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You are Beautiful Just as You Are, Right Now

Follow Have you Felt Your Beauty Depends on Your Outer Appearance? With beauty magazines galore telling us what is considered beautiful, it’s no doubt if at any point, you felt that you just weren’t up to par with the popular

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Calmness and Clarity in the Midst of the “Storm”

Follow Have you Felt like you are trying to stand still in the middle of what may seem like “chaos” around you and within you? We are all moving, individually and collectively, into deeper vibrations of truth as we release

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Exploring All the Aspects of Letting Go

Follow Have you Wondered Just what the Secret is to Letting Go and Why it is so Powerful? I was joined by Guy Finley, the acclaimed Author of The Secret of Letting Go, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living and

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Share the Light and Love of You in Service to Others

Follow Have you had a Moment in Your Life which Instilled Within You a Desire to Offer Help and Love to Another? I was joined by Anthony Harris, a Professor of Education at Mercer University, in the Tift College of

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Continued to be Wowed by Now

Follow Continue to Bask in the Awesomeness that Every Now Moment Contains… I was joined again with Brian Piergrossi, Life Coach, Spiritual and Meditation Teacher and Author of The Big Glow and the new book The Wow of the Now.

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Laughing Fear Away as You Move into Love

Follow Have you Felt a Pull to Balance Humor and “Seriousness?” I was joined by Scott Kalechstein Grace, Speaker, Modern Day Troubadour, and Author of Teach Me How to Love: A True Story that Touches Hearts and Helps with the

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Understand Why You’ve Chosen Your Life Plan Before Birth

Follow Have you Wondered Why You have Certain Challenges in Your Life and Just What you Are Here for? I was joined by Robert Schwartz, a Hypnotherapist and Author of Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life

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Be Wowed by the Magic that Every Now Moment Holds

Follow Have you Felt Yourself Amazed by the Awesomeness of Life when You Hold Yourself Fully in the Moment? Join me and Brian Piergrossi, Life Coach, Spiritual and Meditation Teacher and Author of The Big Glow and the new book

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Let your Human Design Bring Clarity to Your Life Path

Follow Have you Wondered how you are wired and why Certain Behavior Patterns make you feel Comfortable? I was joined by Lynette Hagins, a Certified Living Design Guide for Human Design. She has been experimenting with her own design, radically,

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Be the Pilot of Your Own Life

Follow I was joined by Pamela Hale, founder of Through a Different Lens. We shared on her new book, Flying Lessons ~ How To Be The Pilot of Your Own Life. Pamela uses the story of her pursuit of a

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