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Follow Standing at the edge of the ocean, on a moon illuminated night. Feeling so much emotion, reminding me tonight, that you and I, WE, are so aligned and perfect for each other. Not that I need reminding, for I

Follow I had a layered conversation the other evening with a male friend of mine, about love and connection. There are so many thoughts that move through us when our hearts are awakened. Many past experiences come rising up to

Follow In order to move forward freely in the truest vibration of my soul and be the expression of my pure essence, I let go of anything that is no longer needed. This does not necessarily mean transitioning from all

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Follow Having that feeling that a chapter is closing in my life, as I found out that I am completing an 18 year cycle astrologically. This feels so accurate on many levels, that what is transitioning is merely the beginning

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Follow We are in the stage as this is the age where we merge our hearts with our bodies more profoundly, and emerge as the blooming blossom of beauty in our uniqueness, feeling comfortable in our skin and revealing that

Follow Such a profound shock and an intensity of emotion set in when I heard of Robin William’s suicide ~ in addition, a silence so deep that I felt as though I took a trip within the halls of my

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Follow Walking the journey of human experience merged, consciously, with your spiritual essence, invites you to move along the path with a profound sense of trust, seemingly unfounded in reality. When you purchase a puzzle, you know that all of

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Follow I awoke this morning recalling some details of a dream ~ I was witnessing my Beloved in a scene from a movie, fully and completely naked. This was so vivid, that I could see ALL of the aspects of

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Follow Never mind the bees and the birds, Our love is woven as it is spoken through these words. They can deceive as they weave, depending how we choose to receive the many layers of meaning, seeming to transform us

Follow ~ Scott’s website ~ In this interview with Scott Grace, we shared on many aspects of moving through transitions within the journey of life, through relationships, career shifts, and so much more. We focused on the dance of balance

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