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GratitudeIt is no accident that you have come to my website. All things are unfolding in perfection and all pieces of the puzzle are aligning, moment to moment.

I believe that each of us has agreed to incarnate on the Earth plane for our own specific soul intentions and creation along our sojourn in this lifetime. Within our uniqueness, we are all connected in the oneness, and therefore we also have similarities along the journey. We are simultaneously students and teachers, always receiving as we give and give as we are receiving. I am constantly blessed as I am dressed in the energies of those that are guided to me. What a dance of balance we are always sharing together, step by step, along the way.

ME on JeromeIf you are here now, reading this, I invite you into a deeper vibration of the love you are. Know that every moment of your life’s journey is a gift. You have been experiencing all that you have, for the purpose of remembering your wholeness, all of the aspects that make you who you are. All of the relationships in your life ~ with family, friends, intimate partners, yourself, hobbies, profession, creations ~ are reflections of your own radiance. You are constantly being given opportunity upon opportunity to see how you are emitting your energy outward in creation within your life to witness your growth, where you intend to evolve, and if you are being fully and uniquely you. Always, all ways, you are beautiful and I encourage you to BE YOU TO FULL! This is what the journey of life and love is about, to bring you profoundly into who you are, into your wholeness, as you remember that there are no holes in your beingness. You are completely whole, and you are experiencing yourself into this completeness, moment to moment, relationship to relationship, therefore, remembering your oneness through the experiencing of it, along this human sojourn.

I welcome the chance to share your journey intimately with you, as you delve into the depths of your sweetness. Often, this journey entails riding the waves of the ocean of love, consistently inviting you to love yourself more, love the reflection of yourself you recognize in all others and all things, and let this love flow freely through you, outward and forward in creation.

Below, you will read some of my personal journey of remembering divine love.

Waves of love from my heart to yours,

~Gabriella Hartwell


My Journey of Remembering Divine Love

From as far back as I can remember, I recall being connected to the energy of the divine, always feeling a peaceful, supportive warmth around me. I was attracted to all things angelic, anything that had an angel on it, I surrounded myself with. My room was a divine sanctuary you could say. I always had a smile on my face and was known to be the one who would see all matters with a positive vibe.

In addition to feeling the presence of angels with me and around me, I also felt deeply at one with another, a masculine vibration that was in tandem with my own light. I had visions of his hands and knew his energy so completely, with a profound trust/inner knowing that one day, I would meet him and remember that he is the one my soul intended to merge with in this lifetime.

kissing myselfIn 2006, the journey to encountering him was underway, with very specific guidance from my spirit guides and angels, and in 2007, the conscious awareness of him became known. I have since come to understand that the term to relate who he is to me is my twin flame, for his vibration of love is the twin to my own, hence, “twin flame.” Even though we met in 2007, the journey has been one of fully remembering, experiencing and integrating divine love and union consciousness. The intention is not to focus upon the physical union, but to allow the reflection of your divine oneness to flow into expression and creation, as you welcome the opportunities that align with your soul, to be love and be loved (Beloved ~ the God flow and dance of balance). We are meant to love in the moment, as our heart guides us, always rising in vibration. I have learned, and am continuing to learn, as I remember, that I am always connected to love. I am love, always in union with its force, never in separation. My soul has chosen to move through the nuances and dynamics of seeming opposites ~ light and dark, masculine and feminine, spiritual and human, union and separation, etc. to know that it is all one, it is all connected, and intimately so.

We are always rising up the ladder of love, raising our vibrations and expressions of the love we are. Never are we at a point where we have it all, know it all, as we are infinitely expanding and immersing into the love that we are, even after we transition from these physical vehicles. Through the walking of my personal journey, I am receiving what union consciousness is, how to see through the eyes of union (of divine love), how to be this union in all directions, and specifically, how all of my “challenges,” have been about utilizing them to witness the infinite power of love and confess to the world the powerful transformation of seeing and being in union consciousness. Not only am I talking this to you, but I am walking it through to you, by truly delving so deeply within it. Much more detail will be shared in my second book, Twin Flames Revealed: The Path of Union Consciousness, as I share my personal journey, in its uniqueness, while also sharing the journey of oneness we share, including the awareness, awakening and beauty of knowing, dreaming of, encountering your twin flame. What a blessing the journey is, through the light and dark of it, the masculine and feminine of it, the union and separation of it, to bring us ALL into the ONEness of it. With so much scattered and fragmented information regarding divine love and twin flames out there, I am excited to be part of offering the WHOLEness of this experience, to unravel and unfold for you, why your soul has chosen this experience. In this revealing, is feeling and healing.

I am also preparing many online courses as part of my BE YOU TO FULL Sanctuary, to be able to offer you insight on connecting to your own completeness. The intention is to ignite the light of your unique flame of love and let it shine forth in your heart and in expression within this world. This is how we continue to spread the warmth of our lovelights to all and walk each other home in love, with the remembrance that it always IS.

For more reading on twin flames: *Twin Flames Revealed: The True Love Story* and *Your Questions Answered*

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  1. So many amazing and wonderful aspects in the dynamics of relationships that the Divine has created for all beings Sweetness.

  2. a friend sent me your video meditation on twin flames–I have watched it 5 times and EACH time it MOVES me SOOO deeply, I sob like a baby (and I don’t cry often–my Mom used to call me “nails” lol but not lol)…THANK you for your works…want to learn/absorb/feel MORE–SO “lost” and alone (twin flame in separation, but do FEEL the union)–want SOOO much to believe and know this WILL happen in my lifetime NOW… much love and light…Mary 440-785-7094

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