Twin Flame Beloved Sessions
From the moment you were incarnated into this human body, you were rising in love. You are divine love. Therefore experiencing the love that you are is limitless. You have infinite opportunities to experience yourself as this love that you are. One of the ways in which you do this is through relationships. What a gift relationships are…

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Dream Guidance Readings

Many of you are having dreams of connection with your soul mates and your twin flame. These readings will help you to decipher what is coming through in the dream to guide you, encourage you, and offer you love along your journey of remembering the love you are, and bringing it out in expression, in creation into the world. You may meet your Beloved in dreams many times leading up to full merging and physical reunion to help support each other, transition out of the illusions of love so that you can raise your vibration in remembering divine love. It is such a beautiful way to connect and to receive insight for your journey…

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