Piecing the Puzzle Together, Piece by Piece, Revealing the MASTERpiece

puzzle piecesWalking the journey of human experience merged, consciously, with your spiritual essence, invites you to move along the path with a profound sense of trust, seemingly unfounded in reality. When you purchase a puzzle, you know that all of the pieces are within the box. You trust this, without the need to open the box before you buy it. When you open the box, and release all of the contents within, you don’t initially have the awareness of where each piece fits in or the order in which you will place the pieces that fit with the ones that are awaiting their arrival. Again, there is a trust, and inherently, a patience that also resides in the space between the completion of the whole masterpiece.

This is the invitation I am presenting to you right here, right now, whatever point along your journey you are. I invite you, to trust, that what you have seen, what you have felt, what you know deeply inside as your truth, your destiny, is infinitely unfolding as you continue to move forward step by step. There is an essential willingness to surrender to and allow the unknown, trusting that what you don’t know right now will present itself to you when the timing is right. Therefore, the puzzle piece you uncovered and placed in perfect alignment will prepare you for the recognition of the next piece, along with the clarity of its placement.

How divine is this example of the puzzle in regard to relationships, and in particular the twin flame experience, for you are immersing yourself into your WHOLEness, piece by piece, and uncovering all of the pieces that is your oneness, moment to moment, experience by experience as you walk your journey. It is within walking the journey, allowing the presence of the moments, that each piece of your uniqueness fuses together, and how your wholeness makes itself known and shown to you.

With each piece of the puzzle you discover, the love of the wholeness and the excitement of its completion increases but also the patience of the sweetness of experiencing this completeness. You are already whole and complete, but it is within this journey of human incarnation that you can bring yourself into this wholeness within the experience, therefore allowing the submersion of the intimate layers of your oneness, enhancing your vibrations of love, increasing your capacity to be love and be loved, emanating the Beloved to the world.

HU is an expression meaning God, and therefore, we are God in man, God in formation (hence ~ HUman), experiencing the wholeness that is all of the pieces of the oneness we are, within the uniqueness we are as individual pieces.