, your spirit is within the journey of this human experience, and therefore, you are experiencing the joining of your spirits

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Being an Empath and Bringing Empathy Deeper into Our World

Follow This video explains a little of what it is to be an Empath, which is one who feels emotions deeply, not only ones own emotions but also that of others and even the collective. Empathy is understanding and feeling

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Can a Relationship be Too Good to be True?

Follow Can a Relationship be Too Good to Be True? What you believe, how you think and feel, creates your experience in relationships. If you believe that love cannot last, that if you are connecting, feeling deeper happiness and love

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Venus Transit and Twin Flames

Follow This Venus Transit is ushering in deeper waves of unconditional love and oneness. Yes, this will result in twin flame reunions in all ways, including the physical. It is encouraged that at this time, you go within. Take a

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Spiritual Partnership

Follow A Spiritual partnership is one based in Spirit. Spirit sees, feels, and responds in the vibration of deep unconditional love, beyond the limitations of the mind. The relationship with your twin flame and even your soul mates is first

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