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to gaining further insight, tapping into your soul, living the life you want, embracing the person you have always wanted. Welcome. You are here…and I am excited about working with you.

Let me tell you a bit about my blog:

Movies to Watch – these are movies that I have watched and recommend as good ones.

Books to Read – these are books that I have read and recommend for you to travel through the pathways of your mind, your heart, the depth that is you.

Poetic Inspiration – these are my own creative writings that I am sharing with you, for your insight and your enjoyment.

Into the Depths of Being Alive – this is my anything goes section where I write whatever is on my mind, whenever I am inspired, whenever I am thinking about something (which is quite often) 😉

Creative Insight – this is a section where you can read words from other writers, ones that I have enjoyed.

Songs/Lyrics to Contemplate – this is where I post songs that I come across which I am inspired by. Most of the time, the lyrics will be something that has caused me to think about life in a profound way spiritually, but also on a deep philosophical tone.

Be You To Full Blog Talk Radio Shows – this is a section where all of my blog talk radio shows are posted for you to listen as well as leave comments and questions.

Your Questions Answered – this is a section like a Q & A where you are free to ask questions in the area of relationships, soul mates and twin flames, and have them answered. This is a safe space where you can share your journey with me and others.

I’d love it if you would comment on anything you read or watch here, and if there is anything you’d like to see, send me along a comment in the contact section with a suggestion. We are all teachers as well as students.

I wish you happiness, love, and prosperity in every area.

All my love,


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Thank you Sincerely from the Depths of my Being

I wanted to thank everyone who has shared their lives and love with me – your love and appreciation has only instilled within me a more profound desire to continue to give and share the same with you. Gratitude is so essential for creation and being in that place of being thankful only allows more into your life to be thankful for. This then creates a beautiful circle of emotion that causes you to act more sincerely, and to live your life in a truly aware manner. Awareness and being awake to all that comes to you, to the power of your ability to manifest all that you wish within your reality is the key to your personal happiness. I look forward to riding this journey of life with you and want to thank you sincerely for offering me a seat beside you, as well as accepting my presence profoundly.

Your essence is my essence for we are one



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